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  1. Best performance at Somerset for a long time but that is mainly down to Roberts more than anything else. A front 3 of Moore Preston and Forrest could really run riot in this league and that's with Trouten still to come back in. Real competition in the squad for the first time in years. Still hoping Graham will come back in to the starting 11 against Dunfermline thought he was excellent last Saturday. Negatives were Fleming still think the jury is out on him. We need to learn how to defend set pieces aswell, always look like we can throw one away. Ross Caldwell can GTF, didn't even look like he wanted to warm up then when he finally got on he was strolling about flinging his arms about, not interested in looking for the ball. He then managed to score and just turned around and wandered back to his half with hardly an acknowledgement of his teammates. FT whistle went and he was back the down the tunnel with his fastest turn of speed of the night.
  2. Got more nervous for this as the days go on, was always confident looking at this game and thought folk were worrying far too much about them. They're ranked 154 in the world below the power houses of Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and Vietnam. You don't end up there by accident. Was looking at their previous results, they don't lose by a lot of goals bar two games against Poland and in one of they games it was 3 late goals which flattered Poland Fri 06/09/13 WQE Georgia 0 - 0 France Tue 10/09/13 WQE Georgia 0 - 1 Finland Tue 15/10/13 WQE Spain 2 - 0 Georgia Sun 07/09/14 ECQ Georgia 1-2 ROI Sat 11/10/14 ECQ Scotland 1 - 0 Georgia Sun 29/03/15 ECQ Georgia 0 - 2 Germany Tue 09/06/15 FRI Georgia 1 - 2 Ukraine They never disgrace themselves that's for sure but don't seem to score many goals. If we can just get that first goal they that might be what it just takes. Going 1 down and we could have big problems, they proved hard enough to break down at Ibrox
  3. A would expect the sale to slow up now. No way will there be 2000 of us over there, they might sell 2000 tickets but that another story. A keep checking the temperature over there every so often and the last few days it has reached 40, am hoping it cools down dramatically over the next few weeks.
  4. Tiffoney getting payed £80 a week and playing for Airdrie United would make my summer.
  5. If I hadn't seen Shirkie play before a would be shouting from the roof tops to get him in the team after watching the U20 game. :lol: Cant wait to see Nisbett get a proper shot at the first team.
  6. Put a fiver on Denise before the episode, feeling confident about it. She would fit into being in the house when she got murdered. There was the whole thing when Emma clicked on to who done it after seeing her running into the B&B
  7. He's on course to win Ayr United Media's Player of the year :lol: His Dad must fund AU Media.
  8. :lol: This the poorest we have played in years but we are still on a different plant to the juniors. No idea how you think a team full of football league rejects are in any way shape or form going to be at a higher standard. Now away back to the junior thicko foum
  9. That was the tipping point for me, had been calling for his head before but that day was a disgrace. That was the first of about 4 different episodes where stewards were separating the fans and Roberts.
  10. A lot of the coaching staff and officials were living in a fairy tale land in terms of being "confident" of getting a "few" points off of ROI and Georgia and the manager being under pressure after four games
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