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  1. What an arsehole, turning this shite off.
  2. He plays in a back four with Celtic though, i would have preferred if they'd taken out one of McKenna/Hendry/Souttar and replaced them with a central midfielder, maybe i'm just fed up after having watched a back 5 all season long.
  3. Do we really need to play a back 5 in every single game now? Ralston isn't an attacking wing-back.
  4. This would have been about 4-1 with prime Klose or Podolski up front
  5. f**k Premier Sports. That is all.
  6. Are they still pretending that Ramsey is "world class". Maybe at one point but not now.
  7. I knew he was gonna score there.. spawny b*****ds.
  8. Sick of this fucking country. Heads gone etc.
  9. Don't know about anyone else but the Sky build has me absolutely buzzing here..
  10. Souness has gone soft for a guy who spent his career trying to break peoples legs.
  11. It must be if you moved to Ayrshire instead. It's more the billy big baws attitude of these guys who come up here from reserve league football in England that annoys me tbh.
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