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  1. Thought it was an absolute NAP that Ronaldo was scoring the winning penalty after Napoli somehow didn't score at the end of the match. Pleasing.
  2. Coppa Italia about to go to pens if anyone cares. Napoli somehow didn't score from that goal mouth scramble at the end there.
  3. 😂 Do whatever the f**k you want then.
  4. I work with adults with learning disabilities and our whole team has been redeployed to a home care service for people either just out the hospital or with underlying health conditions. Shiteing it that i'll inadvertently be responsible for the death of more old dears than Harold Shipman by the time this is all over.
  5. Does this mean Rangers will play their colts team against us on Sunday?
  6. Anyone know if there's a big boxing match on this weekend?
  7. This is a great advertisement for the Yes campaign.
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