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  1. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/north-east/2032231/nearly-70-jobs-axed-as-north-east-fish-processor-goes-bust/ See that Prime Seafoods have gone bust with immediate effect. Not sure if that has an impact on the club as they are our shirt sponsors.
  2. Rearranged game comfirmed for Tuesday 25th February. https://www.peterheadfc.com/news/item/2827-peterhead-v-forfar-abandoned-game-re-arranged
  3. Just noticed these while browsing through the online programmes. November 2nd, November 16th and December 12th. Would guess there hasn't been an official statement as it's not like resigning from a job. Resigning as director involves paperwork, legal documents, companies house, maybe even financial payments such as loans etc.
  4. How do you go about getting IPTV. Been so long since I used Kodi etc. that I'm very out the loop. I still have a Firestick kicking about. I assume you do it via that? Worth mentioning that the newer firesticks are much better than the old 1st generation ones. Currently £15 off at Amazon, £24.99 for the standard or £34.99 for the 4K version.
  5. Can't remember the exact dates but we played Brechin a few seasons ago with Graeme Smith in goal while they also had Graeme Smith in goal.
  6. Winger apparently. Least it's not another midfielder.
  7. https://www.peterheadfc.com/news/item/2786-mick-dunlop-moves-to-hurlford-on-loan-from-peterhead Mick Dunlop out on loan to Hurlford juniors.
  8. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/sport/football/scottish-football/peterhead-fc/ill-add-goals-to-help-deliver-title/ Little clue from Rory here re directors.🤔😉
  9. Found this old post. Looks like played 6, won 0.
  10. Is that not just for loans though. Different if he gets transferred?
  11. http://www.coverangersfc.com/news/striker-rory-swaps-balmoor-for-balmoral-as-cove-rangers-complete-move-for-peterhead-skipper/ Rory McAllister officially leaves Peterhead for Cove Rangers.
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