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  1. Both sides appeared afraid to lose. Neither team just wanted to go for it. McAllister and Henderson on the pitch and one shot on target in the whole game. Not just from them, from everyone.
  2. Peterhead 2018/19

    Replacement for Kavanagh? Willox in for Buxton and a swap of reserve keepers so no over all change in numbers. Still a bit light in back up if we get a few suspensions / injuries.
  3. Peterhead 2018/19

    Yeah, sounds like a last throw of the dice by Jim. Remains to be seen whether it pays off. Can understand it a bit in that McLean has been poor this season and Lyle hasn't scored as many as expected. Rory hasn't been 100% fit for a while either. Hopefully he'll play up front and allow Dow to be more creative from deeper. Seems Jim's philosophy is still to score more than we let in.
  4. Peterhead 2018/19

    He might be back for the playoffs.
  5. Peterhead 2018/19

    Probably going to be zero. Or a last minute gamble on someone clearly not fit for purpose. Same situation as last season looms.
  6. Elgin City 2018/19

    Is he out of contract at the end of the season? If he is, then Elgin might as well get something for him now. Guess it won't be the 20K rumoured to be on offer at the start of the season.
  7. Peterhead v Clyde

  8. Peterhead v Clyde

    Sometimes I hate being right. McInally trying to hold on and defending way too deep in the second half. Was only a matter of time for Clyde and deservedly so. Three horse title race again.
  9. Peterhead v Clyde

    Banker Clyde win then.
  10. Peterhead v Clyde

    Not much team news coming out of Balmoor which means they could be missing or they could be playing or it could be a last minute decision. Anyway, ideal conditions today - no frost and very little wind for a change. No excuses for either side.
  11. Red Dead Redemption

    Noticed something popping up about that. How do you get them? Not sure if I've got the $250 as my balance is $259 and can't remember what it was before. No sign of any gold bars though. Do they appear in your bag or do you need to do something to get them.
  12. BLUE TOON v Albion Rovers

    Highlights if anyone is in the least bit interested. Toon Go Top
  13. Red Dead Redemption

    Anyone done the gold bar glitch? Or is that too much like cheating? Is there an easier way to get out of being stuck? e.g I accidently put the oil tanker thing the wrong side of the barn and got stuck unable to move. Had to leave it and run around finding someone to kill me.
  14. Sky Q

    Apparently Sky have been inundated with calls as it appears that people who tried to upgrade online or via the box lost any discounts they had on their package which is probably why there are errors showing now. Just briefly been playing about with it. Rather than hunt for the app and go in that way go to "on demand" and netflix. Clicking on anything puts you straight in . Voice search doesn't seem to be working but the magnifying glass on the remote allows you to search Netflix and again go straight to that programme. Also appears to be streaming and not involving any downloading.
  15. PES 2019

    £19.99 on the PSN store with PS Plus until 21st November. Might just bite at this price. Edit to add: Could get it even cheaper by following the instructions in the comments here. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/pes-2019-standard-edition-ps-plus-deal-60-off-1999-psn-3094340