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  1. Was really shocked that there were no seats for away supporters. Last time Peterhead were there a few of us went through to the game. One of the group can't really stand for long and tried to get a seat. The stand was for home fans only and was probably full. The small seating area opposite was also for home fans and he was told quite plainly that he couldn't sit there despite a good few empty seats during the game. He ended up spending the second half sitting in the car outside. Poor stuff from Cove and can't see how they get away with it especially now they're at Championship level.
  2. At least two players are staying. https://www.peterheadfc.org/2022/05/16/what-is-better-than-one-andrew-re-signing-two-andrews-re-signing/
  3. Gary Fraser joins the ever growing exit list. https://www.peterheadfc.org/2022/05/16/brett-long-and-gary-fraser-move-on-from-the-blue-toon/ Joined Simon Ferry at whatever the club is called.
  4. I would have kept him. Made some fantastic saves and went a LONG way to keeping us up. Obviously has some faults (otherwise he wouldn't be at the level he is) especially the penalty thing. Don't think he'll ever forgive McInally for the very public comments after the East Kilbride cup tie. Would definitely have him before Rae or Wilson.
  5. Unfortunately, it would appear we aren't. Wonder where he's headed.
  6. PETERHEAD Goalkeepers Defenders Jason Brown David Wilson Andy McDonald Midfielders Hamish Ritchie Grant Savoury Jack Brown Jordon Brown (player / coach) Andy McCarthy Strikers Russell McLean (available for transfer)
  7. https://coverangersfc.ticketco.events/uk/en/e/cove_rangers_fc_v_peterhead_fc__cinch_league_1_2 If anyone wants to pre book.
  8. https://www.peterheadfc.org/2022/02/25/want-fills-a-need/ Shaun Want on loan from Hamilton.
  9. https://www.peterheadfc.org/2022/02/25/want-fills-a-need/ Defender in on loan from Hamilton. Seems Cameron & Strachan were still registered as loans from Dundee and they had to cancel Cameron's loan to get this one through.
  10. Ok, gotcha. Most of the free options are pretty restrictive. Much better to sign up for something like https://real-debrid.com/premium Various prices for different periods depending how many files you want to download. Once signed up go to downloader tab https://real-debrid.com/downloader paste in the YT url and click unrestrict my links. Then click the mp3 file for audio only. Tested it on an 8 hour file and worked fine. Not high quality but listenable. Probably get higher quality by downloading the video and extracting the audio by VLC. Debrid has other uses too - search debrid on the forum.
  11. Not entirely sure what you're trying to do? If it's already in audio format it wouldn't be a video? Anyway, VLC media player can convert most formats. Open VLC, click on Media then convert/save. Add the original file then click convert/save at the bottom. Under profile, choose from a load of video or audio options. Then browse to where you want to save the converted file. Remember to change the file extension at the end to match the option you have chosen.
  12. https://www.peterheadfc.org/2022/02/21/manager-will-need-to-delve-into-loan-and-free-agent-market/ McInally getting his excuses in early before we get thrashed by Falkirk. Don't bother looking for a striker Jim, just try and keep the score down.
  13. Again two very poor sides. At least Alloa had some shots on target while we were dreadful. Looks very much like a three way fight between Peterhead, Alloa & Dumbarton to avoid 9th. Would say we are the current favourites for the relegation play off slot.
  14. Anyone know how to bypass the paywall on this article. Or copy and paste if that's allowed.
  15. https://www.peterheadfc.org/2022/01/31/jack-brown-from-rothes-becomes-last-signing-of-the-window/ We now have three J Browns in addition to Scott Brown.
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