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  1. Pfft - even you know it's a humiliation that could not be missed. This thread may be unrelenting pish - but we can always count on 'ra sulk to lower the bar of ineptitude further still.
  2. Even as the sporting wing suffer the most humiliating result in their shameful history, Brenda was immediately ready to support 'ra bhoys with this revealing quote: "There is no embarrassment." Ahhahh hahha hha hhhaa haha ahhahahah!
  3. As a regular stand up guy - and to illustrate the magnanimity that courses through my atherosclerotic arteries - I'd like to be the first to congratulate ra Sulk on their *fourth* one horse race championship. In a row!
  4. ^^^^^^^ Sulk fhan without the bus fare - they aways out themselves eventually.
  5. Aww, diddums - hark at the neck of a Hibs V2 supporter moralising to anyone given the skanky, violent, junkie, shoulder chipped c***s that make up the core of their support. And you rehashing the irrelevant fantasies of various diddy clubbers and sulk supporters only serves to reach new bores of mundanity. You'll never beat the high of WKRâ„¢ and his Bond revelations, and I've yet to see anything more desperately witless than the faith invested in MacGoebbels' hate. Not even a passable effort, but 2/10 then for having the neck to even try.
  6. I've never heard the wee sellik referred to as such - but it does kind of fit.
  7. WKRâ„¢ is beelin'. I'm not so sure about the various diddies - most likely accepted that it's all over for them again. Even the race to be least worst in the One Horse Race championship is now gone.
  8. Are you talking about the '75 Hibs or the '93 Hibs formed after the first incarnation shut down?
  9. That's just how it is for all those in thrall to The Rangers. For example - Rangers supporters had banners about Rangers at Hampden when the spartan whingers were being dismantled. As did the ciltec fuds. They just can't get enough.
  10. It's yet another apocryphal yarn in the BRALT. Not as good as the dragged-to-darkhead-by-my-faither tale WKRâ„¢ invented, but still without merit. This time we have someone's da deliberately taking their weans to see the Celict reserves at Love Street. Aye, right.
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