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  1. Greenied for the Leonard Cohen reference.
  2. Butter the toast, grate cheese onto the toast, add a teaspoonful of mustard to the beans, pour over the buttery, cheesy toast. Not eating carbs at the moment so that is quite tortuous to type out.
  3. Completely agree with the shambles that is Culduthel Road. Inshes roundabout is horrendous because it never had a plan from the start. When the Inshes Co-op opened the roundabout was upgraded to accommodate the extra traffic. I don't think there was an exit to take you north on the A9 and the distributor road hadn't been conceived. They just kept adding new exits with no thought to how it would affect traffic flow.
  4. Are you watching your telly on your phone?
  5. And isn't it nice that the final act of that hard working lady's life was to provide that opportunity.
  6. And does your wife's, sister's brother in law own a sword shop?
  7. Fucking tremendous. A couple of them, some beer and stretchy trousers is how I shall be approaching tomorrow.
  8. Champions and runners up are only awarded 2 points for a win in the following season.
  9. I'm sure there have been other threads to try this but does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this seemingly hopeless situation we are in? What do other European leagues do to keep themselves competitive? For a start, I can't imagine they have a similar voting structure to ours. Fairer distribution of wealth has to be the start but the apathy that has set in will take time to reverse. Does anyone have ideas on the structure of the league that could lead to change? No idea is too outlandish but hopefully we can all be constructive.
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