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  1. Now I know this is a serious situation and there are very few positives to be found. However, Christmas in lock down does sound magic.
  2. Munchunsen's by proxy? That's not what you think it is.
  3. I've just heard there was a kidnapping at our local school. He's woken up now.
  4. Setting up a department to count the moon.
  5. Have you been at the tory Duolingo?
  6. So if Dross gets it, they will still need someone at Holyrood to ask questions at FMQ. At least until the next Scottish election when he could try and get elected but without any guarantee of success.
  7. They must absolutely hate themselves.
  8. It does show a level of self awareness that I would never, ever have suspected he possessed.
  9. Who next? Annie Wells? Murdo Fraser? Michelle Ballantyne? Whoever it is they are even more fucked, if that's possible.
  10. Carlaw gone after a short tenure. He has said he is not the best person to make the case for the union.
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