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  1. A white Christmas for you my boy, ho ho ho.
  2. So what's everybody asking the big, jolly fellow for this year? Maybe you're after a new bike. Or a selection box from the love honey catalogue. Maybe an end to the commercialisation of this once holy day. Whatever your pleasure, reduce your carbon footprint by posting here and hopefully Saint Nick will see you right. I'll go first. Dear santa, If its not too much bother, can I have the new Bob Mortimer book, a bottle of whisky and some peace and quiet to destroy them both. Or world peace. Cheers
  3. I've always enjoyed the festive heist shennaigans that is Die Hard but I have never understood the plan to get into the vault. It seems as though they have brought in a very accomplished hacker who is able to 'hack' all the necessary passwords, but then he just uses a massive fucking drill to open the vault. Am I missing something obvious? Or is it something I could pull off with a slightly heavier duty drill than I currently own?
  4. Sorry about that reddie, for research purposes only.
  5. Our last win at Celtic Park was Boxing Day 1992. I am milking this while I can
  6. I'd never heard of reaction videos until I was searching YouTube for Doug Stanhope's "60 inches of AIDS," one of the finest pieces of stand up I have ever seen. The reactions to that were much blander than I expected. But I agree, watching other people watching TV is one of the most pointless things you can do. I'm off to watch it again. Not the reaction videos though.
  7. I'm drunk quite a lot and often forget I'm wearing them. Worn them to bed once or twice.
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