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  1. Other than the prestige, does the club benefit financially from having a player in the international squad?
  2. Enjoyed watching that. Quite a few ex St Mirren players in there. Always enjoy watching the OF get beaten.
  3. Giving tickets away free to local schools is a ploy thats been going on for decades. I remember getting a couple of tickets to Love St and I'm older than time itself. Is there not some rules in place about pricing to get in? It's something to do with all seats have to be the same price for home and away fans, or can't charge more than the other club charges your fans when you go to their place... Someone on here will know the score I'm sure.
  4. Aye, we had enough chances to win a few games against Motherwell. The St J game still haunts me. Just didn't turn up at all.
  5. Were you not the one arguing about how successful St Johnstone were during Covid, just a few posts up? Demonstrably, the crowds at football can make a difference. Giving you one stand, restricting the amount of seats you have access to is a no-brainer. It doesn't affect the overall numbers in any meaningful way, it does allow the Season ticket holders and future of the club to sit in THEIR OWN SEATS and we comfortably took the 3 points. I'm not sure what your beef is?
  6. There's a quote about knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing.
  7. Not once have I complained about dosh. PS Can you please refer to it as the Green/Blue Pound as that's easier to rip the pish out of. PPS I almost gave you a Charles for the use of 'Pure Diddie Mince' in a post above. Well played, Sir.
  8. Disagree. I'd rather have an empty seat than an opposition fan, staunch unionist or plastic paddy it doesn't matter, sitting in it. In our case, we moved the Family Stand season ticket holders to accommodate. Thats the lifeblood and future of our fanbase. Bringing them up thinking that the Glasgow clubs are somehow exceptional is madness. It's our ground, you'll sit where we let you, and where every other visiting fan sits. The numbers in the crowd were roughly the same, the result was very different. Looking at the last 2 seasons, we've missed out on top 6 by a couple of points or goal difference. Those 3 points could be the difference, who knows?
  9. I enjoy listening to Rory Loy, he at least gives the impression he could probably talk knowledgeably about most teams in the top couple of leagues. Can't think of many others from the current stable of Sportsound presenters that I could say that about, other than Richard Gordon of course... Chick Young is always good value and enthusiasm goes a very long way, but he's no spring chicken anymore. I'm not sure that writing anything on here about how shite things have become with the BBC's Scottish football coverage will change anything. I've not listened to Clyde SS in years, can't see that changing. What's the alternative..?
  10. This thread is going to be 24 karat solid gold when the Paisley boozers empty tonight....
  11. @Divbooking P&D downtime after an expected pumping...? The gloating must and shall continue..!
  12. What did Heaton do after his time with us? Did he ever get another contract professionally?
  13. It wad frae monie a blunder free us, An' foolish notion. Rabbie would also agree that we were pish on Saturday.
  14. Erahon played like a man who was up on the phone to his agent till 0100h. When he's played well, we've been good and generally won those games. Was played a bit too deep yesterday, didn't get going and for that and a number of reasons, we were pish. Was my youngest's first away game yesterday. 'Their stadium is a bit rubbish, smells funny, isn't as good as ours'. I think he'll be okay...
  15. I know that you're all waiting with baited breath to know where I've parked as Perthshire is a cultural wasteland and there's f**k all to do when the harvest is in, so I parked in B&Q then shat it in case I got a ticket and paid my fiver to stick the car in the official car park. Pretty embarrassing home support so far. 1-3 to the saints. Main to score first.
  16. Any recommendations on best place to park thru at Perth?
  17. Seems to be the case... Happy with that if we keep Joe and Kilty.
  18. I have a dislike for Martindale, but he is probably one of the best at an interview of the current league's managers. He's self depreciating and refreshingly (astonishingly) honest about the game.and his players performances. I'd be disappointed if Kilty goes to them.
  19. There's been a worrying trend in just about all the BBC Scotland football content, that's been moving towards an even more OF based content recently. Most notably from AVftT and OtB, programing that was self evidently about the 'diddies' in Scottish Football. Sportsound on a Saturday has gotten almost unlistenable now, for all the reasons listed over the last 10 pages. Richard Gordon is sounding even more calm, measured and knowledgeable on the Sunday shows. Sportscene has always been fucking rubbish, giving scant attention to anything that doesn't fit their OF biased narrative. I think it's attributable to: both cheeks in the CL group stages, the fallout of the lickspittle apologies from the BBC to get them back into Ibrox, Kenny MacIntyre spouting his pish unfettered or constrained by now being the lead anchor on the show, a ridiculous amount of mostly ex SEVCO players as pundits, Miller and Bonnar both suffering from early/advanced onset of 'Yer Da' and their obvious distain for anything thats not pertinent to their own clubs. It's a crying shame, for a supposedly national broadcaster to be pumping out the incessant pro OF guff. Saturday's show was unlistenable.
  20. Is the Seveco game still on the 12 Nov? I have flights booked to come back up for that. Not getting too much use out of my Season Ticket this year. FTOF.
  21. I accept that this weekend's result was a particularly bad one, and on reflection will have been the timber that broke the camel's back, but bagging him looks like panic. Keeping him for the first round of fixtures, benching/bagging Mulgrew if he was undermining the management team (as has been illuded to on here) and spending the next few months getting the correct fit for the club would surely have allowed for him to either turn the results round or admonished the board from having to make a panicked decision with, seemingly, no replacement lined up. Any chat of getting Drunken Ferguson is a pipe dream, IMHO. Will they have had to buy out his whole contract? Ouch...
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