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  1. I was surprised and impressed with Aberdeen TV when I saw they had Rob McLean in. I guess it's about what ones expectations are. I was quite happy with the club's response and the coverage with AdF and the setup has gained praise from fans of other teams on here. It's a valid point that if it's going to be the prime medium for the majority of fans, then the club should look to improve the product being offered. I suppose the question would be legitimate about spending money on box office commentators would come at the expense of quality on the pitch. I'd rather have AdF and the current lot of ex Saints legends with another signing on the pitch than some ex OF professional pundit that we poached from Clyde SCB or Sportsound.
  2. Times are tight, lingering uncertainty, general fatigue with seemingly eternal lockdowns. But this might be a good season to buy a season book, if you can afford it, to support our club. Difficult times for everyone.
  3. I was the same a few years ago. I was travelling up from Newcastle area for the home games, couldn't justify the trips with a young family. IIRC the club fucked up my season book that year too, ended up asking some dude to get out my seat on the first home game of that season, turns out he had the exact same season ticket that I had...
  4. So, on JDH I've been cold on him since he sold the jerseys against Celtic with THAT back-pass. I'd be happy if he wanted to stay, he doesnt so cheerieo and all the best. Offer off the table and good luck.
  5. I work with a guy who's a dyed in the wool Arab. He's seriously worried about the levels of debt they have. Seriously... Imagine the lols if they go belly up. 🤣
  6. Electric pace. Seemed a good guy, never really fulfilled the potential I thought he had. I'd rather that he stayed but ce la vie. All the best to the lad.
  7. Has there been any news about the new strip yet? Miss the B&WA threads on Stripes on the back, 5 of each, adidas sponsor, red numbers, blah...
  8. I had hopes that Foley would be 'That guy'. I liked him, but not enough dig to be the pantomime villan that really gets it right up the opposition fans
  9. Just had a look thru the England Squad. Other than Kane and Grealish, there's a lot of 'meh' in there. I've always liked Trippier and Harry Maguire but they're far from world class. We have nothing to fear from this lot.
  10. I'm still on an anti-sky thing. Apart from the obvious their coverage of Scottish TV has been a fucking disgrace. I'm not a fan of the hookey sites like IraqiGoals or whatever is flavour of the month. I've been wresting my conscience about getting the games as a 1 off on Now TV. If they're on BBC i can get back to moaning about their English bias and the shite coverage on ITV. f**k sake BBC...! 😎
  11. Just watched that twice. Kettle on then a third viweing I think... 🥰 Anyway... Delighted and a wee bit surprised that the Scotland games are on council telly.
  12. f**k sake Goodwin. Why no more signings today..? Sack the board..! *BOOOOOOOOOO...!*
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57247212 If things are tru to form, there's a 50/50 chance that he'll be with us in the future. Hope no...
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