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  1. Keanu is 18/1 for first goal scorer against Tunisia tomorrow. Might be worth a fiver...
  2. On the subject of football finances, I see that's 10m Aberdeen have lost over 2 years. THAT'S crisis territory. I'm comfortable about our finances, budgeting for 7th or not. We've been working on 11th and punching higher than that over the last few years, so I'd expect that to continue. We budget for 7th and aim for higher. We should be looking up the table, not down. We're not getting religated with this squad and current manager. Shite like Dundee and Ross County have been top 6, so why the f**k aren't we expecting that too? If one were to try and take a more strategic and balanced, look at things, instead of focusing on only the most recent information, there'd be far less worry about I think. Look at trends over the previous 5 and 10 years. We're stable, have a manager that is delivering results (In Paisley anyway), he seem to be attracting attention from International and English domestic markets so must be doing something right, crowds and season tickets sales are up and we're letting less b(h)igots in to our place. Community engagement is good and the Family stand has never been busier. We're investing in youth and the engagement for kids with the outreach groups is really good, fan engagement before the games and even the throw a ball at the panda thing are engaging the support of tommorrow into the faith. Commercially things are, anecdotally at least, going well. Our away strip has outsold last years by a factor of 10, and the club shop always seems busy. We have as good a squad as I can remember, a player (should've been two imho) at the World Cup and as many internationally recognised players in the team as ever. I can't fucking wait to get back into the football.
  3. I imagine that Greive will be so good tonight, he'll be unplayable. Match ball going home with the lad tonight.
  4. I fancy it'll be a close tight game today, Saints to edge it. But what do I know, I've just stuck a fiver on Ryan Strain to score at 20/1...
  5. I'm in London this weekend. Not a single update from the game. Has it been that Meh?
  6. Quiet in here... I anthinking that we park the bus, daring to hope for a point if we can shitfest a 0-0. Fear a routine 2-0 home win.
  7. The ICT Chief exec had a point, I think. OTB does pay scant attention to the Championship. As increaingly does OAM, without Richard Gordon. OTB is less and less of a football show and more light entertainment focused towards men of a certain age, that does include football but music, politics, humour and whatever else they shoehorn in. And I like it and keep tuning in. They both did seemed rattled at the comment about them not covering the lower leagues, and both rose to the bait in their own ways. Tam immediately had a got at the guys politics and him being a Tory, Cosgrove reflected on it then had a go at him a wee bit later about him coming from Dundee and a supposed rivalry between the Saintees and whatever happenned in 1960-whatever. It's comforting, familiar and I listen to it and enjoy. So much, I read about it on here and occasionally chip in.
  8. How good was Ryan Flynn when he came on, by the way. Resolute in defense and made the first goal. Edit, just beaten to it by MarreZ.
  9. Agreed, but i wasn't at either of those games. I think TNS brought more than this the other season in the Micky Mouse Cup. The most un-braw are still the Seveconians, BTW. Been a scrappy game, hope to snatch something but has 0-0 written all over it.
  10. Brophy out at the fun fair getting photos with the kids outside the ground. Classy touch from the big man. Main not even on the bench is a worry, he's been in fine form recently. A tight affair might be even tighter if we're missing some firepower up top. One nil to the Saints.
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