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  1. I think it would be a huge mistake not to go for Malky. I really hope you don't get him. Can see why the more woke wouldn't want him. And I hope they get their way. From my perspective, as a St Mirren fan, I'd be far more worried about playing Utd if he was in the dugout.
  2. That'll be why there's no wine delivery then... 😄
  3. Relegated and an absolute laughing stock. SEVCO levels of 'It's no fair', greeting faced whiney brassers.
  4. Now, are we not the reason Juventus play in Black and White too...? Did we not give them some strips or something, back in the day...? Andre Pirlo could send me a crate of vino from his vinyard to say thanks for supporting the mighty Buds for 46 years.
  5. You know that losing to us at our place wasn't the reason you went down, right? 4 wins out of 30 games.
  6. I love the away strip. Them with a proper black pair of boots with the 3 adidas stripes and that'll be an unbeatable combination... Well done to all involved. ❤️
  7. I would take him in a heartbeat, as long as we didn't have to break the bank for him...
  8. How else would you describe your season? Relegated. Laughing stock. Cheerieo, shabby c***s.
  9. I think the facepainter and paperboy will be able to tell you...
  10. This is where the old club went wrong. Company, surely...?
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