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  1. A boy at my work is famous for being tight-fisted, Over Christmas we had a down shift, the boss was kind enough to buy as all a takeaway, he was on holiday, came back and asked the boss for the money as he thought it was unfair on missing out. He is the same guy that takes the few days old newspapers then takes them back in once done with them.
  2. People who say pacific instead of specific.
  3. My wife is a stay at home mum, everything goes into the joint account, money for bills are put into the billing account and money moved to savings, she manages our money, I don't have to ask for money, I know our outgoings but before any large purchases or nights out etc I would always let her know,
  4. According to a few sources that joker picture is not the finished product anyway, and was released after a photo "leaked" .... i wouldnt be surprised if its actually different in the film, although i did quite like the picture anyway. Suicide squad looks ok, just not sure that it will reach the wider audience but then they said that about GOTG.....
  5. Painfully unfunny!
  6. So i am "retiring from football" at the end of this current season, I play football at a decent (amatuer) level and i am just wondering how people felt about doing this when it happened to them. I am only 30, fit(ish) and healthy but i am doing this to spend more time with my wife and kids as due to work and football we only get 2 full days a month together as a family, but i am finding the thought of not playing again hard to deal with, i have said to my wife i will do this but i dont think she realies that really you only have a limited time to play at a decent level and when its gone its gone. I just dont want it niggling at the back of my head when it is too late. I thought it would be easy enough as i have been succesful enough at this level, but im not sure how i honestly feel about it. Any experiences on the same subject?
  7. Dislocated my kneecap by hitting it off a boys head, spent 6 weeks in a cast for it, from ankle to baws basically and it was brutal, trying to shit with one straight leg is pretty awkward. Anyway do not rush back, i was lucky i was back playing propely after about 7 months, dont rush it, rest and listen to the physios, and watch what you eat, very easy to pile on the pounds with a knee injury. oh and swimming and cycling are the best for getting leg strength back after, i found anyway.
  8. Not that it is in anyway unsafe, but i tried some hare the other day, i made a stew with it, was very decent and i will be having it again.
  9. Renatos for a deep fried creme egg (yes its true http://www.ross-shirejournal.co.uk/News/Dingwall-chippie-customers-are-egg-static-about-deep-fried-Easter-treat-21032014.htm) or taken from the dingwall website Dingwall boasts a modern fully equipped leisure centre with a swimming pool where you can catch cholera, fatness facilities and wide range of special interest classes such as dogging, needle work and assault. Furthermore there are tennis courts located close to the park where you can finger that special someone. Why not take a leisurely stroll to the water-side picnic area located at the end of Ferry Road where there is a notorious fight club for the homeless,with wonderful views of the Filth that is the firth and of the mountains to the North and West – an ideal spot for people of all ages to pass a pleasant morning or afternoon dogging or pillaging. For those looking for something a little more energetic there is also a skateboard park and all weather pitch at the grounds of Ross County Football club available to all locals to enjoy, outsiders not welcome. And don’t forget the great selection of specialty shops for items such as, 6 fingered gloves, urine samples and weapons.
  10. Currently sporting a beard, its terrible and will be coming off soon but now i have a massive ingrowing hair on my face, burst it and its like an axe wound! surely there is an easier way than bursting it!?
  11. I might be making this up but i am certain there was a fish and chips pizza round about the same time as the baked beans pizza?
  12. week on week off 7-7 is what i do these days and it is good when you work less than half the year due to holidays on top of that. I usually sleep From 0930/100 - 1630. The main thing i struggle with is eating properly, becomes very hard to stick to any sort of routine given you dont fancy certain foods first thing or in the middle of the night.
  13. Letter of the law is anything above chest height is a sending off, below is a yellow.
  14. Valhalla Rising - bought it for my old man as he is a fan of Viking stuff it was so bad i had to apologise during the film, was awkwardly bad. Human Centipede - speaks for itself and should always be mentioned when talking about poor films. Sharknado was awful, but almost so awful it was good.
  15. The Trawler in Golspie or La Mirage in Helmsdale i think the one in hopeman is pretty decent, not been for a few years though!
  16. agreed - good show with an annoying presenter, but cant see anyone else doing it the same as him, also his motor is quality.
  17. People drinking out of cups that are obviously empty. Dunno why but it annoys the life out of me.
  18. fighting is for idiots that cannot take or give a put down,not been in one since primary school (but i burst him! ). What i always wonder is, when you punch someone, what exactly are you trying to achieve? you are trying to hurt someone but to what extent?
  19. I remember a fish and chips pizza being released, around about the same time as the baked bean pizza was, i do remember it being actually decent!
  20. cannot believe 8 pages and only 2 mentions of Wick! The answer to this question is helmsdale. creepiest place on earth.
  21. I am afraid its something that cannot be ruled out entirely though is it, i agree it is very unlikely and will take something horrible to happen for the US to use them, but lets be honest there are plenty of countries with a big red button and an itchy trigger finger
  22. The US will go to war with anyone who tries to hit any US soil, it really is that simple, any attack or attempted attack will be met with a knee jerk reaction and i dont think they would think twice about sending a few bombers to North Korea, maybe not nukes due to their neighbours however. The thing that concernes me is how will the UK be dragged into this, if their BFF the US is going to war.
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