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  1. Not much room to impress last night. Away at sporting is akin to an away spfl game against the old firm. Hope he gets a move anyway
  2. Sporting v Farense tomorrow live on live score app and other places Very interesting to see how Gauld gets on. Fair to say he has a point and a half to prove Saw a sporting fan on twitter say that sporting have a £2m buy back clause and he would like to see them use it
  3. All well and good saying Serbia were shite but to show up and dominate a team in their own backyard is something we've never done, even against teams like Macedonia, Georgia, Lithuania (genuinely could list so many teams here), we have shown up looking like a team of strangers I don't think you can underestimate the job Clarke has done instilling belief in this team
  4. I said at the time we were getting pumped in et. Wouldn't have been surprised at 3 or 4. Probably a better team would have taken advantage but credit to the players for standing firm
  5. Can't sleep, can't wipe the grin off my face. Just keep replaying those near misses from the last 20 years in my head and thinking it's all been worth it to finally get there
  6. Honestly, the way these threads digress is actually incredible. Arguments about McCall, Leighton, guys who played for Ireland, horrific leg breaks and playing stats I genuinely forget what I'm supposed to be reading about by the time I've caught up
  7. Have you ever seen bendy water?
  8. Came on to see what folk have made of the move to Newcastle and the conversation is about Snodgrass's mum
  9. I said after Friday we didn't need both Jack and McGregor in a game we were favourite for but we certainly need one of them. McLean is very neat and tidy but a holding midfielder he ain't. Some of his clumsy challenges, pitiful attempts at interceptions and generally poor positional awareness gave me Vietnam style flashbacks of watching Charlie Adam in that role for us
  10. Wouldn't fancy anyone to even get within leg breaking range at this point Enjoyed McKenna practicing rugby tackles though, that's definitely an option
  11. How are you judging top 2 winners that don't qualify? So like Andorra could get more points against San Marino etc than we do against better teams and they get a playoff?
  12. Is there any benefit to us doing well in this nation's league?
  13. I keep seeing everyone slaughtering the formation but is no one remembering how lacklustre we have been looking recently? Even though we are unbeaten, the football has been abysmal to watch and we have been playing teams worse than Israel for the most part. I don't think it's the formation, we are just shite
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