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  1. FA Cup 2018/19

    If it was only being used for clear and obvious offsides it would be fucking useless would it not? Linesmen have been told not to flag so that it can be reviewed. Obviously someone spotted the offside which was correct How can you have a problem with that? Murphy is a cretin
  2. Alloa v Morton

    Right good quality highlights them
  3. Alloa v Morton

    Same defence that strolled it to a clean sheet against the league leaders last week and played well the week before Fickle as f**k as per
  4. Ryan Gauld

    It's the running joke of this and all the other threads about young players. Whoosh indeed
  5. “I think Dylan is different from the midfielders we have. We have experience in midfield, and we were maybe looking for someone who can give us energy at certain times in certain games from the bench and the start" Spot on tbh
  6. Ryan Gauld

    I was going to say Robertson the new Roberto Carlos but that only seems to have been said after he actually reached the top level
  7. Ryan Gauld

    You forgot the Scottish Cafu
  8. Ryan Gauld

    He doesn't have a rep as a lout or a drinker does he (I genuinely don't know)? He always looks in shape as well. I thought it was more because he is seen as a 'luxury' player. His nickname was the "chubby baller" at Hibs was it not? He also had a Billy big time at Dundee Utd as a youngster by all accounts
  9. Do you think Shinnie will sign a pre-contract somewhere or will they be looking to cash in? He's absolutely made for the English championship imo
  10. Ton v County - Friday night

    What a seething mess
  11. Ton v County - Friday night

    McHugh has been great, feeding off scraps and holding the ball up superbly
  12. Edibairn is far and away the best wum on this site, maybe any site