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  1. I misread this as Alex Cole-Hamilton dies and I got excited for a second
  2. The whole GRA thing seems to have a whole load of cretins frothing at the mouth. I'd set them all on fire tbh Imagine getting that upset about people's genitals
  3. He was the best player on the park imo although that's damning with faint praise Actually annoys me now watching guys like him, McGinn, Robertson putting in terrific performances week after week and the going to pieces in a Scotland shirt
  4. You can't score goals by only passing backwards. It's science
  5. Kincardine is the worst combination of troll and fucking moron
  6. Robertson lacks absolutely nothing in technical ability. His passing, tackling, heading, possession, chances created stats are outstanding for Liverpool This is where it starts to get silly for me. It was the team that shat the bed as a collective. Saying things like Robertson lacks technical ability or that mcburnie is out of his depth is just nonsense They are all good players for their clubs. They all played terribly. It's a mentality thing and nothing else
  7. I watched him against Celtic and he was posted missing. He's not any better than what we have
  8. Ryan Jack was the exact kind of shitebag that would have slotted into that midfield without improving it in any way. Absolutely anonymous last week, same as those non-entities playing tonight
  9. Genuinely don't see what mcburnie could have done better there. You'd have to be a moron to single him out over anyone
  10. When O'Donnell actually backed himself he made a great run and almost produced something. Every other time he panicked and gave it away Yet another shitebag
  11. I don't think that's tactics. Every Scotland side has done this for as long as I can remember. It's shitebaggery pure and simple. You heard Robertson, it's about bravery and pushing yourself forward. They didn't do it tonight and it's because they were feart. I've always thought it was to do with a lack of pace but they were up against a big lump of wood up front and still sat right off them
  12. Absolute pish Mcburnie was nowhere near our worst performer
  13. Good to see Robertson give an honest interview. No punches pulled, exactly what you want to see. Can't believe I just wrote that. Fucking straw clutching Might delete my account
  14. Too many passengers, scared to get on the ball Hope they get fucking hammered in the dressing room
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