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  1. Scotland Under 21 Squad

    Just you keep your slaverings to yourself you cretin
  2. In honour of Ray; Utd v Morton

    Only going by the second half when I managed to find a stream I thought you had absolutely nothing going forward aside from the long throws. We showed you far too much respect. Can't argue that you deserved a point but if you hadn't snatched it at the death it wouldn't have been a travesty Fyvie coming back is massive
  3. In honour of Ray; Utd v Morton

    Proper heads gone stuff here
  4. In honour of Ray; Utd v Morton

    Why don't you just quit while you're behind mate? You're only embarrassing yourself
  5. In honour of Ray; Utd v Morton

    Step away from the keyboard. You're having a fucking meltdown
  6. In honour of Ray; Utd v Morton

    Let me break it down for you: You are a fucking roaster m8
  7. In honour of Ray; Utd v Morton

    Don't really understand why we went so deep towards the end. United are not great at all Decent point but gutting to lose it so late
  8. Will Scotland ever be good again?

    This is the stupidest thing I've ever read
  9. Scotland Under 21 Squad

    He hit it first time with his left foot If you don't understand how difficult that is then you've obviously never played football
  10. Scotland Under 21 Squad

    Just realised he hit that 35 harder with his weaker foot. Not bad for a carthorse
  11. Scotland squad for Next month

    I still don't think his sharpness is back where it once was A few years ago his link up play was a hell of a lot better, even if he was still a bit greedy at times
  12. Twitter have suspended the guy's account