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  1. Jordan Henderson has been immense this season
  2. What questions still need answered? He was as open and honest as I've ever heard him Most of the rangers fans I know have kept unusually quiet today after being all over this apparent corruption like a rash. Doncaster has absolutely annihilated every single argument over money in 2 and a half minute interview. It's only the absolute worst of the roasters that are carrying on this charade. You'd be better on Twitter, far more like minded staunch simpletons to interact with there
  3. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/barry-bannan-can-be-scotlands-version-1075885
  4. Barry Bannan went to old Trafford at 20 and bossed a midfield of Carrick and Fletcher. Not quite the same but I do remember believing that Bannan was a future star. Just shows that bursting on the scene is different to sustaining a career at the highest level
  5. Don't want to overhype the boy or anything but he might just be the greatest player who ever played the game
  6. 2 penalties tbf But the header he scored was decent Watching the highlights over the last few weeks he's involved in everything going forward
  7. I'm not convinced by Cooper at all. Not seen all that much of him but he seems far to slow for international football
  8. As expected Liam Lindsay has been papped out and can't even get in the Stoke squad. An 18 year old youth product was playing at centre half tonight and kept a clean sheet. He's Irish. Murray Wallace has been playing regular championship football for a while now with Millwall. Although it seems to be mainly at left back where our cup overfloweth Maybe he could still do a job at centre half? McKenna has been pretty dire any time I've seen him in the last few weeks. Would have Findlay and Gallagher ahead of him atm
  9. Liam Lindsay got papped out the team after a 4-0 pumping and they signed James Chester. Might struggle to get a game for rest of the season now
  10. Noticed Gauld captaining his team on Saturday. Scored the opener as well. They're 2nd in the league so a wee promotion and hopefully a move to get his career back on track
  11. I always laugh when I see this. Does the referee indicating the shape of a TV with his hands, a huge screen saying 'VAR CHECK', the referee pointing to the spot and a penalty being taken not clue you in. What part of that is confusing?
  12. I doubt the new guy will be getting a sniff while Griffiths keeps banging them in tbh
  13. What is Louis Bobo George P. Appéré's background Is that name real?
  14. Imagine being that desperate for attention That is tragic
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