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  1. Good question on the FB page. Before today who were the last father and son to play for the Rose ?
  2. And the miss of the century from Sneddon. Good to see a young Whyte come on for his debut.
  3. A very tough watch. 3 horrendous people under one roof and a wee lad who had no chance. Heartbreaking.
  4. And I am not convinced that he or Hughes will shine at that level.
  5. No great loss but squad getting smaller and smaller. They must be confident of getting a few new signings in.
  6. 8 gone from last years thin squad and no one brought in yet. We are going to struggle big time.
  7. Keiran MacDonald been released !. God forbid we are going to go with Matthew Shiels.
  8. McMullan, McKenzie and Thomson all sign contract extensions . Halloren has left. Always looked like there was a player in there but never quite worked out for him.
  9. Got told last season that Taylor had pissed off the board by not watching opponents before we played them and he also didnt watch the u19s. No idea if that is true but that was the rumour. Bit of a culture change after Rice who watched every game available.
  10. Herd has moved on the right players and 2 more to go. That will leave a squad of 21 .
  11. Forsyth apparently scored a peach at Larkhall. Only 15 so won't be anywhere near the 1st team.
  12. Dan Baur and Lewis Payne sign for Hill of Beath. Payne always going to be a squad player so see why he wants to go. Baur is awful. Never seen a footballer so uncomfortable with ball at his feet. 6 foot 6 and can't jump.
  13. Brainless batting from Stokes. Should not be doing that at 50/4.
  14. And was unsuccessful after we gave the job to Martin Canning
  15. Rankin seems an upbeat sort of bloke so happy enough if he gets a chance. He is the cheap option as well so must be the favourite.
  16. Nicholls out after a bizarre incident. Hits it well and straight, bounces off Mitchell's bat straight into the fielders hands 20 yards away .
  17. To be fair it is 1st friendly. The score is irrelevant.
  18. Smith injured - surely not . Munro is not good enough but you are right about Easton. Going to be a long hard season.
  19. I see one of our latest sponsors is the Accies' secretary's company that is based in NDP. Great work by McGowan to find them !
  20. I know someone who works with Test and Protect and they are barely working at all at the moment but they have been told they will be full time again in Sept so this might not be far off the truth.
  21. Think Wallace will be in the u20s so that would leave 6 brought in so need to see a few leave as well. Hare has gone, Shaw on list and rumours Reilly going to Broomhill. If another 3 go guessing it will be McPherson, Halloran and Dublin-Green.
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