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  1. Errol didn't play against the Rose because he was on a stag weekend in Berlin !
  2. David Moyo played for Zimbabwe when an Accies player more recently than 2016.
  3. 1st picture is inconclusive but could be off. 2nd picture McMullan appears to be behind ball so ok.
  4. Highlights suggest the sending off was very, very harsh.
  5. Thankfully it appears that Kevin Bridges is still on tonight.
  6. Seen a rumour all sport off for 10 days.
  7. Correct and I can't see my trip to see Kevin Bridges tomorrow going ahead.
  8. Missing 8 through injury -lack of fitness - already. Hamilton, Spence,Virtanen, Mimnaugh, Thomson, Redfearn, De Bolle and Ryan.
  9. Efe and Telfer still a good bet plus a striker. Want, Virtanen and Brown on the way out.
  10. Mark Stowe scored 6 for Linlithgow today.
  11. Raith comfortably the better team and missed a sitter at the end of the half. Accies huffing and puffing with zero creativity. Smith and Mimnaugh have been woeful. Heard the rumour about Smith to Dundee is nonsense.
  12. Accies1874 will know this better than me but I think Smith has played less than 12 full 90 mins in his career. Bags of potential but rarely delivers. If Dundee are daft enough to offer cash I would bite their hand off.
  13. 86/6 now . Could be all over by tea.
  14. Yes it will be sit where you want and there will be PATG on the day.
  15. Car park at ground you need permit. Underground car park at Morrisons is 1 minute from ground but can be a nightmare to get out of after the game. Best place is Caird Street opposite the bingo - still only 5 min walk to the ground.
  16. To be fair to Vale against the Rose they were ok for the first half hour or so but lost 4 goals in last 10 mins of first half and was a disaster after that. If they can replicate the first half hour against teams in the same area of the league they might be ok but.....
  17. Not excusing it but there were Thistle fans behaving like idiots on other side of segragation as well.
  18. That picture does not show anybody doing anything wrong.
  19. Getting Doc and Sneddon back will make a big difference.
  20. That was a superb game. All 4 played very well.
  21. The Rose manager wasn't there so guessing would be John Miller his asst.
  22. And 10 does not flatter the Rose. Could easily have been 3 or 4 more. Trialist did ok. A goal and an assist within 3 mins of coming on. Problem is cant see another signing unless somebody else is leaving.
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