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  1. A lot of rumours tonight that Taylor has been sacked.
  2. And got brought on for his first appearance since then yesterday and scored an og 10 seconds later ! Dreadful player.
  3. I hear Greg Skinner heading to the Rose for next season.
  4. For the 4th time in 5 or 6 league games the Rose throw away a 2 goal lead. Decent game in front of a good crowd. At 3-1 the Rose were the better team and should have made it 4 but Tranent came back well and deserved a draw and but for a superb save at the end could have won it. Not sure what happened behind the away dug out just before half time but game held up for a couple of mins and looked like a few handbags were thrown about.
  5. Doc and Heaver ran the show and it could have been more but for a keeper mistake that led to red card. Thought LTHV looked tidy in possession without creating too many chances.
  6. Highlight - coming from 4 down at Raith. Lowlight - most of the rest.
  7. Big car park on Caird Street opposite Mecca bingo. 5 mins stroll to ground. There is a car park nearer but is nightmare to get out of after game.
  8. Maybe you are that desparate for attention but some of us are not. Maybe you missed the bit about someone else hearing the comment .
  9. Tranent are the form team but it is still in Linlithgow's hands. I wasn't at the friendly but am told Darvel are comfortably the best team the Rose have played this season.
  10. Yep maybe that guy who drives to every game had a drink in him and I have a witness who heard it- maybe Taylor is just a liar.
  11. They are involved with Nero Vodka based in Glasgow who just happen to have a "sponsorship deal" with Accies. Our Chief Exec says it was ripped up shortly after being signed in 2019 but their advertising was still at the stadium last week.
  12. Still well in. If - I know I know - the Rose beat Tranent twice and Penicuik we will be in a very good position.
  13. Improvement on Saturday at least
  14. Wrong - they will give thoughts and prayers.
  15. Dave has been a good poster for years.
  16. Less than 200 is crazy for a Boness game. I know you are going through a tough run but that must be concerning.
  17. Heard today that Taylor is not well thought of at club. Has not watched any opponents before we play them and only been to one u19 game this season. Hopefully we get shot of him as he is worse than Rice.
  18. Car park on Caird Street opposite Mecca bingo. Accies have no interest in dialogue with supporters.
  19. The bar at the club is decent enough. In main stand.
  20. If you mean Spence you can have him - I will drive him their. Contributed very little for Accies.
  21. He was warming up but not in squad - cup tied ?
  22. Poor again today. Slow and laboured and we did not stretch them until Doc came on. A win is a win but need to get much better.
  23. To be fair to HTG he could bowl but he was a rank rotten batsman - lucky to get in at 11
  24. Was in Carnoustie at the weekend and pub was busy and no one was wearing a mask. Having a quick pint just now and none of the 20 odd are wearing a mask. Last person I saw wearing one in hospitality was Mairi Black MP in Munns before the Accies Partick game. She.was the only one wearing one. If you don't want to wear one don't as nobody else will give a sh*t
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