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  1. Weatherwatch - 15th Dec 2018

    Said that a couple of years ago when it was called off 10 mins before kick off.
  2. Rangers vs Accies 16th December

    Any team in trouble has been delighted to face the Accies. Confident you will enjoy your birthday. Backed Rangers to win 7-0 at 66/1.
  3. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    That would be unusual !
  4. Standard of officiating

    Please let Accies know where to find one of them.
  5. By the way I wouldn't be at all surprised if Gogic and Ogkmpoe left in January as well.
  6. Not sure about Monlouis but Kelly, Penny and Bloomfield must be certs to leave in January. I reckon Delph, Taiwo, Sowah and Brustad might stay until the end of the season. To be honest would anyone be overly fussed if all 8 left.
  7. Excellent. Only one of the 4 TV games I have any interest in at all.
  8. Mosconi cup

    Deserved win for USA.
  9. Standard of officiating

    They were considerably better than what we see week in week out. The wee Israeli ref we had at the Accies game was miles ahead of any Scottish ref I have seen since.
  10. It certainly wasn't pro Aberdeen.
  11. Accies vs Hibs

    If Accies end up losing by less than 3 or 4 I would be surprised.
  12. Standard of officiating

    Nope he is doing Livi v St Mirren this week.
  13. Accies vs Hibs

    Absolutely no chance.
  14. Accies vs Hibs

    Thankfully I am in hospitality so will be too drunk to pay any attention to the game.
  15. Was going to get Rangers and Hearts tickets on Saturday but not wasting any more money going to away games while this idiot is the manager.