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  1. Oakley, Smith and Ogkmpoe all did far better than those they replaced and should start next week.
  2. Jesus we are awful. Motherwell are streets ahead.
  3. EoS Conference C chat 2018-19

    Congratulations Broxburn. Deserved winners.
  4. Miller has been poor since about September.
  5. Daily Express reporting we have signed Markus Fjortoft - a centre half from Southern United on a 1 year deal. Also heard rumours Aaron Doran might be heading our way.
  6. Taiwo has been a dreadful signing as have/were Phillips, Penny, Kelly,Monlouis, Bloomfield, Smith and Brustad. Makes you wonder why Canning hasn't got another job.
  7. 83rd Masters Tournament

    I guess the BBC are talking rubbish when they said the leaders tee off at 9.20am US time - 2.20pm our time tomorrow.
  8. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    No now thats a bit harsh !!
  9. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    I see we are looking for sponsors for a "Stadium Naming Opportunity". The "Fuzzy Bear Arena" has a certain ring to it but I wonder if any local businesses will look to partake in this.
  10. God forbid he ever gets near the 1st team again.
  11. TUI

    They have the worst customer service I have ever encountered. We went to the Dominican last year and there were 6 errors in their description of the hotel but the worst bit was, the drinks during the day were non alcoholic and if you wanted a real beer or wine you had to pay extra. We were "all inclusive !! Never heard of this before or since. When we got back, after I complained, they changed the description of the hotel and said there was nothing else they could do ! They still dont advertise you have to pay extra for alcohol. The told me it was my responsibility to check all the details before booking - not sure how I do it when there were so many errors/lies on their website I thought going to ABTA would help but they are worse - maybe because the chairman of Tui Is on the board of ABTA. They basically said that as the advert has now been changed what more could Tui do. Nothing about compensating customers that booked under false pretences Check out the Tui holiday complaints group on FB. Some of the stories are outrageous. We used Thomson for years but since the Tui takeover they have gone massively downhill and I would not use them again if you paid me.
  12. Keep, Punt or Undecided

    Keep - Woods,Fulton, McGowan, Kilgallon, Ziggy, Martin, Miller, Oakley, Davies, Mimnaugh, Smith, Andreu. Punt - McMann, Want, Sowah,Tshambles, Daz, McMillan, Penny, Taiwo, Boyd. The rest not fussed either way.
  13. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Agreed 100%. Wonder what Motherwell paid for security on Sunday ? When the missiles were being launched there were about 20 police between the 2 stands doing nothing.