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  1. No idea about squad. £7 is full price and loads of parking at Linlithgow Academy at west side of the ground.
  2. Problem is landlord has been there for a few years and is a good guy. Any boycott hits him in the pocket and he is against the name change.
  3. It is a cracking wee pub. Story is true. Greene King want to change it from the Black Bitch to the Black Hound. Been petitions and protests about it but won't make a jot of a difference.
  4. They said that Brewdog had already self reported that.
  5. Thats what I thought as well. Very poor from the BBC.
  6. Penicuik were lucky it was only 5. The Rose destroyed them and it could have been more.
  7. Missed the announcement. Is there still requirement for 50% of football crowds to show passport/negative test.
  8. Crawley, Pope, Bairstow, Billings are not good enough like Burns, Malan, Hameed and Buttler. Root at 4 and Stokes at 6 but need to find 4 others.
  9. Where do you start with that . Shambolic does not do it justice. Last 6 wickets went went in 7 overs.
  10. Luke Matheson playing for Scunthorpe today. Did the club announce he had gone.
  11. It's almost like we saw this coming and Pars fans gave us pelters. Hughes and Winter are awful.
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