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  1. That's Justin Johnson signed as well now . Plenty options up front but still need a centre half - get Ziggy back.
  2. That is good news as is OFW going back to Dunfermline which has now been confirmed.
  3. I am guessing they are waiting to find out if they will have to pay costs before issuing a statement.
  4. Unless Accies get a keeper, right back and a centre half in asap we are a nap to finish bottom. Ryan Fulton, Ciaran McKenna, Shaun Want, Jamie Hamilton and Scott McMann gives us all the fear.
  5. Even in these times of great uncertainty there are some normal things happening as they always have - David Templeton is injured !!
  6. Still not sure why Hibs fans want them to sign Gogic. A midfielder who cannot pass the ball. Would take him back at Accies as that is his level but I don't think he is anywhere near good enough for Hibs.
  7. You've ruined my Wednesday. Hopefully getting him fit for a transfer.
  8. Danny Smith is away but Darren is still there.
  9. The list of ex players is scary. If it is going to be a positive Crawford is a good shout. Others who would be decent to see come back would be Ziggy, Skondras, Tagliapietra or D'Acol but there was also a rumour last week of Carlton Morris. Knowing us it will be Darren Lyon !
  10. As far as I can tell this is the current squad Lee Wilson Liam Allison, Dan Nimmo, Gary Thom, Scott Stevenson, David Brownlie, Craig Donaldson, Pat Scullion Sean Dickson, Ruari Mac Lennon, Roddy MacLennon, Darren Smith, Owen Ronald, Willis Hare, TC, Colin Strickland, Ross Allum Another coming in on Sunday. Priority must be a keeper and a quick striker.
  11. Reckon we will punt OFW and get another keeper in on loan from somewhere. Wouldn't be surprised to see Meekings end up with us as he has worked with Rice before. With Temps, Winter the 2 Smiths able to play wide i would be surprised if we were looking there. Right back has to be priority.
  12. No idea if he is good or bad. Seems we have also signed Ross Callachan from St Johnstone.
  13. Hope to fvck the rumours of how serious this is are not true.
  14. I work for a Local Authority and while no dates have been given officially what we have been told is - unless you want to go back - we will be working from home till around Christmas.
  15. For the wee pubs that will keep details manually there will be a lot of customers called M. Mouse and D. Duck.
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