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  1. I had an op on my back due to disc problems back in 2007. For me was a great decision. Had been on about a dozen pain killers a day for a year. Pain in back and leg was unbearable at times. Not had one painkiller since a week after the op. No real issues at all. Left with a 2 inch scar at bottom of spine.
  2. Maguire a bit lucky there. Could easily have been a penalty.
  3. That has been a hard watch. Zero creativity in team. Plus we are slow and look unfit.
  4. If Rice is still in charge St Mirren will win comfortably but we will score late on to make it more respectable. Hopefully we will have a manager in who knows how to organise a defence.
  5. Bale made a differrence 😂. What a sensational goal.
  6. Stephen Gallagher bogeys last 2 to ensure misses cut. Probably deliberate so he can see Celtic game tomorrow.
  7. Rice may be a coach but he is not very good at that. Would take Yogi in a heartbeat.
  8. Jason the dentist said last week that he could not see the benefit of a circuit breaker. What has changed in such a short space of time to change his mind.
  9. Meikle and Slavin return on loan from Hamilton.
  10. In the last week have got full refunds from Ryanair and On the Beach. Ryanair from a cancellation in May and On the Beach from end of August.
  11. Andrews and Iriekpen made Kevin Kyle look like a cross between Ronaldo and Messi.
  12. Anyone who was at Kilmarnock that day will always remember Rubiales and Andrews along with Iriekpen and John Paul Kissock. Seen a lot of awful performances but that was up there as one of the worst. Cant remember the "top class" Spaniard and Greek who signed for us, were never seen and disappeared a couple of months later.
  13. Interesting start - England 4/2 off 4 balls. Roy and Root both out with the first 2 balls of the innings !
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