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  1. Forgot about him. Would keep him if he can get fit.
  2. I know a couple are on loan but if possible I would keep McKinven, Wilson, Gray, Thom, McGowan, Ruari and Meikle. If they csn shift a stone I would also keep TC and Allum.
  3. Yesterday was still better than Livi the week before.
  4. FuzzyBear


    Make that 4 [emoji106]
  5. No chance. Accies will be bottom by about 15 points.
  6. Thankfully I am taking the grandkids to the panto next Saturday.
  7. Rice must go. 2 full backs who cant stop crosses defensively or put them in when attacking. 2 big centre halfs ragdolled by a midget centre forward. Gogic is in capable of passing it at all. Ogpoe, Moyo and Oakley are all awful and Davies is still 2 stone overweight. Rice made 3 like for like subs that changed nothing. 1 effort - and a poor one at that - in 2 games v Livi and St Mirren.
  8. That's all well and good but how many doors did you chap and telephone calls did you make to tell folk personally the date and time of the rescheduled game ??????
  9. Agreed As was said last night there are not many -maybe 2 or 3 - in that squad you would be upset if they left.
  10. Rose not resting anyone but been very poor. WW not been great but a bit unlucky not to win in 90 mins.
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