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  1. Universities putting a plan in place for no students on campus until January.
  2. Scott McMann has improved this season but is still not very good. Nowhere near good enough for the teams mentioned.
  3. My missus' daughter moved into a new property in Falkirk Council area on Saturday. All her bins were left chocka by previous occupier and obviously she had loads ox boxes etc. after the move. Quick phone call and Falkirk Council came round today and emptied all her bins - Falkirk Council are good guys.
  4. Not right but almost understandable when some Local Authorities still making staff go into offices when they are perfectly capable of working from home.
  5. I see the Hearts statement says they dont see any football being played till July/August.
  6. The club have always said gate money has little or no impact on club's finances.
  7. In my work we can all work from home but are not being allowed to do so.
  8. There is a tweet from a Killie official saying football wont restart till September.
  9. If the rumours are correct and Boris is stopping all sport till the summer then this season is over. Only decision is whether league is binned or whether current positions are deemed to be final.
  10. DD it is going to cause a few arguments that's for sure.
  11. This. Apparently April could be a write off before things slow down a bit in May. If that is right you are looking at considering a decision at beginning of June and maybe starting playing in the middle of June. A decision will be made long before then to scrub the season.
  12. If the season does not restart does that mean it is scrapped and Boness dont get promoted ?
  13. Heading to Krakow on Sunday. Pity they have shut all the museums, the castle and Auschwitz for 2 weeks. Looks like it will just be a few days of getting hammered.
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