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  1. Should warn you that half the folk on this thread will think you're being serious.
  2. Petershill 0 v 2 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Clydebank 2 v 0 Kilwinning Rangers Bonnyton Thistle 1 v 3 Neilston Greenock Juniors 3 v 2 Glasgow United Finnart 1 v 3 Vale of Leven West Park United 2 v 0 Campbeltown Pupils
  3. it was a shite and clearly misjudged attempt at humor which nobody got and I now deeply regret.
  4. Should have finished reading the thead bud
  5. I'm only joking about running away to the Daily Record with a fake racism story, Darvel actually did it because they lost a game of football. THAT'S bitter.
  6. Of course there's nothing in it - was just a wee joke about your club's mud slinging antics with the Daily Record after you lost to Talbot.
  7. The picture speaks a thousand words. There's no place for this stone age behaviour in football :sadface:
  8. No complaints about the result or scoreline. We worked hard and kept it respectable but there was never really a spell where we looked to be troubling RR all that much. Everyone in a Talbot jersey put in a shift and the legs tired towards the end. Maybe a wee bit more composure in the final third would have helped as some potential opportunities broke down a bit cheaply imo. Anyway, just observations, not going to be critical of Talbot for losing to second tier opponents.
  9. Raith 0-0 Talbot HT Talbot defending really well. Andy hasn't had a proper save to make. Talbot camped in their own half for most of the half with the odd dangerous looking foray up the field.
  10. Best of luck to Talbot and Drumchapel today.
  11. I don't think the joke needed explaining, just that it's about as funny as getting your haemorrhoids trapped in a drawer.
  12. Without a doubt. Canny wait for them to do a "comedy" bid for Ronaldo or some other desperately naff pish in the coming days.
  13. the guy who paid £25k a year for decent comms might be.
  14. What a peculiar little club they are.
  15. Largs 3-2 Cambuslang Cumnock 2-1 Arthurlie Gartcairn 0-1 St cadocs Yoker 2-0 Maryhill Vale of Clyde 2-1 Lesmahagow Rossvale Academy 1-3 Harmony Row
  16. He knows how to email the Daily Record.
  17. guy is just permanently angry for whatever reason. Best ignored.
  18. Neill McPherson suspended for next 2 games. A completely avoidable suspension. we'll miss him badly.
  19. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Hurlford United 2-1 Pollok v Petershill 3-1 Thorniewood United v Benburb 1-2 Wishaw v Craigmark Burntonians 1-2 Royal Albert v Dalry Thistle 0-3 St. Peter’s v Thorn Athletic 2-2
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