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  1. The word "Tainted" is only likely to get people's backs up; it suggests some wrongdoing has taken place so it's clearly not the right word, but for me it's a diminished achievement and will always be remembered as such, kind of like the war-time titles with the asterisk next to them. if you're in it you clearly want to win it so those who played on deserve something for their effort, and just like last season I'd hate to see it not be awarded in favour of a null and void.
  2. the bold bit seems like the best and most practical solution and hopefully can be managed . it's still going to be way short of being a "true" win but in the grand scheme of things who cares.
  3. you're deliciously raging about this. deep breaths.
  4. a lot of reading to find out you can indeed catch it outside.
  5. I don't think it's going to cause anyone anywhere to lose a wink of sleep but it's still a fairly watered down achievement in the grand scheme of things, but aye, there's a lot incentive beyond just winning a title and the chance to escape the division now isn't to be sneezed at.
  6. You’re getting emotional about a fairly self evident point.
  7. I think that anyone capable of objectivity can see why the respective competitions are/were undermined.
  8. Interestingly it will probably be the same people who talked down the Junior Cup after the teams from the East jumped ship. This season is certainly devalued by the absence of teams but, like the Junior Cup towards the end, it's certainly an enjoyable thing to win but it won't carry the same prestige asva competition with a full compliment.
  9. Maybe it's the new "statement culture" in football but do people expect volunteer-led clubs to come out and explain the minutiae of decisions to every tom, dick, and harry with a social media account? could they ever satisfy the curiosity of the paranoid bampots if they did? this implication that there's some sort of underhanded motive driving the clubs that didn't participate is tinfoil helmet stuff and seems rooted in a need to fling blame around like a daft spoiled wean.
  10. what about my Tesco Club Card Points? oh, you mean the football.
  11. again, it's absolutely stunning that this point even needs addressing.
  12. this is why we're in the state we're in.
  13. I'm guessing you could say that about most things in his life.
  14. it's genuinely stunning that this point still has to be made to some people 10 months after this all kicked off.
  15. Fair enough, I'm dipping in and out of the thread and my choice of words was a bit poor in my earlier post, I can see i've been a a bit of a dick with my tone so I apologize for that, but nonetheless, the risks at the start of this season absolutely were clear.- there was no vaccine and the traditional Winter flu season was still to come. Many were predicting a resurgence in the virus and urging caution so it was an absolute gamble to play on. I can 100% see why teams did it but it was always likely to end in disappointment imo.
  16. it's meant to be milder next week (i.e. bleak, dreary and rainy) it's a real shame because this weather is glorious if you're not getting to the fitba anyway.
  17. the word foolish may have been misjudged on my part but there's no way on God's green earth the season is rumbling on indefinitely and neither should it.
  18. the teams who played on hoped in vain that they would start to get fans in and things would creep back to normal. that hasn't happened. the risks were always crystal clear in this regard and the signs are that the gamble isn't going to pay off. if this league isn't done by May/ June then cut the losses and move on.
  19. No reason at all why the clubs who sat out should suffer for the foolishness of those who played on.
  20. We have a variant that is more transmissible than ever, we're at the time of the year when the NHS would normally feel pressure and with Covid we have Ayrshire and Arran with 96% of it's covid hospital bed capacity taken and the probability of more to follow. Logic , to me, says that the small margins clearly count more than at any previous point in this pandemic and for that reason fitba - a hobby let's remember - should maybe be halted for a little while as part of the effort just like many other areas of life.
  21. it's inexplicable then why there are so many other stringent rules in place about outdoor meetings if it's such a low and insignificant risk.
  22. these ones in particular are like daft wee boys who can't bring themselves to see the bigger picture..
  23. Yep, as a coward I don't want the NHS to be overrun or vulnerable people to die so a few people can do their wee hobby.
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