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  1. only one person is responsible for the negative attention, and only one person is the subject of that attention. would you have preferred this to be swept under the carpet and ignored?
  2. Ideally he should have been challenged on it, but I wouldn't judge people too harshly for not doing it as it's just an incredibly awkward and unexpected situation to find yourself in. The main thing is that he isn't given a second chance because that would be the real sign of having shat the bed. It’s good to see this being widely condemned on here as well . A few years ago there would have been a slew of apologists giving it 'how come it's awrite to call someone a fat or baldy b*****d but no a black wan?'.
  3. Definitely the best of the rest after the league and Scottish. Still a respectable bit of clobber for the cabinet even now.
  4. Aye Shankland did really well in the lead up to that goal. Got a cross in then took the return ball really well when it could easily have ended up anywhere. His assists per minute stats must be cracking.
  5. Wilson did the right thing, nothing left to chance.
  6. Has the racist been told not to come back by glencairn? If its only a single guy that's about the least you would expect from the club.
  7. cheers. seems like plenty of prancing around and little else tbh.
  8. any footage of the renfew v peasie scrapping for us curtain twitchers?
  9. no convenient burst pipes or Norvirus outbreaks reported yet?
  10. Les porter will be beelin.
  11. They have to recover from a brace of absolute pumpings but you never know. Nothing is won in December.
  12. Mental how often the early frontrunner falls to bits in the midwinter. A couple of hidings for kilwinning recently suggest it's happening again.
  13. He needs chased off the thread before it catches on.
  14. when used instead of "up front". it's like saying Andy Leishman is playing down bottom.
  15. the phrase that boils my pish is "up top".
  16. Agreed, seems quite clearly onside.
  17. welcome to the politics bar with Malcolm Malcolm.
  18. this place can be an absolute zoomerfest but I love threads like this.
  19. It shows what managers are up against, even the very successful ones.
  20. I may have imagined this, but did the club not have to issue a statement last season backing the manager after a bit of discontent with him from the fans? i don't recall this. it was a near flawless season.
  21. only caught second half but that was a 2-1 hammering. very one sided .
  22. It should be intensely beefy and contain about a weeks worth of recommend salt intake. Most importantly of all, it should ALWAYS burn f**k out of your tongue and the roof of your mouth.
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