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  1. this place can be an absolute zoomerfest but I love threads like this.
  2. It shows what managers are up against, even the very successful ones.
  3. I may have imagined this, but did the club not have to issue a statement last season backing the manager after a bit of discontent with him from the fans? i don't recall this. it was a near flawless season.
  4. only caught second half but that was a 2-1 hammering. very one sided .
  5. It should be intensely beefy and contain about a weeks worth of recommend salt intake. Most importantly of all, it should ALWAYS burn f**k out of your tongue and the roof of your mouth.
  6. Arbroath were always going to dominate possession and won comfortably in the end but Talbot carved out a few decent chances and if they were a bit more clinical arbroath would have been sweating. As it was though they didn't capitalise, but in reality they missed the real opportunity on Saturday. Talbot should be happy with a run that has seen them taking on and beating the hyped Cove and Kelty sides and be content at giving a decent Arbroath a real scare on Saturday. It would have been nice to enjoy the exposure of being in the fourth round but it's a big ask to repeat it year on year. Ps. Does anyone at Gayfield want to train the kiosk staff to boil water properly? Tepid, flavourless brown water with an undisolved Bovril cube isn't really up to the high rolling standards i was expecting.
  7. Can you imagine words printed on paper? Probably not tbf.
  8. Hopefully Tucker pins this up in the dressing room.
  9. really enjoyed seeing the wee Arbroath weirdo team screaming insults at bemused locals on the Main Street after the match. It was a great insight to the colour, vivacity and clearly knocked off Stone Island clad dildos Talbot are missing out on.
  10. Peasy and their inaccessible kits. The excuse was getting more worn than the strips at one point.
  11. Talbot at home in a cup match are always in with a shout but obviously it will be classed as an upset if they win. Cove were a very good side and Talbot did the business. I can see today following a similar pattern of Talbot sitting in and using the pace of the forwards and ariel power to snatch something. Should be a terrific game.
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