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  1. Or you could try engaging your miniscule brain and look at the one from yesterday which supercedes it.
  2. they are offering refunds. you're having a mare here.
  3. zero revenue is not a great business model as the chap above me says. I wonder if clubs would be making the same decision if they were still Junior as they will now they are Senior with regards to withdrawal. Hopefully the clamor to go racing out of the blocks in the new set up (or fear of being left behind) doesn't motivate any committees to gamble the future of their clubs.
  4. Maybe each club could nominate someone to represent them at FIFA . Just play the season out on the PS4.
  5. Why not ask the source you heard it from? Do you normally get half a story from people then approach complete strangers to fill in the missing information?
  6. what a weird tweet. Just spill the beans ffs.
  7. Yes, being allowed to go and see a movie followed by a few beers and a bite to eat then jetting off abroad on holiday certainly sounds worse than what we had before.
  8. fair enough, there has definitely been the sort of comment you're talking about, no debate there. I think it will be quality personally. A great mix of familiar adversaries and some new scalps, obviously the enthusiasm is tempered by the covid stuff and the possibility that the season will be a bit of a non-starter/ non-finisher.
  9. You're all over the shop here. You're willing to go on about the Edinburgh match years ago but not a mention of 2 wins against Cove or beating Ayr. I'm not really sure what your point is apart from being in a long term huff because a Talbot fan hurt your feelings once upon a time.
  10. the bitterness is ripping out of this post. the more things change the more they stay the same.
  11. You're a weirdo, go away please.
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