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  1. Best junior player you’ve ever seen!

    pretty well known in Glasgow.
  2. Best junior player you’ve ever seen!

    were guys like Dalgliesh actually stand out performers in the Juniors? I would have thought a combination of youthful inexperience, parent club instructions to not get injured, and the short time spent at the grade would mean that they might not have had the chance to do much beyond building a bit of experience.
  3. Junior Cup 18-19

    I'd keep the replays, they help make the Scottish what it is and they aren't anywhere near as disruptive, for example, as the attitudes of sides who play on swamp land and would rather sit idle through 10 postponements than entertain the notion of moving venue. And considering the number of fairly pointless cups cluttering the Junior calendar (we have two WOS cups. Why?) it's odd that folk seemingly want to trim ties from the Scottish rather than wholesale scrap some of the lesser ones.
  4. Scottish Cup 2018-19 qualifying

    the revised draw for the qualifying.
  5. Today’s scores

  6. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Will do. I think they're going to win this one. Going to try and get into their safe standing bit.
  7. Scores

    Meadow seem to be the team to follow for goals this season.
  8. Willie Hill Scottish Cup Thread

    x 2. Vermin.
  9. Willie Hill Scottish Cup Thread

    The qualifying rounds are a drag but at least the bigger Junior sides have avoided each other. I don't think it all has to end up with a Premier league side to be a great experience for the fans but of course that's what everyone really wants. A couple of matches against new opponents, maybe some cracking away ties with overnighters and taking a notable league scalp are all highly possible for the Junior sides.
  10. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    What would people say was the best option between Shrewsbury and Wrexham in terms of match experience?
  11. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    I tried to apply for the fan card but they blanked it. Overall it might be the most cynical ticketing strategy out there. I agree fully, f**k them!
  12. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    Thanks. I'd seen the Eindhoven 'packages'. A rip off and it seemed like you had to include a message pleading why you deserved them. Can you just buy online for most clubs that don't sell out. I thought you had to buy a fan card which limited you to one team? Not sure about the broader league but Feynoord was a simple online transaction with no hint of the fan card pish, and of course they're known for being somewhat fighty so I think that's just a stunt from psv rather than any sort of legal thing tbh. I've looked at a few Dutch club ticket sites and psv are the only one that wants you to do all that pish so far. There may be others trying to coin it from tourists but the fact they want to sell you thirty EU of merchandise vouchers stinks to the high heavens and tells you what really lies behind it!
  13. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    Sounds good. Have contemplated switching our usual Düsseldorf trip to Eindhoven but was always a bit wary of how easy it was to get tickets for Dutch games as a non Dutch resident. Any ideas? Psv seems to be a pain in the arse unless you want to pay about 90 euros for a daft tourist package. Was at feynoord end of last season for a dead rubber against sparta rotterdam and it was a doddle getting print at home tickets. Might be more tricky for a higher demand game but certainly not a problem for a non resident unless they sense a chance to over charge. Will drop you a pm if we go to a Dutch game and let you know what the score is for tickets. Going in late September.
  14. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    Was at leverkusen v stutgart last season and quite liked it plus very easy to get tickets. Arriving and departing from eindhoven but getting the flixbus into dusseldorf on the Saturday morning. Still deciding on a Dutch game on the Friday and Sunday. Maybe den bosch on Friday and feynoord on Sunday but playing it by ear.
  15. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Enjoyed the Den today although I'm not sure it delivered even a fraction of the Free Tommy style Gammon I was anticipating. Lots of people with council looking tats saying cant a lot though. Good atmosphere overall and a rare treat watching a championship match in a well filled stadium that suits the size of the support.