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  1. Arthurlie 2 v 0 Petershill Troon 2 v 0 Cambuslang Rangers St. Cadoc’s 1 v 3 Benburb Renfrew 2 v 1 Ashfield Finnart 1 v 3 Ardrossan Winton Rovers West Park Utd 2 v 2 St. Peter’s
  2. really enjoyed that today and the players seemed to be having a good time as well. If we see another Talbot keeper achieve half of what Andy has been part of we'll be very lucky.
  3. We're definately needing to put a few wins together in the league but we won't be the only side to drop points at Pollok. Saying that I think there's only 1 league game between now and bonfire night.
  4. It would be good if the Fanbase app could tell you how many tickets were left, or failing that, someone from Pollok.
  5. Darvel operate like a wean with a cheat code for Football Manager. Sign every cu*t!
  6. It's not a very specific answer. Hopefully Pollok tweet the number left on Friday evening to let people decide if the trip is worth the risk.
  7. I'm fighting to stay out of the relegation places here. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 2 v 1 Cumnock Juniors Pollok 1 v 2 Auchinleck Talbot Neilston 2 v 0 Gartcairn Glasgow United 2 v 0Wishaw Vale of Clyde 0 v 1 Larkhall Thistle Rossvale Academy 3 v 1 Easterhouse FA
  8. You'd get more sense out of the guy who's just been leathered with a hammer.
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