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  1. Darvel 5 v 2 Clydebank Troon 3 v 1 Glenafton Athletic Renfrew 4 v 3 Maryhill
  2. I see Darvel and Beith have still to play twice in the league so that could be interesting. Has Darvel v Talbot not been scheduled?
  3. To be fair we still dismiss and ridicule it. B sides FFS.
  4. He ran like he was pulling a caravan across a muddy field though. Another solid 3 points today and another game where there was a lot to take heart from. The result from Dunterlie fairly raised the spirits too.
  5. it's the the enormous cringe-wave from the Monday team talk hit the players at HT today.
  6. Beith are definitely a title contender at this stage. Still think it's Darvel's to lose right enough.
  7. I'd do the bold bit now. Wouldn't even wait until the end of the season.
  8. Cheers for the highlights, that particular situation is the most mental and inconsistently applied part of the offside rule (have a look for the Raith goal v Linlithgow the other night for comparison).
  9. Flagged for offside I think. couldn't tell from my angle if it was or not.
  10. We must be ruing some of the early season results. Losing to KRR and drawing at Peasy being the main ones. It's going to be hard keeping up with Darvel but at least we're giving ourselves a chance and keeping it interesting.
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