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  1. Hearts v Talbot, how far can the Juniors go?

    enjoyed that. You have any plans to put something together covering the full run?
  2. Plastic not so fantastic

    Plastic is shite. I could go on, but ultimately I'd be recycling my original assertion. Get it to f**k.
  3. Todays scores 16/2

    Talbot v Krr nil nil at ht.
  4. Today's scores 16th feb

    Goal fest today then?
  5. Talbot crumble

    That looks promising.! I'm going to read through that full thread when I get the chance. No doubt featuring a few cringy nougats of my own.
  6. Talbot crumble

    Wouldn't worry about it a lot of us were acting like fannies at twice that age. It's good to be part of the last generation that doesn't have to worry about daft shit they did in their teens turning up online.
  7. Plastic not so fantastic

    Is the pitch at Killie of the same quality as the ones in the CL?
  8. Talbot crumble

    This needs bumping!
  9. Talbot crumble

    Forgot about that. Absolutely classic times!
  10. Talbot crumble

    Was wondering where the Bankie got to.
  11. Talbot crumble

    craigmark burnt onions
  12. Talbot crumble

    The Noshy fella has been waiting a long time to finally be right about Talbot losing one of these.
  13. Poor show with the scacel stuff. Very fucking poor.
  14. Ocht, i agree fully with all the pro pyramid dudes and agree Talbot should be moving on but today isn't the time for that guff mate. End of the day they've done pretty well for a supposedly insular side. At the very least this cup run should remove any doubt about Talbot's will to put their reputation on the line.
  15. By my completely arbitrary and newly made up definition Talbot did themselves proud. Hearts, as a top division side should be winning by a minimum of one goal per tier. In many ways Talbot won. Well done Talbot!