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  1. and the significance of that is?
  2. lots of people getting hot and bothered about admin, and of course big bad Talbot.
  3. The shitey commentary kills the enjoyment of the games but the Talbot comeback against Hurlford is a good wee watch.
  4. Shanner


    oh ya wee mischievous scamp!
  5. they've earned it.
  6. clap for the champions @ 8pm?
  7. out of interest does anyone think Talbot weren't going to canter to this title ?
  8. Did the OF ever have special loan agreements with certain Junior sides back when that was a thing?
  9. There might be a delay to the start of next season. This season is over. It's a mess.
  10. Players aren't really in a position of strength when it comes to making demands just now. Who are they going to get a better offer from?
  11. coverage was like the start of the worst found footage horror movie ever.
  12. i'm away to make a wee castle out of toilet rolls
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