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  1. you've had straight, fact based answers aplenty in this thread but didn't like what you were being told so chose to disregard it.
  2. ding ding, round 258 of the same circular debate.
  3. how long do players need to train to get up to speed again?
  4. The game's a bogey. The only positive to take is that heavier restrictions now mean a greater chance of full normality come next season.
  5. the lockdown should have a week added every time someone uses the honking "wee nippy" patter.
  6. Not sure how much the Bojo plan will tell us about Scotland to be honest. The SG has had a completely different and far more cautious approach to playing football with fans all the way through this.
  7. I reckon we'll see some fans back in grounds next season. It will all be subject to regulations and rules, etc. but it will be difficult to justify having no fans when the vaccination program will be well on the way to taming covid by then.
  8. You made an abortive attempt at mounting a fact-based defence of your view using facts that backed up the position you're arguing against. You thought you were pulling off a debating equivalent of a Panenka but sadly it was against your own goalie.
  9. So you found evidence and it says that you can catch covid outside but you are suggesting it says something else? This shite has been done to death and rehashing poorly constructed, factually weak arguments that have already been debunked by the same folk you're arguing with now isn't going to bring football back any faster.
  10. unless you are arguing that it can't be caught outdoors then I'm not sure what will satisfy you here. do you want someone to conduct a study into lower and non-league covid transmission in order to prove something we already know?
  11. Leitchy boy likes the sound of his own voice and I tend to take his musings with a pinch of salt but hopefully he's on the money here.
  12. Fair doos. I often wonder what clubs have been doing in the background in this mental era we're living through. it wouldn't be advisable to treat it as time to focus on that man cave out the back as I'm sure it will be an especially cut-throat environment when we resume properly. Honestly can't wait to get back into it properly.
  13. no wonder so many Bankies fans wanted to go senior. They've nearly eclipsed their combined Junior achievements and they've only played handful of games.
  14. The word "Tainted" is only likely to get people's backs up; it suggests some wrongdoing has taken place so it's clearly not the right word, but for me it's a diminished achievement and will always be remembered as such, kind of like the war-time titles with the asterisk next to them. if you're in it you clearly want to win it so those who played on deserve something for their effort, and just like last season I'd hate to see it not be awarded in favour of a null and void.
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