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  1. See when you compare the Preston performance in the last round (and some of the flat as a pancake performances of last month) to that today it's all the more remarkable. That was absolutely immense from every player in a Talbot shirt and Tucker got the tactics and subs spot on. There was no question of Talbot setting up with a "wee team" mentality and hoping for a replay and a pat on the heid from the media about being brave, they play like equals to whoever comes to Beechwood and it's brilliant to see how much it rattles the opposition and how much of a leveler home advantage can be when you play like you deserve to be on the same pitch as these teams. The full defence was phenomenal as was the midfield, and up front the commitment and intelligence of Boylan was immense and the running and trickery of Samson after he came on was causing Accies all sorts of bother. It's great to see Gee score in this game after his offside goal v Ayr was chopped too. Amazing.
  2. f**k sake, the Accies fans really weren't lying when they said their team was there for the taking! Accies were dominant between about minute 1 and minute 5 but even at that they had two corners that the taker couldn't keep in play on either attempt which was a fairly damning example of how poor and unconvincing they were at the absolute basics. As soon as Talbot settled and started getting a feel for the game they were the more dangerous team and were happy to allow as much toothless possession as Accies wanted. it would have been completely undeserved for Accies to get a replay from that, and tbh it didn't look like they gave much of a f**k as a collective. they had no whirlwind last 20 mins up their sleeve and had I known that my nails would be far less chewed than they are now. I don't mind Accies as a team and support because for a Lanarkshire outfit they don't seem like an especially odious bunch so best of luck in sorting yourselves out.
  3. gone are the days when you got good value on Talbot in these games.
  4. Well you should be delighted to get in on what is sure to be a thrill ride of a thread at the ground floor. I certainly am!
  5. Ignore the naysayers mate, a fine idea for a thread.
  6. Is that definite? I've read the opposite on here from the guy who the does fixtures. Might be crossed wires on my part.
  7. I love seeing you kicking off about league tables. Wish the guy that used to do that weird Junior one would get his finger out.
  8. I'm as much of an insufferable lefty handwringer as the next person but gie's peace.
  9. Plenty of teams have potential but you have to know how to fulfill it and judging by the number of false dawns in the last couple of decades Cumnock clearly don't. Having said that they've been sharp enough in getting their licence and have good modern facilities in place so the foundations appear to be there. They could probably kick on with the right appointment.
  10. Anyone saying Talbot are a long ball team can safely have their opinions filed under "ramblings of a dafty" and ignored. You're clearly not watching their games.
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