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  1. Based on the tournament tree. England topping the group is fine? Tricky tie against Senegal followed likely by France or Argentina?
  2. Looking forward to the livi game but I’m a bit confused - tickets are printed as wed 9th, but website suggests it’s Tuesday. Can anyone confirm?
  3. Rangers fans heading over and throwing stuff at Liverpool fans now. The balaclava berz. Lol
  4. They need something in Napoli and beat Ajax at home. Or lose that and have to beat Ajax 4-0 at home? I’m sure radio were peddling that earlier.
  5. That’s the record now. Just need another for worst Scottish result in Europe?
  6. At half time - all jovial on radio Scotland - the game is for the taking. Something here for Rangers. Now - ‘the wealth of talent Liverpool have in the bench, their wages….’
  7. Just seen someone on the news saying if she knew the queue was such a long wait - she wouldn’t have travelled with her 3 kids. C’mon, how did this woman think it was a good idea. How did she not look at the 24/7 coverage and realise it wasn’t a good idea… It’s getting beyond ridiculous now. The sooner it’s over, the better.
  8. Felt fortunate we were 1 up, game was pish after and no-one really took control. I doubt Hibs would have skooshed it without the penalty and second yellow. Will watch it again but it really looked liked a poor decision. The quality in the league has me thinking 3rd is wide open and no team will get a run together to cement it.
  9. I don’t understand why Charles will/can now choose another name as he becomes king.
  10. ‘Doing the job of queen, all that paperwork, day after day’ oh wow - such a tough life… Thats just some of the commentary from Witchell on ‘what does the queen do’
  11. Apart from when Sevco were out the league and your top tier was closed. Away fans also had an extra section…
  12. Pretty even until that sending off. Livi possibly should have gone ahead. Good to see us taking advantage following the red card though. Feel good factor is coming back after last season.
  13. The whole discussion seemed to me to be based on the statement ’no-one will challenge for the title, let’s be honest’ As long as they don’t see a problem with, or want to change that, their arguments are valid.
  14. Haha - have had to turn it off… they just have no clue and won’t bother entertaining viewpoints unless it’s from old firm leaning ex players/managers/pundits. So far the arguments are - it’s great for the old firm and fans of other clubs are just jealous…
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