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  1. 83% possession and no shots on target What are they doing with the ball? Any hard luck stories of not given penalties or red cards yet?
  2. Persistent standing and shouting at Boris. Was a good laugh to see the speaker flapping and struggling to control it.
  3. It’s depressing - Ben in Bristol says - Got to put an end to this woke-ism, this green agenda… Ben kept referring to someone running for leader called Richie?
  4. Clarke got it wrong and changed it too late. What was going on with Souttar at the end? Was he seriously going to come on?
  5. Well that’s the game done. BBC had hearts down as 0 shots in target in 90. Which is a embarrassing. Or is it a sign that the top two teams are back to being in the main untouchable by the rest of the league?
  6. Phew - Now let’s hope it never happens again.
  7. Fingers crossed Frankfurt score and he goes all Lee Dixon at the euros on us..
  8. Thought we started ok - but only that cross to Ramirez as a half chance to show for it. Then Dundee got into the game and probably should have gone in ahead.
  9. Think st mirren and Aberdeen will edge it to end any speculation of Aberdeen going down. That being said I’ve put down a draw for each on my coupon
  10. Big decision ahead. Don’t really trust Cormack/Gunn to get it right tbh.
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