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  1. Bbc say 3 shots on target - yet I don’t think Clarke had to actually dive for anything. We were as far away from scoring as any time I can remember
  2. We are pish. 80 minutes and I don’t think there was anything to ever be excited about. Would have been embarrassing to even nick a point.
  3. Losing at home, against ten men is pretty embarrassing, no?
  4. BBC stats have it as 2 shots on target for England..
  5. Bit gutted after those chances. 2 deflections and slack passing and we are 3 down
  6. Should the keeper not be doing better there, or am I being too harsh?
  7. Actually, a livi poster on the match thread did complain about Boyle diving... You must have missed that post by Crispy on the match thread, hanging out here obsessing over the Dons...
  8. Do people use any of these taster subscriptions? Fees like it could be a good way to branch out and discover more? I recently ordered 5 samples from master of malt, just before making the leap to buying full bottles, but have been considering a monthly sub as a treat to myself.
  9. it was all just a show for the fans. They don’t really have any ambitions for change. Have they followed up on any of their original concerns. Will they follow up on any of their concerns? Not while they are sitting on top and winning trophies/getting access to cl money...
  10. Agreed - I think Cormacks vision is going to lean heavily on his experiences with Atlanta. Which can already be seen in the things he has said when talking about the new ground and fan engagement. It was interesting listening to the Atlanta guest talking about the role and challenges of their ‘2’ teams - Glass seems to be held in quite high regard by Atlanta. I’m resigned to some sort of transition, but not sure their is patience across all areas. The pundits/media seem to already have set their stall out to say ‘told you so’, if the new setup doesn’t yield results early.
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