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  1. There was a spell, must have been around the last ten minutes - where Kyogo fell over 3 times. Played the whole ‘in agony/in pain’ routine and seconds later was running full pelt for the ball again. Was all a bit embarrassing.
  2. Whoever brought in Gurr and Bates needs emptied. Who gave Devlin another 6 months? We’ll never get rid of Kennedy it seems so I’ve got no faith in a January window turning it around for us
  3. Gurr and Hayes - pish. Just another toothless, miserable day away to this lot. Anyone know how the sit in protest is going?
  4. Was he? - the way we carried on under Del, the best we would have got today would have been a draw. But probably would have succumbed to the same defeat we actually did.
  5. I thought the new main stand at tynecastle had finished? Still work to be done inside?
  6. The inconsistency of everything is the main problem. No way a decision is made or analysed if it’s in the other box. On the rare case it did - we would be bombarded with experts claiming ‘he went down too easily’ or ‘he was looking for a penalty’. Browns header was class - hopefully action will be taken against the fan that chucked something at him afterwards? Again - doubt it will get called out anywhere.
  7. To make it worse or better - club have confirmed he’ll be doubling down with an in-depth interview on redtv midweek..
  8. I thought it was Apaloo who is the ‘number 2’? But I guess this confusion is symptomatic of the mess Cormack has made of the new ‘management team’
  9. Bbc say 3 shots on target - yet I don’t think Clarke had to actually dive for anything. We were as far away from scoring as any time I can remember
  10. We are pish. 80 minutes and I don’t think there was anything to ever be excited about. Would have been embarrassing to even nick a point.
  11. Losing at home, against ten men is pretty embarrassing, no?
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