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  1. Is there any ppv option for this? My ‘international’ redtv has stopped working…
  2. That seems like a sensible argument. Then they rescinded the red Morelos got after he booted McKenna off the ball.
  3. No-one in the ground thought that was a red. Not the saints bench or Dunne himself. You can tell by reactions.
  4. Can sum it up: - been a fan for 64 years - as embarrassed and shocked as the 1700 fans that went - Jim hugged me and said - Dave, I know it’s not good enough - rightfully taking pelters - home town, been a fan for 64 years - stradagee is right determined to turn it around as commercially it’s all good
  5. Thanks Hibs - knew you were the good guys really.
  6. Can’t trust Cormack to appoint a new manager. We’re fucked.
  7. Football monitoring board Made up of 0 people that would get a job in the runnings of the football operation at any other football club Thought Dave was at least ruthless among them. Then again he can’t afford to appoint a 3rd dud in 3 years…
  8. Goodwin very much is a problem here. But that does not discount Cormack also being a problem. ’The defence will be easy to sort’ Nearly a year ago since Goodwin said that…
  9. When we had time to appoint a manager through a proper prawcess - we got Glass. The prawcess by all accounts was a sham. Then when we had another chance to get it right he rushes off to pay(!!) for Goodwin. Dread to think who could possibly be in his mind for next. But it feels like we’ll be onto a 3rd manager in 3 years! For me that is worrying and think we’ll be no better off this time next season…
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