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  1. On loan to Lincoln from Man City. Which was a weird move because he played in Holland last year, and did well apparently.
  2. If Davidson manages to get top 6 this season after those deals yesterday, he deserves Manager of the Millenium never mind year.
  3. Think it lasted for about 5 minutes to be fair. Still reckon it was just a teachers ploy to get some fit looking birds on the trip. IIRC they "qualified" for the finals by default when Renfrew High's team didn't turn up for the qualifier debate.
  4. Pretty certain I went to the same school as you then. Once had a trip down to Keele Uni for a football tournament, and the school debating team went with us for a competition they were in too. My mate thought he had managed to pull one of the debating team (from the year above me), only to find her creeping out of said PE teachers's room the next morning...
  5. Not into Moto GP either, but I randomly watched that happen live. For someone like Rossi to be sitting in the pits afterwards looking like he'd shit his entire body weight into his pants, you know it was a bad one. But that's a pretty cool slow mo of it all the same. Inches in it.
  6. Not only have mine been cancelled, but I just realised I paid for them on a card I have now closed off. So need to chase them to get my money back. Double kick in the teeth.
  7. The epidemiologists in Scotland have no idea where all this discussion about the approach being to create a herd immunity has come from. As far as they are concerned, it is definitely not the strategy that is currently being implemented in Scotland. Also, their modelling reckons the current infection rate is somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 people just now. But with the testing only being done for those in hospital or certain situations, they reckon the official number could actually stay the same in the next week or so, despite it not being the real picture out there. Mental.
  8. 36 positive test results so far in Scotland, expected to increase by at least double by next week. The first instances of someone being diagnosed with no obvious travel reasons or contact with known infected person has happened too in Scotland. Also, a particular company instructing it's staff not to disclose who their employer is as part of the questions for the testing from NHS, for fear of reputational damage due to the number of infected staff they have already, is a joke... All good reasons in my eyes for companies and people to be taking as many preventative measures as possible. It'll be like World War Z in George Square again by the weekend. Although there's a good chance that will be caused by the Sevco Celtic game on Sunday anyway.
  9. RIP resk. NHS are expecting a significant rise in numbers in next few days, particularly in Glasgow and Edinburgh. If only I had been born a teuchter...
  10. If they've had bloodwork done at all during being in hospital, it would have been picked up.
  11. SEPA is limited in what it can do. It's going to take a decision from Scottish Government to really make a difference. When you consider no-one from the Government can even be arsed to turn up to any of the meetings they are invited to about it, I doubt that will happen any time soon.
  12. Pen was at my end, I was in line with the Killie player and Ajer, said it was a penalty as soon as it happened . Clumsy from Ajer but he's more than made up for it after that. Brophy looked offside from the original pass too. Ref was rotten for both sides today.
  13. Officials have been rotten all game tbh. Some strange decisions throughout.
  14. Edouard could have had a hat trick easily so far. And red card for Power, silly to dive in like that when already on a booking. Didn't think it was really a booking tbh, but he gave the ref the opportunity.
  15. Just saw the decision for the penalty, seemed a bit soft. But what a finish from Brophy, almost top corner.
  16. Glasgow has lots of stunning buildings, particularly in the City Centre, that for most of my years I never noticed as I didn't look up. My career took me into an area that involved looking at architecture, and luckily it helped me realise how many amazing buildings were around me. I really like the Stock Exchange Court in Nelson Mandela Place: There's a ton of buildings around the back of the City Chambers that are really nice, but never really get noticed much.
  17. Lewis has been the best keeper up here for years.
  18. That looked a pen to me... Scrap that. Nothing in it.
  19. It's the fake shock when the player then gets booked that does my tits in. You know you dived, just take the booking and get on with it.
  20. Keeping them honest for last 4 minutes at least.
  21. Titans need a turnover to change the momentum of this game.
  22. Big stop required from us here. If KC get ahead, we're in trouble.
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