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  1. Another vote for Middlesborough from me. Absolute shitehole.
  2. Apologies, forgot where I was. CoLlUm Is A mAd RaBiD *** AnD tHe SfA iNvEnTeD pLaStIc PiTcHeS tO sToP tEn In A rOw!!!
  3. Better team won on the day. Simple as that.
  4. Surely the best option for anyone not a fan of either is that Celtic win it this year. Then Rangers finish 1st next season, with Celtic in 3rd behind *any other team* by 1 goal difference (which seems possible with Lennon in charge). Then Rangers go bust, points penalty drops them down and Celtic lose 10 in a row despite all that by 1 goal. No more Sevco, no more 10 in a row. Win-win? Even as a Celtic fan I find that possibility rather funny...
  5. OSP

    Week 5

    Sooner Succup is fit again the better. Santos is a nightmare...
  6. It means Police, after the show Hawaii 5-0. But i've only ever heard it in US TV programmes, such as The Wire, hence me asking if you were confusing Ayrshire for Baltimore with hearing that phrase being used. It's never funny when you've got to explain it...
  7. Are you confusing Prestwick for West Baltimore?
  8. OSP

    Week 4

    Titans looking better this week, Mariota finally finding receivers. Atlanta are a mess in the redzone though.
  9. OSP

    Week 1

    Pick 6 for Titans. Deserves more than a greenie...
  10. OSP

    Week 1

    Browns are 17 penalties for 167 yards. Unreal.
  11. OSP

    Week 1

    Best thing about this result for Titans tonight, is everyone is calling it as the Brown's being bad, not us playing well. Flying under the radar for a while would be good.
  12. OSP

    Week 1

    Don't think I've ever seen a team give up as many penalties as the Browns. TD Titans! Walker.
  13. OSP

    Week 1

    Byard with the INT for Titans. He eats passes for breakfast this lad.
  14. OSP

    Week 1

    Boom, TD Titans.
  15. OSP

    Week 1

    Titans shitfesting their way to a win against the Browns hopefully. We really need Mariota to step up this year. Not seen much yet...
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