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  1. I emailed in the question about promoting the league other than for 2 teams. The bit they didn’t read out was about Sky always picking Celtic & Rangers away games which are usually one sided games that casual viewers will quickly turn off. That leads to not being able to show meaningful matches in the bottom 6 at the end of the season due to the 4 live matches per stadium. He didn’t answer the question (and many others on show), saying about the great coverage of the final day of the SWPL season, which was decent, but if it was say Hearts, Hibs and Spartans going for the title on final game would Sky follow the car with the trophy. www.youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
  2. Fear this line up will turn into 451 pretty quickly with nobody anywhere near May.
  3. Have been quite impressed by his interviews since getting the job, but that will add extra unnecessary pressure onto things. Hopefully it gets more of a response from the players. www.youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
  4. After watching Sportscene just now, was the Kelle Roos penalty save for Aberdeen v Hibs checked with VAR like Matthews save today as they looked similar regarding foot on/off the line? www.youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
  5. I did notice a few weeks ago he was trending on Twitter after he cost them a goal and a win. Certainly not liked by some of the Leyton Orient fans. At least he will get a winners medal and go back to Rotherham. www.youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
  6. This would be a good request from the club to get more time to fix the pitch if there wasn’t a threat of a play off after the league finishes. www.youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
  7. That commentator said some strange things, what about the Stevie May goal, something like the shot was hit like a wounded duck. www.youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
  8. Jamie McCart on BBC Radio Scotland podcast earlier. https://spotify.link/Vy0bPuxY4yb https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-scottish-football-euros-podcast/id129625085?i=1000609351290 www.youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
  9. I can see John Hughes getting the job. Think he impressed in his interview with the board before Davidson was appointed. Time will tell. www.youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
  10. He must have an injury they are worried about as I noticed pre match he was away from the other subs over the far side doing running with the physio and sports scientist. youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
  11. Very worrying that this season seems to be following a similar pattern to 2000/01. Decent first half of the season followed by a horrendous second half. With teams (Dundee Utd and St Mirren) being detached from the rest ending up saving us from trouble at the end although no play off then. The summer transfers were terrible going into 01/02 which led to a very early relegation. Have no faith in CD going into the summer transfer market
  12. Sinclair only played friendlies and really should’ve got a couple of games in this season’s league cup group stage before Matthews signed. Wasn’t the excuse he didn’t was Saints might have wanted to put him to another club after January? www.youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
  13. Amazing revelations on the Undr the Cosh podcast from former Stenny striker Colin Cramb, talking about his and John Paul McBride red cards against Berwick Rangers. https://sendvid.com/i1ndv5xb www.youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
  14. Didn’t last very long. www.youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
  15. I remember going down to this game on the supporters bus from McDiarmid (which had about 15 on) and everybody on the bus got Saints players complimentary tickets. It certainly wasn’t pretty but you just knew that was the best thing to do and TW knew how to improve things. www.youtube.com/@DerekTaylor84
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