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  1. Well done to Neilly, Christophe and Sarge. Huge haul this time!
  2. What would happen if they did come into the league and they were both getting pumped week in week out? How would that benefit anyone? A lot of the discussion has been on them finishing at the top of the division but no mention of the bottom. The SFA are a complete embarrassment. The whole proposal is bollocks.
  3. "The Warriors go into the play-off semi-final under caretaker manager Brown Ferguson following Scott Booth's sacking in February and with former Clyde and Dundee boss John Brown due to take charge next season." Good old BBC...
  4. I fancy ex Stenny supporter Gregor Buchanan to score the winner in this one. 0-1 Dunfermline.
  5. Darren Lee Smith that used to play with us will definitely score against us. It will be close though. 2-0 win for the Warriors with Grehan, McMenamin and Lithgow scoring.
  6. Pitch inspection said there was too much giz on the park!
  7. This one time at band camp. I ate a burger with cheese.
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