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  1. Where do you buy/donate to this? I was genuinely emotional watching this on avftt last night, although I was blazing too.
  2. Not every team has invested in undersoil heating, it's not compulsory and we have the choice to switch it on, or not.
  3. I didn't even know it was possible to get a straight red for dissent. That must have be some impressive use of swear words
  4. "VSN Sport (@vsnsport) / Twitter" https://mobile.twitter.com/vsnsport Guys, I wouldn't normally ask, but this is my nephew's team, rossvale, that have a loose affiliation with thistle. If anyone has a twitter account and could give them a vote, they can get 500 notes for new kits. Sorry for spamming the thread!
  5. Our injuries are getting really concerning. Is there scope for emergency loans, or do we just need to fire some academy players onto the bench like lambs to the slaughter.
  6. Embarrassing that is being discussed as contentious.
  7. I seem to be in the minority, but I thought we deserved that. We created a lot more chances than Airdrie, but we did look really panicky towards the end.
  8. I think it looks alright. I can't say the looks were aver going to be a big factor for me, my ps4 is in a unit under the tv, with a door on the front. New Horizon looks good, some of the new IPs looked interesting too. Overall, I was pretty impressed!
  9. So I'm assuming this can also still lie flat? The wavy design messed with my brain!
  10. I know we are, traditionally, quite late to release our strips but is it normally in June? Nephew's birthday next week but he could wait a couple of weeks to get the strip.
  11. I have a feeling I'm going to look very silly, but what is the story with that home top having one short sleeve?
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