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  1. I've not went near my horse unless a quest actually places me on it. I don't think the game has aged badly at all, I'm 80hrs in on the isle of mists and loving it.
  2. I actually thought we played well first half! Shankland is fucking tremendous, though. McCall bringing on Robson was baffling and Willuamson is fucking terrible.
  3. Yip, this game could be in danger, if this keeps up.
  4. I was genuinely stunned when I saw that, unbelievable. Surely the forum is moderated?
  5. This is our annual jaunt to the hospitality, do I fully expect us to take a hounding.
  6. This is a fair assessment. I think Mcall had definitely set us up to hit on the counter and get our passes off fast. Caley shaded the first half, but we were worth the win, albeit 3-1 made it look a lot more comfortable than it was.
  7. At the moment? A living, breathing club with over a century of history.
  8. Just watching this on catch up. That Lewis Stevenson bit reminds you everything that makes you love football.
  9. Old firm dive- don't give them your money. Go to the Stadium or the Woodside.
  10. I've just picked up the witcher 3 for buttons, so I'll get this in a month or two when its it's cheap. It looks the baws tho!
  11. Away fans going to the aitken suite are literally putting money into thistle.
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