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  1. I'm amazed Thistle fans have mentioned anyone other than Miles Storey. His first touch can cause an aneurysm.
  2. Can we do that? That would make this bearable.
  3. Keilor Dunn really impressed with County, is he just on loan?
  4. I thought he could have done better at United's free kick. His kicking today was suspect but I actually think he's looked pretty composed with the ball at his feet up until now.
  5. You did see Storey tonight mate, he was awful!
  6. Ten minutes from the end the police steamed into the Colin weir stand because something was lobbed out that looked a bit seaty!
  7. Amazing how much the game swung on that one moment of Spittal's fresh air kick. County's resolve after that first half was tremendous though. We should of had it won, but county ran out worthy winners. Anybody having a go at Ando needs shot. Also, given how much the Weirs have helped us, it's a bit rich having a go at Uncle Roy's investment!
  8. Metro Exodus

    Mrs is in from work til half nine, so hoping to get a decent start on this!
  9. Metro Exodus

    Hopeful getting it tomorrow!
  10. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Fritz is a helmet.
  11. The Outer Worlds [Obsidian]

    Any word on when this is out?
  12. Metro Exodus

    I played both the previous games and thought they were great, really interesting game world.
  13. I'm sure thistle will pick up the bill, but you're right, that sort of bawbaggery should be left to the old firm's away supports. I've never seen our fans do that before and I hope it's not starting now.