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  1. Think North End will come out on top in the big game of the weekend but should be a close one. Would be great to see us getting another 3 points on the board against Arbroath but will be another hard game against a team who's won both their games so far. Few close games tomorrow, hard to predict.
  2. Violet 1 - 0 Lochore Good opening 15/20 mins for the Welfare who created a few good chances but none taken. Once Violet got into the game they started to look more dangerous with the Lochore keeper having a couple of top class saves to keep his team in it. On the whole Lochore didn't create enough clear cut chances to deserve anything from the game. Violet look decent without being spectacular, if they are the benchmark this season then could be a close one.
  3. Tough one for you guys tomorrow, personally think Lochee could be up there this season, maybe not enough to win the league but certainly could challenge. Toughie for us up at violet aswell but with confidence sky high after last weeks performance who knows. Game of the weekend has to be North End v Luncarty, don't think the dokens will be wanting another loss after last week with Luncarty also looking strong this season. Good tight league this season and can't see anyone really running away with it and possibly 5/6 teams challenging.
  4. Was a very good showing and totally deserved the win. Lochore looking a much more settled club on and off the park. A know they have made a lot of new signings this season and after Saturdays performance surely they are only going to get stronger as they start to gel as a team. Great support at the game aswell, would be great to see they numbers at every home game and try get some of them away aswell, not easy with the distance to away games but never know.
  5. Sorry if there's another thread for this league but can't find it if there is. Just wondering what the thoughts were on your teams first game of the season... couple of big wins and a couple of tighter games with a big upset for Dundee North End being arguably the shock of the day.
  6. Lochore 2 Dundee North End 1. Played roughly 80 minutes with 10 men and went 1-0 down from the resulting penalty. Got back into the game from a James Adam penalty midway through the second half then took the lead through a well taken header from Kearyn Hicks with just a minute or 2 to go. Absolutely deserved the win through sheer workrate and desire but also outplayed North End for the majority of the game. Early days but good positive start from the Welfare.
  7. YM 0 Oakley 3 Bit of a harsh score line in my opinion, better team won but don't think we deserved to get beat by 3. 1st goal we got caught out by a throw in that the ref got wrong, still got to be switched on but at that point we were arguably the better team and the goal knocked the stuffing out us a wee bit. Oakley started to get a foothold in the game after that and doubled their lead with a free header from 10 yards, our defence stood rooted and called for offside but was never off. Left back played him 3/4 yards on and was a good header from cele. Game opened up after that and with chances at both ends it could've been a nervy last 15 minutes for Oakley if our winger had scored after shooting over from the edge of the box(albeit he had just completed a cracking run from our left back position and taken on 6/7 Oakley players to get there) Oakley scored their 3rd not long after which killed the game but was a good competitive Fife Derby played in good spirit. Look forward to playing in the reverse fixture.
  8. Kirkcaldy no getting a shot at that? Or crossgates? Oakley? Probably missed more but can't think off the top of my head
  9. Fair report, thought we defended well and can't really remember our keeper doing much apart from pick the ball out the net. Great chance for us to equalise in the last couple of minutes but great bravery from the keeper. Good game to play in, great set up and a good bunch of lads. Thought the ref had a good game aswell, credit where it's due as there's not much decent refs in our league. Can see why Andy up top for burnie scores as much goals as he does, a handful to play against but thought we kept him quiet for most of the game.
  10. Craigroyston 4 Ym 4 Cracking game with Craigie going 3-1 up then getting a man sent off. Pretty much straight after the sending off they then went 4-1 and looked like game over but we absolutely battered them after their 4th goal went in and to be honest done more than enough to win the game! In saying that obviously we would've taken a point after going 4-1 down but felt like 2 points dropped apposed to 1 gained. Must add that the surface was different class[emoji108]????great park
  11. How? Coz am saying use won't win the league... just stating the obvious!
  12. No really, someone's got to win it. Am just saying it'll no be Easthouses.
  13. A know the ref didn't think he touched it, that's why he gave the goal but a was just a few yards away. Nah I never said it was a dirty game at all, I just said it's hard playing against a team of giants who play to their strengths. Don't think there were any majorly bad tackles in the game. Agree with use being better in first half then us in second though. Decent game to play in... apart from the result obviously.
  14. That's a lot of Pish regarding the first goal considering I was in the box defending the cross, boy that tapped it in was about a yard off the goal line! Okay so 10 giants then, heard one of our guys saying 'pick up the big man' and even your own player said what one mate weer all huge! Launching it forward and trying to play it in behind your left back who was having a nightmare are 2 different things pal(hope your not the left back...)thought it was a decent game to be fair but in my opinion we deserved atleast a draw.
  15. Ref was absolutely horrendous in our game at easthouses! First goal miles offside!! 3rd goal was clearly our throw, boys should never have switched off regardless but hard when it's such a clear decision then ref gives it the other way. Always a handful to play against 11 giants who just go back to front but very least we deserved was a draw
  16. Totally agree Wull, good game to play in-even better getting the goal[emoji1360]albeit under the cosh for the majority of the game but thought we defended very well and still looked dangerous on the break. Especially with 20 to go as Lochgelly must've had 3/4 strikers on the park and were chucking men forward! Personally think a draw was probably a fair result aswell. Still think Lochgelly have a very good side and will have a massive say in where the title ends up but not sure if they have enough to win it.
  17. Same here Wull, Dunbar and Blackburn to challenge Edinburgh with lochgelly having a major part to play aswell
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