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  1. bump this up for you m8 ... hope you get sorted
  2. Talbot were the better team for sure and deserved their win ... but at the end of the day the first goal shouldn’t have stood and the second was a spawny arsed deflection .. I guess they’d disagree but themselves the facts
  3. Or does the game go ahead with a weakend team How many of the squad are affected .... are you saying you don't have 11 fit players
  4. Fair play to you . you were pretty solid at the back so congrats on the win .... it didn't help our keeper making a real howler imo for the goal from the free kick ... park was pretty bobbly and cut up in places and we struggled a bit with that.... think we really need a striker aswell... nice to see you guys having a firm stance on the racism issue and reading out the statement.... well done.
  5. your win was deserved .... but imo it was not against a "good clydebank team" ... we were shit today ... the last few weeks have been the worst football I've seen us play in a long time.... we have reasonably good players on paper but it seems they cannot perform on the park ... quickly becoming bored / annoyed watching this lot now... its simply not good enough.
  6. Well i can quite honestly say that I've never thought we are too good for the juniors and its not an opinion I've heard among the supporters i know.... having not won the top tier league it would be a bit silly to have this attitude ..... the opposite could be said intact that its Talbot who are too good for the juniors which is why i can't get my head round your willingness to hang around the "small pond" when you are clearly a "big fish" within that pond..... my understanding of the talbot mentality is that you are happy to hang around the juniors with what could be perceived as the arrogance of the knowledge that more often or not you are gonna be winning the league .... assuming your gonna be winning the junior scottish then gaining entrance to the scottish proper and all the income that generates which in turn enables you to strengthen to further dominate the junior game.... and so year after year the cycle repeats itself.... ultimately you guys go nowhere and the game itself is left in somewhat of a stranglehold with no one else able to access the riches of the scottish proper .... how you can resist the temptation of branching out ill never know... i enjoy visiting beechwood as its a great wee ground and a cracking surface but its the home fans who ruin it for me...some of them are truly nasty in their attitudes to travelling fans...the bitterness is off-putting.
  7. “Change the record” ????...... deary me ... listening to you lot whenever we play each other is like a game of cliche bingo... the “homeless” and “Scottish cup medals” comments are so frequent they’re greeted with sarcastic cheers now... lol... as for us treading water well that may be... that’s why we have ambition to play at a more progressive level and actively try to make this happen... unlike yourselves..
  8. sad to see him go tbh..... his pace will be missed ... best of luck to him though.
  9. Big fish in a small pond scared stiff to swim in the open water.... stifling the junior game... i know it , you know it , the dugs in the street know it...... zero ambition.
  10. How did talbot vote on the joining of the pyramid issue ?
  11. Aye yous cling onto that for now Hard to forget really... we embarrassed you’s and the wailing and screaming from the away support was comical.
  12. No it’s not ... it’s you having an opinion on what I’m saying , being wrong , but still trying to convince me that what your saying is what I’m meaning... which it isn’t ... so don’t tar me with the same idiotic opinion as your own.
  13. No m8 ... I’m not ... it’s obviously just the way you think things through.. I say one thing then you regurgitate it in your mind and imply I mean an other ... sorry , but that won’t work
  14. same old talbot ... they're never at fault ... i wonder how they'll react when sooner or later their own travelling fans are welcomed at away grounds in the same way they welcome visitors to beechwood ... I'm not advocating hostility but if they keep dishing it out they'll have no complaints when they receive a bit of their own medicine on their travels ?????... not the way forward but them the breaks i guess. What i am taking from the talbot fans responses is that any requests from their club for visiting fans to use certain gates and occupy certain areas can be considered as merely a verbal request and nothing more ?
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