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  1. St Rochs tops are belters .... excellent
  2. sad state of affairs ... difficult to understand the mentality of these eejits ... pointless behaviour
  3. i suppose they try their best ... its the linesmen i fail to see the point of ... in all honesty they very rarely make any contribution to the game so whats the point in having them.
  4. says the man who can't get his facts right ... deary me
  5. You clearly don't keep up with anything happening outwith the village do you ? ... we do have a ground so thats one to tick off the talbot "insult bingo" checklist ... fear not though ... you can still bleat on about scottish cup medals and all the other shite we laugh at you for.
  6. its well known the talbots fans are a nasty, bitter old lot ... no one has much time for them... big fish in a small pond and they like it like that... thats why they shat themselves when asked to move to a pyramid system ... no class ... no ambition.
  7. Good luck to the buffs ... an enforced but necessary move by the sound of it .... hope it works out for you guys.
  8. You may be right sir.... good post.
  9. From a Talbot fan...sure the most under ambitious club in the juniors.... plodding along season after season winning games against the same old teams without an ounce of ambition to progress to a higher level.... your club don't deserve the support they have...why would you want to go along to that year after year....im baffled.... no doubt you'll have a smart arsed answer though eh.....at least Clydebank are showing a bit of ambition and direction...looking to progress and build for the future....are Talbot doing the same...are they bollocks
  10. any highlights going up ??...not that there were many from a Clydebank point of view :-(
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