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  1. He scored a cracker for Falkirk against the Shire at the weekend Naw, seriously, the early stuff is excellent especially Killer. I was surprised that School's Out wasn't on that 'best ever riffs' thing on Radio 2 recently Bigbud - when was the Apollo show? Was it the classic band line up with Vince doing all the 'blood and snotters' stuff?
  2. If Baker St comes on the jukie in a pub rest assured you'll still get get some auld p***k at the bar giving it "Mind that programme Blockbusters? Mind the guy that hosted it? Well...."
  3. I recall seeing the UK version of this only the once before it got 'cleaned up'
  4. It was Guns 'n' Roses for me when I was 16, everyone I hung around with listened to them all the time. Decent songs, great musicians but I couldn't stand the whiny vocals Neil Young seems to be an acquired taste for lots of people too
  5. Falkirk had the young guy who always sat outside Fast Freddy's in Falkirk blaring Jean-Michel Jarre on a huge boombox about 15 years ago - Who was he and what happened to him?
  6. True - some people would even say these guys knew it before Metallica did The one band/one riff rule is a bit crap, no? - especially where Black Sabbath and Zeppelin are concerned
  7. Ah, that explains why the bairn was adamant he saw 3 guys in Sunderland tops
  8. Some odd choices in that list - Jet's "shop's own brand" version of Lust for Life? No Stooges or Ramones? Purple Haze instead of Voodoo Chile? No 'Have Love Will Travel'? No '21st Century Schizoid Man'? Paranoid instead of Iron Man or War Pigs? Enter Sandman instead of Seek And Destroy or Master Of Puppets?
  9. Preceded by an absolute 'punch-to-the-throat' moment
  10. Really? I always thought that was one of the worst scenes as the baby just looks totally fake
  11. One of the telly highlights of the year A guy at work told me not to bother as he thought the first episode was pish, so I won't be listening to his recommendations again A great ending but the scene in the lift was the most shocking of the series and the two wee fannies with the crossbows had me in stitches A prequel would be good, Malvo must have one hell of a backstory
  12. Yip, things seem to be heading that way between ET in a Wig and Les 'French Fire Engine' Dennis - I hope he's made a will
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