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  1. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    That's poor mate. Bad enough to reduce sexual abuse to the same level as grammatical error, but to offer your own used copy of a book as a seasonal gift.............now that's really shocking!
  2. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    There's a big difference between a "spent" offence and a criminal record. Just because the law enables a conviction to be "hidden" from prospective employers after a certain period doesn't mean it's no longer there. The records remain active on the Police National Computer database until the offender reaches 100 years of age, so Thomson's got a way to go before his record becomes as clear as his conscience.
  3. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    We weren't in the same league last season Landen, so it's obviously more relevant to us now. You're losing it mate.
  4. The Citizens Vs The Spiders

    Correct my friend, everyone knows (and you especially) that our players' expenses are far more than that, which I assume was your point? Edinburgh cheapskates!
  5. Johnny Ward, knob like a sword........if I remember what Jim McKnight used to sing correctly
  6. Queen's Park vs Clyde

    Oh dear. Now we can add ageism to your burgeoning list of prejudices. I'm sure your parents are very proud.
  7. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Don't doubt it for a minute, but if it comes down to it he'll put whatever slant his editor wants on it so it's still not necessarily going to be reflective of either his own beliefs or even the facts. If he's got a pal on committee who's feeding him snippets then great, but until it comes out of the horse's mouth on Wednesday it's all speculation, and whether it's the Scotsman, the Daily Mail or the Calcutta Times at this point in time I'll be treating them all with equal suspicion.
  8. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Are you suggesting he (she?) has insider information, or is just making slightly more educated guesses than his colleagues in the Fourth Estate?
  9. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Other than (ill?) informed journalism, so far we only have hints and inferences from the current and past President to rely on, but IF there is to be a proposal that discussions are to take place with a view to members being asked to vote on the matter further down the line, then purely from an emotional stance I would be firmly against any change to our lingering (loanees and re-instated pros whether by necessity or otherwise have stretched it as far as it will go!) amateur status. However, the head will need to rule the heart, but even from that viewpoint I'm struggling to see the benefit. The inference in that if the business model is to change then it will be entirely for financial reasons. I'm no accountant, but I have a basic grasp of the concepts so what would change? Income - the majority of our revenue stream (once Hampden is removed from the picture) would basically be no different from most other clubs.......gate receipts, "prize" money from league and cup endeavours, and income from commercial endeavours. None of that to my basic understanding would change, so the only difference would be any transfer fees we might receive. Would that potentially be significantly more than UEFA development income we already get, and remember that unless we have players on contracts longer than 1 year, they'll simply go for nought anyway. Expenditure - the only significant things that will change here are how much more the wage-bill increases compared to what we currently pay by way of travel expenses, and any transfer fees we will incur to get targetted players that would improve the squad......or goal-scorers as they are otherwise known! Another factor that would need to be taken into account is that we would also need to contribute to any loanee's wages, and we will need to spend more on Lesser's upkeep in future too. So unless I've missed something here, without increasing our regular income stream we would likely be incurring appreciable extra costs all on the gamble that we would make a large enough profit on the buying and selling game? If that's the extent of it, I'll need some convincing that it's worth throwing away our heritage for. Ludere Causa Ludendi - remember that would need to go too!
  10. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    We all used to refer to them as "hoops" but as was pointed out on this site a few months ago technically when when we first wore them they were referred to as "horizontal stripes" so either description is correct, but we remain "The Glorious Hoops"!
  11. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Agreed. I mean it's not as if they go trawling P&B just looking for stories is it. Oh.
  12. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    I'm still in a state of shock. It's been several hours since the initial agreement was announced which secures the future of both Queen's Park and Hampden, and still no-one from the Tories has come-in yet with a counter-proposal to scupper it. What the f*ck's golng on here - is there really nothing that you can rely on anymore?
  13. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Thanks for trying to get us back on track Larry, but it's thoroughly entertaining seeing how many mackerel Sergeant Wilson has on his line right now, especially the_bully-wee who's taken the line and sinker too. Just needs The Clyde Man to fall for it and he'll have the full set, and all viewable from the comfort of a QP thread. Bloody marvellous!
  14. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    Even if we were bright enough to think of that Gordo, I very much doubt we were in a strong enough bargaining position to suggest it given that the SFA have (presumably) now taken over all the debenture and re-fundable grant issues that threatened our very future.
  15. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    By "a few", I'm assuming you mean at least 22 years from now?