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  1. Sorry to disappoint but I only looked in because Stranraer are now my nearest team and I'd been tempted to take this game in...........wish I had now!
  2. Looking that way at the moment. Hope you put money on itπŸ˜„.
  3. Always knew those trips to Falkirk & Meadowbank would come back to haunt you .
  4. Hope that's indeed true...........the stupid lack of judgement that's resulted in the gift that keeps giving.
  5. but obviously not since Jimmy "Walks On Water" Rooney as that would be a comparison too far 😏
  6. nor our winger (according to Gardner Speirs' tactics manual πŸ‘‡) Lawrence Shankland
  7. or a chairman who is stupid enough to trade in a relatively small amount of compensation for a decent % of a very high transfer fee πŸ˜„
  8. No idea what the actual figure being mooted is, but the word currently being used across the media at the moment is "substantial". As you rightly point out though, it would be zilch if he went to either of the Old Firm under current arrangements.
  9. It depends entirely on the context that "status quo" is used in as remaining amateur is the "status quo" as far as our constitution is concerned. Beyond that of course you are pefectly correct in everything else you say as we face huge change whichever route we go down, and things will never be the same again. Some actively embrace the possibilities that turning professional might bring whilst others are concerned that the extra expense would drain our reserves over a period of time, but for others it's simply a question of damned if we do, damned if we don't, so which is now the least worse option.
  10. Agreed. I simply observe (as in the case of Muirfield Golf Club) that if a concept gains momentum then subsequent EGM votes have been known to considerably change. IF the first vote fails, I think it's very important to note the margin. If a majority vote is against professionalism, then that should be the end of that debate for the forseeable fututure as it should also be if the motion passes. If however as TMWNN suggests, between 66% and 74% are in favour, then I'd suggest that a second vote is almost inevitable as there will be rightful pressure on the others to re-consider their position purely on democratic grounds. Any in-between outcome is most undesirable and will do nothing to unite the club going forward.
  11. Yes for your first sentence, but I respectfully suggest you are completely wrong with your second. If the motion fails but has a majority support, as a democrat personally I see nothing wrong with The President making the argument that a majority of members are in favour of the motion and appealing to those who voted against to change their minds in a second vote at another EGM. Now you are perfectly at liberty to say you disagree with that line of thought, but I simply ask how would that be illegal per the comparison I made with Muirfield Golf Club?
  12. Nor can I, but it's not what would happen in an "overwhelming" majority scenario that I'm seeking further clarification on. What would you want to do in a 51 v 49 small majority scenario - sit at your keyboard and complain about it or have you a practical suggestion, perhaps along the lines of what i was advocating?
  13. That is the other side of the coin and why it's so important that the Club makes a sufficiently strong case for turning pro in the documentation it will be handing out at the forthcoming meeting (and hopefully mailing to all members shortly thereafter). If it fails to make the decision an easy one and the motion fails, then they will have nobody to blame but themselves.
  14. So if a first vote produces a majority in favour, but fails to reach the 75% threshold, are you going to give up or harness your admirable passion and try again?
  15. In that case I'd concede that 1 in 4 of our membership were obstinately in favour of following our club in the Lowland League, condemn them for failing to respect the wishes of the majority (assuming that the 1st vote had at least 51% in favour), and propose a 3rd vote to get it over the line. You may remember the case in the not too distant past where stubborn members of a renowned golf club who refused to accept lady members were eventually made to see common sense, so I belive the precedent exists, unless our resident expert in Company Law wishes to correct me. What I wouldn't do is throw my toys out the pram and meekly resign. Perhaps some of the Committee need to supplement their breakfast cereal with some moral fibre if they lack the willingness to pursue the long game? Sending them on a lateral thinking course to improve their mental dexterity might also be in order.
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