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  1. There never was nor ever has there been any link between Linlithgow Thistle and Linlithgow Rose. The guy that drove the Thistle is a Boness lad and had a good relationship with the old lead committee at BU and McGonigal. Player loans were common. Maybe BUJFC will apply to EoS under a different guise. Bo’ness Thistle mentioned? With that would be the end of any relationship (rhetoric or true) with BUFC, where token links have been visible (Kieran Anderson’s appearance for BUJFC for match fitness last season, for example). MoU can be forgotten and they’d be in direct competition both in terms of on the park and financial. With their drive and major sponsorship, who knows where that could go. Does the town need that? Not in my opinion but where do they go? Interesting next few months to see what direction they choose when, inevitably, the Junior FA crumbles.
  2. With significant travel to some away games in the Lowland, anecdotally I’m aware quite a few of the punters will be sticking closer to home. Look forward to seeing the next game between Real BU v Atletico BU as you put it. oh...and Lowland League forum for your pish.
  3. Will be interesting Dave. A very young side. Currently a number of defenders out injured and a make shift defence, which might explain the goals conceded!! Albeit only a friendly, they ran BU seniors close with 2 penalties the difference to secure the Lowland League side a 3-2 win. The football being played will definitely be entertaining for the Bo’ness contingent that choose to stay at Newtown every other Saturday.
  4. Couple of the senior players got the second half of the Juniors friendly
  5. Just don’t get the vitriol... Amateur Clubs fold... “sign of the times. Guys not interested in playing football on a Saturday anymore. All the best.” Junior Clubs fold... “all about money. If they don’t get crowds over the line, there’s no income. We should support our local clubs as the heart of our communities.. All the best” Junior Clubs move to East of Scotland... “great vision by the Club. Sign of intent. Hope the locals get begins them.” Amateur Clubs move to Juniors or new Junior Club formed ... “just an amateur club. Junior leagues are finished.” Respect for all clubs. Takes a great deal of commitment and dedication behind the scenes. If the East Juniors is eventually consumed by the EOSFL, surely these ‘new’ clubs have “cut their teeth” in a semi-professional environment to which to further themselves.
  6. Current BU Juniors that have played with BU: Gribben Robb Lemetti Daramola Some turnaround in the Juniors squad with new higher calibre youngsters and, admirably, 6 Bo’ness lads involved. All bodes well for BU seniors if these players continue to progress and develop.
  7. Bo’ness v Linlithgow at anything is a huge rivalry and draws crowds
  8. Friendly v Civil Service on 30th Dec. I think James Rintoul has also featured a couple of times too being an ex BU player.
  9. Senior side have used two players from the juniors in a friendly
  10. I would think it comes down to the future of the south League in ERSJFA. If they are to apply to EOSFL, they might not be that far away from attaining a SFA licence too given the facilities? With Boness United FC likely to go into Lowland, if the Junior version did apply to EOSFL, it would be a question if “Bo’ness United Juniors” is accepted in, or acceptable to, the EOSFL?
  11. They’re playing a home match at Linlithgow Leisure Centre today, with Dunipace Ams playing Bo’ness Cadora at Westfield.
  12. ......and that was the FT score. Two good Sauchie goals. The Boness Juniors do look like they have improved. 4 Sauchie EoS players in their junior side today. BU Juniors very much improved. Good to see
  13. I ain’t Derek but I’m told there’s been some good interest. Not unexpected given what’s on offer.
  14. I see Bo’ness United Juniors relieved their management team of their duties this week and have released a recruitment advert site: https://secretary207.wixsite.com/bonessunitedjfc Will no doubt be attractive.
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