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  1. I ain’t Derek but I’m told there’s been some good interest. Not unexpected given what’s on offer.
  2. I see Bo’ness United Juniors relieved their management team of their duties this week and have released a recruitment advert site: https://secretary207.wixsite.com/bonessunitedjfc Will no doubt be attractive.
  3. And if your auntie had a willy, she’d be your uncle
  4. A couple of really good goals! Good to see some of the BU faithful at the game supporting the juniors. I’m sure BU will benefit as the junior team and players develop in the years ahead. Currently 9 Bo’ness/BUCFC boys in their squad.
  5. 259 at Bo’ness United JFC v Linlithgow Rose CJFC tonight
  6. Seniors dominant throughout. Thought it was played in the correct spirit and beneficial for both teams. Seniors get to have players come back from injury and Juniors see where some players are. Helps for them to set a marker. They’re on a journey and I’m sure future games between the sides will become closer in the years ahead as the Juniors develop and better standard of player is introduced. Interested to know - do the fans of the BU now see the Juniors as “part of the BU family”?
  7. Friday night lights! Bo’ness United JFC v Linlithgow Rose CJFC Friday, 15th November, 7:30 ko Newtown Park, Bo’ness
  8. I understand a MOU exists between the teams. Separate committees but common aims under the one club name. I think MOU covers what happens if junior association enters the pyramid, similar to Stirling Uni model.
  9. I read it as referring to the Newtown Park “surrounds” as opposed to/over and above the pitch surface development 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. The Juniors have worked hard getting their hospitality suite at Newtown Park ready for their first home match this weekend. Well done to all the hard working committee.
  11. Pitch up and running with the first home match for the Juniors scheduled for 5th October.
  12. I’m told that there won’t be any further lines added, with small sided pitches demarcated using other means.
  13. It was more to do with the cynicism that Jambo had towards the Juniors.
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