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  1. Good points. In terms of (you?), no not me!! I know some of the guys involved quite well but I’m not directly involved!
  2. Two separate committees, agreed. However, there is an agreed Memorandum of Understanding between the two clubs. Same strips, etc. I’d say that would indicate they were part of the Bo’ness United model. Who knows, Camelon might be next...
  3. Linlithgow Rose CFC haven’t changed their name. The former Linlithgow Thistle changed their name to go under the Bo’ness United banner and be what you’ve said about Sauchie - it’s considered more likely to produce a player ready for EoS through Junior than amateur / U20s. As you were part of the”leading pack” of the exodus, I’ll think you’ll find Linlithgow Thistle and Bo’ness United coming together was the “pioneer” of that particular concept! It’s no tribute act as far I can see. It’s part of the football pathway in Bo’ness and as far as I know, the senior and junior clubs are in close communications with players, training arrangements etc
  4. I’d agree with that. They’ll be applying to EoS at the first opportunity. At least the other three, coming under the name of the Senior teams, means they’re in the Juniors in perpetuity
  5. Maybe be given permission by the Rose to use Prestonfield for the Scottish Cup? Would make sense if it was otherwise vacant - good income for the social club.
  6. Ive heard a few boys leaving Pennies so the expected dominance might not happen. Be interesting to see if any of the players that left Linlithgow Thistle to go to Pennies go back to them as the new Bo’ness United Juniors.
  7. Thought Linlithgow Rose were going Junior?
  8. Well we are both confused as I wondered exactly the same. Facebook won’t allow a page name to be changed if it is substantially different. You can appeal but not a high success rate and can take time. A way round is to change it in phases. Seen it done before. Username in Facebook is @BonessUnitedJFC. Twitter allows a full change and they’ve done it on there.
  9. Cool. Interesting times. Credit to you for winning the East. I recall Lithgae Thistle beating you in a Christmas friendly. Some crowd that night. Would’ve been good to see a competitive rematch in LEAFA next season in the Premier. Pity they’re going Junior. Would’ve been tasty with the history between the sides in management and players.
  10. Is there a team in the East that you’ve played in the league, a cup or friendly and never beat?
  11. Genuine question... Linlithgow Thistle never had any hatred shown towards them when many of the players and manager that upped and left to go to Pennies, were at the club. Now, particularly after winning the East and many of the S&D trophies, it seems Pennies get a lot of grief. A lot of the same players and manager. What has changed? Is it greater success, more local rivalries, is it jealousy or is it down to the ‘paying players’ rumours?
  12. Looks like some number of goals he’s scored this season. Think he’s very young too so perhaps one for the senior side in a couple of seasons if he develops well in the Juniors?
  13. Quite a big difference. Linlithgow Thistle has been going for 19 years. As Bo’ness United Juniors, they’ll be part of the football pathway in Bo’ness.
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