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  1. Aberdeen v Stranraer/East Kilbride

    Pretty straightforward win for the Dons. Blues didn't do a huge amount wrong, but never looked like causing any real problems. Still plenty questions about how bad this team really is, and here's hoping the answers are the ones we want to hear! Belford was class today, a few good saves but looked even smaller than usual in contrast to the huge Dick Donald stand!
  2. How Highland is the Highland League

    A few shocks in there! Fort William kept it real though...
  3. Hi all, I have written a piece for The Auchterarder Chippy on whether we can repeat last season's trick and have a late surge up the table. If you're interested, have a wee read at: http://www.auchterarderchippy.com/2017/01/21/deja-blue-can-lightning-strike-twice-for-sorry-stranraer/ The Auchterarder Chippy is a new website which myself and some friends are running, dedicated to Scottish football. You can find us on facebook and twitter, like and follow to see more stories like the above. http://www.facebook.com/theauchterarderchippy https://twitter.com/TheAuchtChip
  4. Stranraer FC 2016/17

    Have we backed ourselves into a corner by backing Reid? I think it's noble of the club to have stood by him, but it really doesn't feel like we're about to turn a corner. From what I'm seeing on here, it sounds like we were dire today. Doesn't surprise me: I thought we were fairly shoddy at Hampden the other week, despite the win. I thought at the start of the season that, with additions like Aggy and Franko, we'd build on last year and make a challenge for promotion. Instead, Reid has made us into total bottom feeders. Does anyone who has been regularly this season think we can go on a late run like last time out?
  5. How Highland is the Highland League

    Shame for the HL to take such a hit with the weather today: https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/highland-league/1141010/just-one-highland-league-game-survives-winter-conditions/
  6. The Queen's Park v Stranraer

    I'll be making the pilgrimage, fully expecting the 'raer to be rotten though. Is the QP social club open beforehand today? Also, does it have a TV that'll be showing the wee match in govan? Think my Sevco supporting friend might join me today and he's wanting to watch his lot get pumped.
  7. The Auchterarder Chippy have posted an article assessing the Highland Leagues geographical credentials: http://www.auchterarderchippy.com/2016/11/16/from-can-cans-to-locos-this-is-not-the-league-of-highland-gentlemen/ There'll be more Highland league content over the course of the season, like the FB page to be kept up to date. https://www.facebook.com/theauchterarderchippy/
  8. Alright folks, I've written a piece for The Auchterarder Chippy on Hibs' recent announcement that they'll be opening Easter Road on Christmas day to accommodate 250 vulnerable people. Have a wee look if you've got a minute: http://www.auchterarderchippy.com/2016/12/07/hibs-christmas-initiative-provides-proof-that-scottish-football-can-be-a-force-for-good/ https://www.facebook.com/theauchterarderchippy/
  9. Fao Hibees

    Any recommendations for parking near Easter Rd on match day?
  10. Stranraer close-season thread

    Fantastic work by the club so far, particularly happy about Franko, Mitchell, Bell and the return of the legend Malky! The only thing left that'd really cap it off would be resigning Andy Stirling. Not sure how likely that is though, he's far too good to be part time. The link with Dunfermline is understandable, he ripped them apart at EEP a few months back.
  11. Stranraer close-season thread

    Anyone know where/when the game is tonight?
  12. Stranraer close-season thread

    Glad to see Grahan back, think he is a pretty decent striker and he played a fair bit in Alloa's promotion winnin team. Add him to the potential of Longworth and the apparently frustrating skill of McKenna (according to a Bino mate of mine). As for Ayr having the best history of any part time team, surely Dumbarton can lay claim to that one? And the amateurs of Queen's Park are a long way ahead of Ayr.
  13. Stranraer close-season thread

    I'd love Malky ti stay but i'm not certain he will. There are other part time clubs who can offer better wages and a more accessible location than us (for example Ayr, Alloa, Dumbarton) and he may well take the chance to go to them and play in/push for promotion to the First Division.
  14. Scottish Football Reconstruction

    The whole thing is a shambles. The fans are being completely ignored as always. We don't like the SPL split? Let's add in more splits! We don't want teams playing each other four times? Tough, they still are. The SFA and SPL are going to kill our game if they press on with this, clearly Longmuir has been bullied into signing up for their plan because he gets a lot of smaller wins (merging league bodies, fairer wealth distribution etc). They can say all they want that the TV companies insist on four Old Firms a season. There won't be a TV deal if there are no fans to watch the games and the fans will continue to be driven away if everything they ask for is ignored.