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  1. no one wanted a remake except the BBC bigwig who though hey lets remake porridge for today's generation with out thinking they will have seen the Original porridge on gold
  2. oh god no if auld lizzie dies all we'll get is non stop coverage of her on itv and that twat alistair stewart bawling his eyes out. plus the daily mail will go royal crazy for a week
  3. My parents went to see the film last night and said it was shite. Only good part was slimer. reason people hate is nothing to do with it being women ghostbusters. it lets reboot a iconic 80's film that didn't need rebooting. I'm not going to watch it and probably get called a sexist fanboy.
  4. WTF that is song is shit so not only reboot the film but also the song both should have been left alone when rammis died
  5. They should make your evening in the new doritos advert
  6. thomas cook advert i hate that dancing kid want the lifeguard to throw him and hold him down in the deep end
  7. No one waving to say thanks for letting them cross the road at a zebra crossing.
  8. can't believe no one has said airplane yet
  9. DFS for fucks sake you have a sale on. We know stop ramming it down our throats every 5 seconds
  10. How can that talentless tit kanye west get a headline act on the main stage But lionel richie gets punted to the second stage.
  11. so better off buying the original on dvd
  12. Been toying with the idea to go see the new poltergiest film in the pictures anyone seen it. Or am I better buying the original film on dvd and watching that.
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