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  1. Am having a holiday in cancun and travelling the day of the game, waiting for the ko time tbc
  2. Don't worry too much we have been wobbling all season too many young guns in the team no bad players but we lack some experience
  3. Where's the best place to get a pint before the game near your new ground EC fans. Thanks
  4. Am glad there's a bus running next week, it's a aboot time. Unfortunately am on the train so I will miss the witty banter that's the biggest disappointment this season is the away games as there seem to be no interest. We used to get 10 to 12 every away game at least. What's happened, the team is doing well , we are in the play offs just by a baw hair but even so we should be able to get a mini bus to most away games
  5. It's a pity I won't be there, great away day is Berwick but alas there's no supporters buses anymore loved the stop over in Hawick on the way back especially after a victory
  6. Hats off to PM for the unbeaten run which we lost yesterday. My only thought is where is the squad...a couple of youths and that's it, apart from himself and Kevin i don't think for one minute he would be happy with this so how come JC could pull players anytime but PM seems to be denied funds for squad players. is the club saving up for something or are we just having a different approach to the playing staff.
  7. Nice to see you again auld pal the crack was good cheers
  8. When I go to Clyde I go by train ,I love the day out, I even like the yomp frae the train station. Not many fancy that nowadays same for you lads I expect. Early train doon and on the lash early should always lead to a good day with plenty of laughs thats what fitba is about. Anyway am in the shed at half 12 for a beer or two, you can't miss me am 6 fit and 20 stane and a look a bit like Mel Gibson in braveheart hohoho merry xmas
  9. I always look forward to a hame game against clyde, I ve had a few laughs with some of your supporters your auld team are good crack . and the lad I picked up of the ground just before the cops got him in Albert place "He thought he was still up the road" and the laugh I got when I seen the cops chasing some fella sprinting up banks street witha stolen carryoot lol that was quite funny. On the whole your a friendly bunch, well the ones I've met in the shed before the game
  10. What a boring season this is this year, a lot of changes to cope with but still the buzz is definitely not there. Hardly any any away days now, I personally haven't heard the manager utter a single word. The team are as quiet as door mouses i know its early days ...it's bleak just like the tundra
  11. Gutted we lost right at the death. We also need another striker for sure i thought we played well enough but needed the 2nd goal but fair play to peterheed they smashed it at the end
  12. Aye Ayr looked pretty decent With some good players on display Annan couldn't really compete with them and got a lesson hopefully they will pickup for the league games
  13. There's was a few albion in the hame end so what most annan fans weren't bothered its good to get a wee bit of banter durning the match, it makes it sweeter if you start winning hope you enjoyed your day binos because I did, won the half time draw 60 knicker but spent a hunner celebrating lol
  14. Thought your team played ok yesterday but your keeper...he was murder...no manager can do owt if the guy in goals is making mistakes awe game. New keeper needed if you want to progress folks. I never fail to have a good day at Clyde win or lose had to laugh at a young gun who shouts out " fucksake that long baw shite is .....yes we scored " and as the game progressed he got louder and louder, he wanted to belt chapman at one point. Went nuts when you scored a penalty and was defoed at full time. you canny buy that passion lads.
  15. Lads lads lads we don't need to have all this banter about negativity and the such R oH is right you say what you please on here and if being a moaner makes you happy, it's up to the person, he can Moan if he likes....but if your like me get to the shed for noon Saturday for a few pints and a few laughs before the Forfar game. I might gan in fancy dress just for the banter....whose wey me
  16. Hard to say how we will start this season, we have some promising players but no proven goal scorer as of yet. One nil Annan with an og
  17. Heard on the grapevine that Motherwell fans have bought a 1000 tickets for tomorrow's clash with the mighty Annan fae the sooth. Or is some one pulling my leg...any well fans ??
  18. So if Todd is signing for the sons how much are they paying or is it tribunal who decides...heard they offers only 500 quid but Annan was wanting 20 times that
  19. Haha Walter would have been proud of chaps is suit, seriously why is chapman wearing the full suit for this game, it's no like him
  20. He's a decent player pal don't worry he will be your number one striker b xmas
  21. Looking forward to the start of the season tomorrow against the clay holers fae along the coast. They are a decent bunch having met a good few of them on my travels. Hope to see a few friends down at Annan the morn. Unfortunately Annan look in disarray this season but we will see how it goes
  22. Big thanks to all the Annan and QOS fans for putting their cash in the buckets. The solway Spartan boxing club Cubs raised £183.38 thanks very much folks
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