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  1. disappointed witha point sign of our progress this season
  2. looking very good for Elgin right now very impressive
  3. apart from yesterday poorest qp support I have seen at bb
  4. reckon 80 per week be average apart from the top players and cove. signing on fees thing of the past win bonuses maybe push it to 100.
  5. simple fact is the club r underachieving and whilst lots of what we do is right we have failed to get it right on the pitch to date. the club is punching well below its weight given the potential for crowds etc. if we had the success that peterhead have had we would be easy 1000 plus per week. for me the potential is championship but reality is what we are seeing
  6. darryl is a miss drives the team forward and a goal threat. whilst Hester is hard working and pacey he is pretty lightweight why not play darryl up front with Shane off him
  7. cove were streets ahead and the score flattered us no one will get near them this season. Elgin form is awful and 1 win in 7 league games in embarrassing with the squad we have. crowd was definitely more than 1000 wee fiddle there reckon
  8. still confident just need some points on board starting this sat
  9. how this only ended 2 1 I will never know
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