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  1. good luck clyde from Elgin Don't dislike peterhead but its the closest (1.5 hours away) to a derby we have !
  2. big summer for the club and here's hoping the new signings are able to add steel and energy to our squad. Probably need to take in 3/4 players in the right positions to be competitive on top of the guys staying. The focus should be on physically strong and mobile players .
  3. I know what you mean about them being fragile at times but I do find that is sometimes partly due to the fact there is very little defensive support from the midfield, weather that be in the centre or the wide players not tracking runs and the full backs being left exposed. The defence certainly need to tighten up though. individually they are all good players but would like a brute of a centre back and mchardy pushed further forward. legs in centre mid, pace out wide and a presence up front to play alongside hester is a must
  4. Elgin is gods country soft southerner
  5. no we r useless 7 straight defeats price has had lots of support from the fans but unfortunately its turning. not our worst performance of the season and a very interesting published attendance looked many more
  6. if he is willing to give it another season is this for real- we have been shit and are going backwards fast.
  7. same old same old for me. massive rebuild required for next season new goalie left back centre back two wide players a centre mid and. a striker. Falling crowds and growing apathy apparent. It seems that the interest of a few seasons back is starting to drop off and that another season of mediocrity cannot be allowed to happen
  8. Elgin have imploded and again another dismal season
  9. big rebuild for next season goalie,left back, big strong centre back, right winger, strong tackling centre mid and striker for starters
  10. we were stripped of a league title for less so don't winge
  11. clyde or cumbernauld colts wots the difference?
  12. gonna get play offs anyway no big deal for you peterhead were always gonna win the league
  13. yip he is local lad very committed to the club and without doubt one of the top players at this level. Has refused offers to play at higher level to stay local I understand
  14. pretty easy victory for city who played match without recognised striker. No real axe to grind with clyde like us in the bottom league in Scotland and trying to better themselves. Be easy to support one of the ugly sisters
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