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  1. Albion 4th annan 5th park 6th Elgin 7th u heard it here
  2. does anyone think we will finish higher than 7th ?
  3. our centre mid is not defensive minded enough to play 4 4 2 and I have been saying for long enough that we need to play sutherland up top with Hester wide left mckay right and soapy off sutherland. Any 2 of Omar mcewan and dingwall in front of defence. our defence does not get enough protection. Good to hear other ideas though. We have lost a ridiculous amount of points at end of matches.
  4. Stirling away this saturday lose and its end of any chance of play offs. Totally fed up of what seems like another season of failure and big changes at the club are required
  5. 6 league wins all season is unacceptable with this squad think he on his way
  6. so disappointed this season is going down the pan with poor team selection and baffling tactics. Cant agree with commets above thought omar was really poor and offers nothing out wide only when mckay came on did we wake up. thought rory deserved man of the match not his fault price put him in daft position and showed alot of maturity with a great second half in his proper positon
  7. 35 k and £1k per week no bad on a three year deal if this is true its ridiculous at his age
  8. Sutherland signed pre contract agreement with you
  9. big loss to us just as well McAllister lined up to replace him........ not
  10. 8 nil on aggregate v annan over last two games and they ahead of us ridiculous inconsistency from elgin
  11. could play at higher level but would be gutted to lose him and would demonstrate a complete lack of ambition by the club
  12. freefall at the mo and questions to be asked around direction of of the club. Extremely unhappy with our form after a great start to the season
  13. Happy with that. Sounds like a good replacement for Spark, I had my doubts about him at the start of the season but he has steadily improved as the season has went on. sparkie been great but this kid good by all accounts
  14. wot do we need to add to the squad in the window some experience be good
  15. you seem very uptight some northern air might do you good
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