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  1. cant see it but you never know plays sparkie position do we already well covered there
  2. agree with that 4 games always better than 1
  3. u seem very angry that someone disagrees with your opinion try and relax a little more
  4. are most players not on one year deals these days
  5. yeh its great playing the same team 19 times per season
  6. it's a terrible idea with all that extra interest it would create, money they are offering and ofcourse we all love playing the same side 4/5 or even 6 times per season.In all honesty it's got to be worth considering despite the usual old firm envy / small team chip on shoulder mentality.
  7. can see positives in this. Anything that freshen it up and stops the 4 or more games v the same side is got to be worth considering. these games would also likely attract bigger than average crowds and with guaranteed additional monies on top of this maybe worth a punt
  8. I would expect Harper to be first choice left back at ict this season I thought he was excellent
  9. 3 x 14 is an improvement to the current model. Expand the play offs and let's go.
  10. hopefully everyone okay and we will be back at a match soon well soonish.....
  11. finish the season whenever that is and start next season after a couple of week break scrap the challenge cup next season
  12. I am not happy with this finish this season whenever it is and shorten next scrapping challenge and league cups
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