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  1. The highlight of this forum was when Scotzine got bodied off the site when he was looking for posters to preview the season.
  2. Week 1 - Seahawks and Eagles
  3. This or anything other than what we had last season
  4. The Original islanders are at such an advantage when the islanders have to choose who to save. Anna keeps on surviving despite nobody liking her. Belle has the mannerisms of an Eastenders character which I’m all for.
  5. It’s as if signing someone who has spent 3 years doing very little of note in two bad Falkirk teams wasn’t a smart move to expect him to be the midfield general. Known quantities are only good if there’s a track record of quality rather than 100 odd games of mediocrity
  6. Curtis turning into a Sith Lord feels like an inevitable development. Maura is making the same mistake as she did with Tommy by being far too forward when nobody in the villa can deal with it. Sad to see yet another big personality go...
  7. People are going to be rather horrible about Francesca tooth gap but it’s just refreshing to see someone come in with their actual teeth. She reminds me of Amy Winehouse minus the years of heroin use.
  8. The new guy has the vibe of a guy that hangs around a student union 5 years after dropping out of uni
  9. Is anything happening with this league?
  10. I agree, she has no redeeming features. There has been plenty of awful human beings on the show over the years but she holds everyone to an incredibly high moral standard whilst she can do what she wants. It’s some achievement to create all this drama whilst being completely and utterly tedious at the same time. The Supras effect if you will. If she survives tonight she will lose interest in Jordan now there is no competition for her.
  11. I hope someone has compiled an extensive collection of everything him and Marvin have said in the week they've been in and make a Snapchat out of it.
  12. It looks like we’ve moved from being Sonhamers to Queenock Morton
  13. This, I think it has been bubbling away right from when Maura came in and the girls were being horrible to them, he found exception to that and they have been having weird arguments over nothing. He firstly messed up by not being straight up to amber and then being rather negative about her to Joanna. I also think he went in guns blazing and hasn’t really changed approach though Amber wasn’t really that pissed off to his face. Amber I’d say to Michael has dealt with it well but to Joanna badly. she has zero self awareness and such a high opinion of herself that her ego won’t let her believe that he could like someone else better so just calls people names.
  14. The Curtis and Amy meltdown is a parallel version of Brendan Rodgers and Celtic. Right down to the Brent Mannerisms and the constant need for validation.
  15. She basically looked at the floor and just said that ovie was just better. It was hardly honourable behaviour.
  16. Curtis trying to get involved and breaking up the argument after the stunt he pulled is some level of chutzpah.
  17. Amber going after someone on their appearance isn’t a great look. Ross Gellar was more convincing saying he was fine. Fortunately for them Curtis is about to make them look amazing.
  18. My word that was incredibly uncomfortable viewing, I think Tommy and Mollie Mae are currently running away with it at this stage especially after that speech. Curtis has ended up with the nuclear situation where he looks like a c**t and will probably be single. I don’t like Amy but that was tough to see when she said ‘I think so’. He is just one massive weirdo It says a lot about the original girls that the guys wanted better vibes from the new girls. No doubt they’ll be rounding in on Joanna to make her life a living hell.
  19. Fiat 500 Twitter: ‘BuT tHeY wErEnT eStAbLiShEd YeT’
  20. I do feel some sympathy towards her as she is clearly into him and romantically very insecure whereas he only cares about how he is seen by others. How she got past the mental health screening is beyond me. There is a million red flags about her and this entire show will almost definitely be bringing out the worst in her. What I don’t like about her is that the rest have some sort of energy about them whilst she offers nothing but demands constant validation.
  21. The real battle is for Lucie between the Tory and the Nazi.
  22. Curtis is going to spend this episode complaining that his head has turned and then bottle it and do a speech about how it has been a test.
  23. How is Tommy simultaneously the smartest and thickest person in the villa?
  24. Anna won’t be satisfied until she proposes to The Shard
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