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  1. NFL London

    Well somebody had to start a new thread in an attempt to break up the monolith of the NFL thread... The people of the UK have not one, not two but THREE games to go and watch now in London next year. Featuring,the Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Falcons , and Last but most certainly least the Jacksonville Jaguar sWho will they play? Are you interested in going? Will it be as good as the last game? and those who have been what are the things to do etc... Also discussions about the upcoming 49ers vs Jaguars and the possibility of a permanent team can come in here..
  2. A View From The Terrace.

    To be contrary, not saying it was good but it was more memorable than the usual couple of blokes with an acoustic guitar singing a hauntingly beautiful cover. And i’ll be sure to have it my head when Partick dump us into the seaside leagues on the last day of the season.
  3. China seems to have came through as the new league of choice for Brazilians who fancy a quick buck. Tianjin Quanjin of the second division put up a €20 million transfer fee with weekly salary of about €280000. Which he declined for Alexandre Pato, Luiz Adriano has also recently declined to go to China and escape his Milan hell. This isn't just failed stars, Renato Augusto has over 100 appearances for Leverkusen but turned down Schalke to go to Beijing. Ramires is in negotiations with a 20 odd million move, Gervinho has just moved and Cheik Tiote, it turns out is still alive and could be going to Shanghai. All Yer classic mercenary globe trotting coaches are here: Big Phil Scolari, Sven, Alberto Zacheronni and Dan Petrescu Most of these clubs are owned by state owned industries siphoning off funds instead of bog standard oil sheikhs In addition Chinese companies are coming over here now. Today Ledman started sponsoring the Portuguese second tier with the condition that they have to play 10 Chinese players and bring in Chinese coaches. A sponsorship agreement that even Neil Doncaster thinks is a shocker of a deal. However whether these guys stick around is another question, Robinho is heading back to Brazil after 9 games, Drogba and Anelka both bolted after not getting paid. That combined with the ridiculous air conditions,and the abysmal standard of football. It still isn't the retirement league of choice for legends and greedy South Americans yet. Keep all your mercenary league news here pls.
  4. The stand out worst player from the season is probably Alan Martin, a man who comes off his line less than Phillipe Petit. Giving the middle finger to the home fans in his last game was the most assertive move he made in a number of months. I suspect he's not coming back from his 'back injury' and will no doubt surface at some League One side next year.
  5. Queens v Falkirk

    Pahahahahaha serves you right!
  6. Queens v Falkirk

    In the space of 26 minutes from his first booking against us, DKD has managed to get 4 yellow cards and a goal.
  7. Dundee U.T.D. v Queens

    I don’t really know how but Dobbies assists are probably even more a thing of beauty than his goals. Dykes even did his best to screw it up but I suppose most goalkeepers aren’t expecting a striker to trundle a one on one straight at them.
  8. A View From The Terrace.

    I was hoping he’d try and do the German announcer thing of just shouting the players first name to absolute silence. The younger lad was amazing, the more you looked at him the more jewellery seemed to appear. Really enjoyed it again, I started to notice the background having a few more things from earlier episodes such as the picture of Lucas Burnstigl. Following the production on Instagram, it’s quite incredible how much goes into it, they must have been fuming when Simeon Jackson did that penalty after they recorded the show. Only complaint from myself was the sound when Fowler bit into the nachos. I feel bad for anyone listening with headphones on.
  9. Queens v Inverness

    Feel like pure shit, just want Brechin and Dumbarton back.
  10. Queens v Inverness

  11. A View From The Terrace

    I'd largely agree with that, though in the amount of time they spent on the Albion Rovers thing, they could have even done at least two other sliding doors kind of moments. It did start to get a lot more like the actual podcast with the in jokes and stuff and understandably a little less stiff. I'd imagine they'd have had a lot of stuff from the first episode that they were able to lift from the pilot. Hopefully they haven't shot their load by the time the international break comes around. I still enjoyed it and it's significantly better quality of lower league discussion than anywhere else, plus the stuff about Rachel Small and that Craig Robertson were really good. All for finding out the more interesting personal stories as long as there's isn't an artsy video of some lower league jobber punting herbalife or hair transplants in the works.
  12. I get what you are saying but you could also look at the fact we’ve actually been better at coming back in games this season compared to the last two years, and having a fresh Stirling with a point to prove against a tired full back has more chance of getting a break through compared to blowing our load and having nothing to change if it doesn’t work. Perhaps with Aird as well that can cause us to be more attacking as we have more options to play with.
  13. You’d also say that when Stirling has come off the bench he’s made more of an impact than when he’s had a run starting because most of the time we’d have little else in the sense of game changing players. He’s a player that I like when we are chasing a game or if we are 2-0 up but he can be a liability because he’s not a defensive minded player. I can see why former left back Gary Naysmith doesn’t totally trust him.
  14. Certainly strengthens us in Staunchness
  15. If you are going to continue deliberately missing the point and argue the merits of Sean O'Connor, his goalscoring record would be somewhere near the bottom.
  16. Dundee v Queens

    'Hilarious' is one that comes to mind for me.
  17. Dundee v Queens

    They have had 2 shots on target in 180 minutes of football, I think from the updates Martin did actually make a save tonight.
  18. The Grand Tour

    Alan Brazil sends his regards.
  19. I’d have hated to have been the guy to clean up the mess after Naysmith heard that an industrious midfielder than could play in two defensive positions was available on a loan.
  20. I think it’s a good move for him, firstly it’s in the league above so obviously it’s an upgrade, plus I don’t think it will be a huge change style wise from what he’s doing for us. If he went to a club like Hearts because he doesn’t score regularly and the fact he stands out more than others could get a lot of fans on his back like he did/does for us. Plus Livi most likely won’t have a load of options to choose from so he should get a solid run to prove himself. I guess it could be interesting to see how he translate at a higher level in terms of his pace and strength. To be fair if you are training against Gallagher, Halkett and Lithgow then you should make you prepared for most forms of combat sport let alone football. Hopefully the ancient Indian burial ground that curses any player that comes through at Queens recently from pushing on at a higher level isn’t still alive.
  21. Partick v Queens

    It’s games like that show what Nicky Low adds to which makes it worse that he is made out of poppadoms, somebody to put pressure on Thistle and to add some sort of composure would have made a big difference. The issues came from there and our attempts to rectify it made it worse, frankly it was a miracle we weren’t 3/4 down by the time Partick did their level best to undo their good 75 minutes beforehand. Firstly Connor Murray was totally lost as a centre mid, he backed off to let Thistle do what they wanted really and wasn’t able to stop anyone breaking when he was on the ball was so passive that it killed any movement as he jinked about to pass it sideways, Bell was similar for a pretty nothing performance. We put Stirling in that free role to counteract the dearth of it in the middle which caused a gaping chasm on the left. On both sides Thistle got so many crosses in, the second goal whilst fortuitous came from Queens switching off a throw and letting a low cross in. Kyle Jacobs had about as bad a game as I’d seen from him, you can say Low was a miss and he had to cover for two passive central players but you can’t blame other people for not being able to pass 5 yards sideways or kick a ball away from goal at a corner. The frustration definitely boiled over, I thought the Thistle players were all over the referee. I was certain Dykes was going to be off when the referee went to the assistant but I think it was a fair call to book him rather than a red as it was a general frustration foul rather than anything malicious. It got very chippy at the end with dumb fouls from us but it isn’t a common thing to be like that from us and it was very annoying considering how well we’ve played recently so I can see why they were getting wound up. Todd didn’t look right for the majority of the first half but if you play this strategy of having a tiny squad then you can’t act surprised when people get injured. It’s almost inviting people to get hurt and IMO we aren’t doing right by the players. In just about every other sport is focusing on having depth and managing players health over long seasons yet we insist on grinding them down until their hamstring pops. I know we have our reasons and it’s worked thus far this year but longer term we’ll see with this squad the impact of doing this.
  22. After a quick google, we apparently last won there in April 1958.
  23. It wouldn't be a massive money maker and I expect we'd get beat. Doesn't really tick any boxes for me to see it as a positive draw tbh. They'll mostly likely pull a 10k + crowd which will be in the upper end of the teams in the draw so it will be decent enough crowd, plus a game against the 2nd best team in the country last season so there's a lot to be excited about, considering the range of potentially horrible draws, this is quite an intriguing one. Stone Cold Stenhousemuir will dispatch of them anyway.
  24. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    We beat both Aberdeen and Dundee en route to the final in 2008 so may as well do it again.
  25. If we're looking at 72 goals in 92 games playing under Naysmith and 2 golden boots as an underachievement then I can't wait for him to finally hit form.