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  1. After a quick google, we apparently last won there in April 1958.
  2. It wouldn't be a massive money maker and I expect we'd get beat. Doesn't really tick any boxes for me to see it as a positive draw tbh. They'll mostly likely pull a 10k + crowd which will be in the upper end of the teams in the draw so it will be decent enough crowd, plus a game against the 2nd best team in the country last season so there's a lot to be excited about, considering the range of potentially horrible draws, this is quite an intriguing one. Stone Cold Stenhousemuir will dispatch of them anyway.
  3. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    We beat both Aberdeen and Dundee en route to the final in 2008 so may as well do it again.
  4. If we're looking at 72 goals in 92 games playing under Naysmith and 2 golden boots as an underachievement then I can't wait for him to finally hit form.
  5. Derek Lyle was a better player than Dykes, especially when it comes to being a goalscorer (obvs) but you could see with him and Dobbie against better sides having a strike force aged about 70 odd meant that they'd have zero pressure on them as they physically couldn't press, so you weren't able to play your two better players especially when Rankin was nearing the glue factory in behind. If you are a defender against us last season, you could play a high line as neither of them would be beating you very often in a sprint (Unless you play for Falkirk), which puts even more pressure on us as they can push up against a crap midfield. The move we've made has eventually replaced a pretty old team with guys that are able to push out and counter quickly. Defenders can't double up on Dobbie as much if you have multiple supporting runners, like Dykes or Todd. It also helps that if Low is on the ball in deeper areas rather than Dobbie as we can get him the ball where he should be getting it. The mistake we've made a lot since he's came back is thinking we can combine Dobbie with either older players with quality or talented but lazy players which in a five aside is fine but considering the finite time you get in possession with the first thought often being give it to Dobbie, we just get more of the negative about those styles of player than the good.
  6. Dundee v Queens

    Usually I'd say the Premiership side having a break is usually an advantage to them but if you are coming off the last two wins, i don't think tiredness comes into it, I can't imagine McIntyre with Dundee in their current state having a fun filled break by any stretch. Them having Hearts midweek isn't a bad thing for us either or the fact they haven't done all that much business as of today The obvious point is that we didn't beat Partick but looking back we put out such an odd team because of injury and St Johnstone not being very helpful with Dykes/Rankin in the centre of midfield, Myles Beerman, Kyle Cameron on as an impact sub straight after we equalised via a fluke Ross Fergusson goal. My memory fails me but did we play 3 at the back with Rooney as a centre half? I'd like to think that the current side would swat that team apart. Obviously Dundee fans don't need reminded about how bad they've been this season (Feels nice to write however), though the last 6 games prior to the break is about as tough as you get , they haven't been as bad in games against similar teams. Even if Kamara isn't there they should still have enough for playing a Championship side now they have more competent manager in charge. You can point to us being held at arms length by Motherwell away from home earlier this season. Yet you see the state of their central defence/goalkeeper, them being a side desperate for a win in any form, to start the second half positively and the worst outcome for Dundee is having a replay so they'll probably be quite attacking out from the start. If we can survive that and get Dens at it's twitchiest then our proficiency on the counter could be the key.
  7. Queens v Ross County

    The recent run of mediocre at best centre mids have made playing football look as difficult as attempting Brain surgery with plastic cutlery but from what I've seen of Low he makes everything look so simple and having someone take control of the game in the middle should hopefully make as big an impact in terms of raising everyone's game as having the King of Kings up front. For the stattos what is our best season against both Highland teams, I can't imagine there's been many good years against either of them?
  8. Queens v Ross County

    I think the fact he’s not a particularly eye catching player doesn’t help him. In comparison Shaun Rooney repeatedly gets opportunities despite him lacking any brain cells on a footballing level but he’s big and makes crazy runs forward which managers naively think that they can be the one to control him. Whereas Marshall is a 7/10 player who won’t dominate any metric or eye test but has improved year on year. It’s a minor gripe I have that people focus too much on a raw potential when it needs a radical change in mindset to fulfil over someone who just gets what he needs to do. Not that it has hurt us much mind.
  9. Few questions: What football match are you part of where you are able to have a cup of tea in less than 15 mins and then play the second half without any issues? Are you arguing that we could replace Dykes with Graham’s Weir or Stuart Kean type player and we’d be fine? Do you think that the opposition now trying to close Dykes down more is part of a big plot to put his confidence up. Just because his finishing is not good doesn’t mean he is a scrub. And to underplay his actual footballing abilities to suit your long held view is so blinkered. Even using your own argument, to be In a position be called ‘a worker’ he has to do the running of 1 and a half players, win every header, lead most breaks and press the opposition for usually the full match. Do you realise even that is something that is incredibly demanding to do physically and what is being asked of him is a lot more than a lot of the strikers in this league.
  10. i like the notion that if we get rid of the only forward/midfielder over 6 foot that does the majority of the running and the majority of the creative play we’d be a better team. Makes sense to me IMO John Rankin is tearing it up in league 2 would you like him back as well?
  11. I’d guess it’s most likely a falling out but it would take a fool to see Harkins play style, list of clubs and think that at a team with minimal depth could depend on an aging maverick no matter how good he is. He did seem very much like the antithesis of just about every other player Naysmith has brought in. So we’ll see whether actual depth he brings in to replace but I’m resigned to Harkins going to Falkirk and keeping them up.
  12. Stories from the Courts

    Thanks for the likes is a heck of a way to show you are really sorry for the whole committing a crime thing. Once again proof that the internet is very serious business.
  13. Alloa v Queens

    I’m sure I saw it mentioned that alloa’s ground being narrow doesn’t suit how they want to play. You’d like to think that they won’t be as red hot as they were in the first half against us and we’ll can’t be as bad. With a narrow pitch and Dobbieless this seems primed to be a textbook Naysmith shitfest.
  14. Comfortably the most significant birth in the month of december.