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  1. A View From The Terrace.

    Hopefully Palace Skateboards can sort CGT for the next season with a free wardrobe or risk losing him to another high end streetwear brand.
  2. Eurovision

    Nothing but respect for Madonna phoning it in completely and still getting paid a kingdom for it.
  3. My word Iain Davidson wouldn't look out of place on this seasons Falkirk team, an absolute mess of a 'footballer'. Though it shows how much of a haddie McGrath is that he made him look competent. It's maybe the trauma of the last 4 months but I don't think we were as awful as people on here are saying, first half Raith came out hot as you'd expect but they didn't look like scoring until we went a goal up. Second half we neutralised them until they goal snatched a goal out of the blue and then it got very nervy. It wasn't a vintage performance but we took the chances when it mattered. There's flashes of a good team in there but, it's a case of trying to limit the various times where we lose all basic motor skills. I thought Brownlie had a smashing game, took charge of the aerial battle and handled a very good attack well, Murray has been terrific since the Dunfermline game and I hope he gets a full season to shine next year. Dykes 's first goal curved beautifully from the angle of the away section and surprisingly a goal where he had to put some thought into what he was doing. That Martin save could be the key moment in the tie. Wedderburn was like a giant Kyle Hutton, he just was so slow, so predictable, just a player that you don't want in a frantic playoff game. Not sure what substance the sponsors were on. I don't have an awful lot of hope in a rather mentally flakey side if we concede early but we did manage to escape with a 2 goal lead despite our best efforts. We've been fortunate at times in both first legs of these playoffs but i'm not too bothered about that currently.
  4. Performance review - managers

    Gary Naysmith - Until Mid January - 8/10 - Has finally won over a large number of the fans. Progress In all cups, team looking like a playoff side. Few choice signings and we could be up there. Styles not really there but players are working hard for each other. Gary Naysmith - Post January 0/10
  5. Jobbers of the Season

    GK - Leo Fasan FB - Aaron Muirhead CB - Tom Dallison CB - Niall Keown FB - Kenny Van Der Weg RM - Miles Storey CM - Ian McGrath CM - Robbie Muirhead LM - Adam Frizzell ST - Marcus Haber ST - Fais El Bakhtaoui Manager - McKinnon Set Piece Coach - Gary Naysmith
  6. Low is a flop in the sense of the fact we signed a very Injury prone player to a small squad and we managed him poorly. Fraser Aird is something i’d have done but it seemed at the time like it was a case of ‘oh he’s available, let’s sign him’ without much consideration of how he’d fit in or whether he was really needed. I’d say it was what we didn’t do that has hurt us more than the people we brought in, The lack of a third forward was the downfall. We’ve played the third most games in the league with the smallest squad, even if players don’t want to be third or fourth choice they had an opportunity to be a starter especially once dykes goes. Martin has been the worst regular keeper in the league so it’s on us for not getting someone in when it’s apparent he isn’t great instead of the current mess.
  7. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Connor Murray in 45 minutes looks like the only person that had any sort of ability going forward in that team. Johnston went with as close to the players that he knew about as he could. Which I suppose he doesn’t have much of anything else to go on. Though that doesn’t justify keeping Aird on for the full match. I appreciate that he’s got his work cut out aiming a cross at the Ironing board up front but he does nothing, doesn’t commit players, doesn’t track back and is probably the last player I’d want out there. Subbing Mercer I thought was actually harsh as he wasn’t particularly bad out there, compared to the other jabronis. Jacobs is a player that will always avoid a lot of criticism, because he tackles a lot but he just can’t pass a ball and looked so slow. Doyle is a player I like and feel tries his best but he isn’t a centre mid and it showed, I’d have just stuck him out wide instead of staunch Ryan Conroy. Wilson was also dreadful, you need him to commit people and be unpredictable in a positive way. Dykes is someone I just can’t be fucked with really. I defended him time and again but he and Todd have checked out mentally. The decision to bring him back rather than move on has looked ill advised. I genuinely can’t wait to see the back on a lot of these gormless sand dancers and underachievers.
  8. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Playing known strong character Fraser Aird a full 90 minutes in the first leg of a do or die match is some laugh.
  9. At least we’re covered for playing in league one next season if the playoffs don’t pan out.
  10. Queens v Partick

    Mods please
  11. Ross County v Queens

    Jesus has managed to handle crosses a lot better than us
  12. A View From The Terrace.

    To be contrary, not saying it was good but it was more memorable than the usual couple of blokes with an acoustic guitar singing a hauntingly beautiful cover. And i’ll be sure to have it my head when Partick dump us into the seaside leagues on the last day of the season.
  13. The stand out worst player from the season is probably Alan Martin, a man who comes off his line less than Phillipe Petit. Giving the middle finger to the home fans in his last game was the most assertive move he made in a number of months. I suspect he's not coming back from his 'back injury' and will no doubt surface at some League One side next year.
  14. Queens v Falkirk

    Pahahahahaha serves you right!
  15. Queens v Falkirk

    In the space of 26 minutes from his first booking against us, DKD has managed to get 4 yellow cards and a goal.