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  1. That’s clearly incorrect, my understanding is that the teams in and around Dundee (Lochee, Broughty, Carnoustie etc.) currently have nowhere to go (Lowland is outside their area and Highland aren’t letting anyone in, even if they did it’s too far away). I’m not advocating copying the juniors because they’re the juniors, I’m pointing out that the geographical split doesn’t make any sense, when 1. Tayside teams can’t fit in 2. The geographical split between Highland and Lowland Leagues represents a population split of about 10%/90%. so I figured that the geographical split that was there before probably makes sense, North, East and West.
  2. The boundary part confuses me too that tier 5 is split along HL and LL, what would the populationh be in each catchment? I assume at least 4m in LL if not closer to 4.5m of Scotland’s 5m population. surely tier 5 should be split along the same logical geography as the juniors, N (HL) E (rename the LL to EL) and W (create a new division at tier 5). Then invite tayside teams to the EL (I assume the geographical split of the juniors worked ok as it was)
  3. Can anyone one explain the “Tayside problem”
  4. I did try, was hoping for a definitive update for the season end, has anyone officially resigned? any official announcements been made?
  5. I’m curious to know, last year ~25 clubs left the juniors and joined the SPFL/Scottish Pyramid level 6. are even more teams doing the same in this close season? I understand the majority were from the East juniors, what’s happening in the west? a bbc article I saw last year said 99 of 158 teams voted to join the pyramid, what are the next steps after that vote?
  6. Can't believe the Rob Roy has shut! I left London in 2007
  7. A bit more detail - it is an Aberdeen pub, lots of photos on the wall, should be a decent crowd so get along in good time, for some matches opposition fans have turned up in good form, I remember Nigeria and Norway as examples. And you'll meet plenty of Scots lads who you may need to pass money over to the bar and will pass a drink and change back to you Of course, some of the above may depend on results today!
  8. I watched many games and had a great time in the Rob Roy near Paddington, only game I missed Alex Salmond turned up buying drinks, I was gutted. http://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/s/89/891/rob_roy/paddington
  9. Hi everybody, Anyone know a pub in Singapore that'll show the match? i assume boat quay is a good bet but overseas it always depends upon whether any more popular teams are playing at the same time. Any spexific pub that favours/is faviured by Scotland fans? Any tartan army gatherings in Singapore?
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