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  1. I'll be there to see the big ginger Estonian haddock leap a whole foot into the air like a salmon at Pitlochry dam to thump in a late winner for the tins of paint.... Hibs 0 Saints 1 think I still have my shin injury from Shaughnessy's last minute winner last time oot………………..
  2. Do Hearts and Livingston not do the same thing every season, say you can't pay on the day then on the Thursday say you can? sure I bought my ticket for the away end last season on the day...…..
  3. In what world would an intern discuss someone's employment on a public forum....... Total rasper. Liked the idea of sportscene seeking the views of the fans but this clearly isn't it.......
  4. I've got an ipod classic and while it appears to sync to my laptop, if I go to the iTunes stores and buy new music it doesn't seem to take it. there's loads of memory space left still.. any top tips - I've tried re-setting the ipod and even renaming it but it's just not having it.
  5. Some things have become apparent since the original Rangers went under:- The SFA and SFL had ( and still have) little or no integrity at the top (see desperate attempts to keep Rangers in top league/Div 1 at worst) Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster have repeatedly looked like incompetent buffoons (cringeworthy armageddon episode ) The media are either as lacking in integrity as the SFA/SFL were or are simply corrupted by the myth that rangers are some kind of Scottish institution worthy of protection (see above and Dave King being fit and proper and lack of investigative journalism - even Tom English has disappointingly now become a BBC lapdog) They are still shit at football They still have an astonishing wage bill and squad for what they have actually achieved. Their support (in the main) still show an amazing lack of humility and a ridiculous sense of entitlement. Mike Ashley is holding at least a strong a hand as Dave King Most of us are enjoying their suffering and firmly believe they got off lightly in he first place. Supporters of diddy team's would not be in any way surprised if Scottish football was found to be corrupt in favour of the old firm throughout the last 4 decades. We are generally sick of hearing pundits stating that Scottish football needs rangers back at the top end of Scottish football challenging celtic.What it needs is competition for the top title that includes at least 2/3 other clubs on a regular basis. We are still watching with morbid fascination.. Oh and St Johnstone are still Tayside's no.1 and I forgot to say - WARCHEST!
  6. Is it true that the bookies have picked up the new terminology and you can now get a straight 5/2 on Motherwell making a Hibs of it?? I saw Rory McIlroy on sky sports news after he missed the cut at the Irish open and he was saying the pressure of it being his home tournament got to him and he's sorry but he simply Hibs it.....
  7. Hibs Hibsingly Hibs it up. What a bunch of Hibsers. Nae doubt they'll Hibs the hell out of the 2nd leg as well.
  8. Contributory to the fact that Rangers didn't get a more severe beating was the state of the pitch. if that had been a decent surface I firmly believe Celtic would have scored more. As an aside I'm bored rigid hearing pundits and ex players (predominantly ex The Real Rangers players) claiming that Scottish football "needs" a strong Rangers and Rangers in the top flight. what utter bollocks. what Scottish football needs is competition full stop, regardless of where it comes from. Do these people really believe that more tedious years of a duopoly is what we need or want?. This seasons Premiership is far more interesting than anything that went on when the old firm were both there boring us to tears.....
  9. Do you lot intend being pish now for the rest of the season ?
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