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  1. Seconded. Edit. Although I just noticed you can use the scrolling bar at the top to go back to the forum.
  2. I don't think you are in Lochside until you pass the Burgh Coup. Newton/Braehead for me.
  3. Was there, did happen but was only about 12 brave souls that did cause a bit of mayhem down the bottom of the terracing before being sent back. Sure your Dad had fun but I'll log this along with the Seville numbers. Thanks for playing though. Yeah I was there as well. I was in the press box with my late father. From what I remember there was a poor looking away support up until about 15 minutes from kick off then a large contingent appeared at the top of the away terrace and made there way towards the seggy fence, they then jumped the perimeter fence and there was a scattering. More pavement dancing than anything else, but it wasn't a great look for the home 'lads'. As with most things that happened during that era it was mostly posturing and bravado, inside the ground anyway, rather than actual violence. Taking liberties, if you will. Outside the ground was another matter!
  4. This game! Popped up on Facebook today. Must be at the now Chadwick Stand end as the terracing was quite low at that end if I remember correctly. Probably the funniest game I've ever been at! 'Louis Thow, sends off who he wants! Eta, Cally and Hughes I think for Ayr. I recognise McCulloch in goal for Killie but don't recall the other two.
  5. That looks like after they moved the segregation fence. It was originally further under the roof and the atmosphere was far better then.
  6. The 'Robin Hood' . Some things from the 80's should be left there. Although paired with a pair of Farah's and some Diadora Borg Elite looked mint in the day. Showing my age here.
  7. Must have really hit you hard mate! It was 3-1. Evans made it 1-1 just before halftime!
  8. Local council being uncooperative you say! Sounds familiar! Well, until we got a new owner and planning applications seem to sail through now!
  9. Only needing a point against Stirling in the last game of the 86-87 season to get promoted and being three down at halftime, to rally but still lose 3-2 was probably my worst. I'm into my sixth decade of watching Ayr and I tend not to let defeats bother me too much. The Talbot result was made worse, in my opinion anyway, due to the fact they were local. Had it been a Fife team or something I don't think folk would be as bothered. Cup shocks happen, it was our turn!
  10. Are tickets on sale in the shop? If its open today I was going to pop round.
  11. Wasn't going to bother with the game on Tuesday, but saw North Terrace was still available so bought one. Seemed pretty seamless, and I'm shit with technology, maybe I was just lucky.
  12. Same as the new strip then. Eta. I don't think the 88 strip had hoops either BTW.
  13. Apologies lifted the picture from Google images! Here they are resplendent with Jim Cowell also!
  14. Must be an age thing but I will envisage this as being Morton hoops.
  15. Well these, very thin, hoops did OK for us! Yes it is just an excuse to post a picture of that team!
  16. I see it is partially made from recycled materials! Move over Forest Green Rovers! Falafel burgers next.
  17. When they said a nod to the past, I had envisaged something along these lines. I dont dislike the new one but I think my £20 voucher will be on a polo shirt or trackie top. Also when I saw the black collar on the teaser I got my hopes up.
  18. Grigor still does his trips. A couple of my mates were on his bus in 1998 , and i think their experience was pretty much the same as yours. I once hitched a lift from the airport into Warsaw city centre on his bus, but I think that's as far as I would go with Grigor Travel.
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