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  1. Have they said there is s problem with the main camera? Or am I wrong in thinking that we are getting the whole game through the lower placed one?
  2. Mine was fine, but I've just hot the 'roided wasp now.
  3. Haven't listened to Clyde since Jimmy "were you at the game" Sanderson.
  4. This time? Nah you were probably there.
  5. Not really a quirk of a stadium, but, on Somerset Road there is a bit of tarmac with white chips. When it was being laid someone put KFC in the corner in white chips. I appreciate this type of shithousery. Ps. It's not a fried chicken advert.
  6. I would have thought that Scott Burns will have had an idea who applied and contacted them. The article said the unsuccessful applicants had been notified, he probably scored them off one by one.
  7. If none of you have heard of Joe McLaghlin, then you are hardly likely to be old enough to have voted for Thatcher! Yes I am still feeling old!😅
  8. Dale Roberts passed away in 2003 after battling cancer.
  9. Feeling REALLY old here when some of you guys have never heard of Joe McLaughlin!
  10. A wee change of tack. Found myself 'walking down the Somerset Road' today and was gladdened to see the preparation for the Hub. Over the years we have seen or heard of plans for development which came to nothing, its just nice to see something actually happening.
  11. McCall said on the radio today that he was in no rush to get back into football just now. Especially under the current covid situation. Robinson said he had spoke to someone but it came to nothing. He didn't say who it was but I assumed that might have been Killie.
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