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  1. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    Well done Killie. We are all Stevie Clarke.
  2. Just finished work and see the thread is hot! Think 'signing news or where Shankland is going! Open thread!
  3. Guilty as charged!
  4. What a club we are! When a European Cup winner can't even make it on to the bench!
  5. Duncan George and Gordan Petric watch Andy Goram fail to stop a header from Darren Henderson(hidden) sailing into the net, much to the jubilation of the Lower Broomloan and anger of the Upper. Rangers went on to win 3-1 on a night remembered by Ayr fans for Paul Kinnaird playing keepie-uppie in front of the main stand.
  6. I see Robbo is greetin in the papers about the play off schedule!
  7. Would imagine it will still be manned turnstiles, just no cash at them. Like at Palmerston.
  8. Andy Roxburgh, John Haggart, Alex Ferguson, Dave McParland, Jim McSherry, Jim Craig, Walter Borthwick, Willir McLean, Craig Brown, Ross Mathie, Frank Coulson, Cammy Murray, George Caldwell, Wilson Humphries, Pat Stanton, Hugh Robrrtson, Eric Ferguson, Gregor Able, John Polychek(spelling), John Fraser, Lenny Taylor, Jocky Scott, Walter Smith, Kenny Cameron, Rab Thorburn, Karl Heinz Heddergott, Archie Knox and Gordon Wallace. (roughly in that order). Names provided by James McSherry Esq. Proprietor of The Wee Windaes, Ayr. Lunches served 12-3(Mon- Sat). Open Bank Holidays.
  9. George Caldwell below McLean.
  10. Willie McLean next to Broon?
  11. Fellow Ayr fans! I'm sorry!
  12. 12 team Championship

    Saying on Radio Scotland that it's the Championship clubs who are pushing for this. I smell shite.