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  1. 5 years ago we lost to Albion Rovers 3-0, and got scudded 5-0 by Hibs 3 years ago! Came up on FB memories, just thought I'd share. Anyhoo fajitas for tea!
  2. Geez. You should try taking the bus from Stranraer to Dumfries. It is like the endless journey calling into every town and village along the way... The bus from Stranraer to Ayr is the same! Almost as if it's a punishment for going to Stranraer in the first place! As previously said Ayr v Queens isn't a derby in the real sense but it does generate a decent crowd and banter on here. I spent 7 years in Dumfries and went to school there. My old school friends are South supporters so I always enjoy a win against them, not that it has happened much recently!
  3. The second one didnt have the same charm! It's now a gym or personal trainer place.
  4. Cannae wait to see 'The Comedian' in action! One for those of a certain age!
  5. Ash park nearest to Somerset and tennis courts and gardens nearer the town.
  6. Ayr from the air. If you look closely you can see Somerset and Dam Park, currently home to Whitletts Vics. Oh aye, you might be able to spot ths racecourse too! Edit. Taken in '78 apparently.
  7. Their takeaway shop is now open, Homer! Not a cheap takeaway by the look of things! Doh!
  8. I've recently reverted from a sausage supper to the haggis! Don't know why I ever changed!
  9. 88 for Chinese, Spice Lounge for curry/kebab and Enzo's for a haggis supper! Edit, not all at the same time obviously, just incase Boris is reading!
  10. Live on sky too! Well seen the EPL has finished!
  11. I was thinking about this one too. Obviously embarrassing to get knocked out by a Junior team but shit happens, it was our turn. What made it worse was the aftermath and the local Talbot 'fans' who emerged from everywhere to have a go! Well that's how it felt to me!
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