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  1. From what I can remember John McNiven never got his shirt dirty! Yeah I can remember the SRE being a bit hostile to the green and white hoops and Irish tricolour being amongst us! Did the other derby finish 0-0?
  2. An Ayrshire Derby in the mid 80's. If it is the game I'm thinking of we won 3-0, Kenny Ashwood scoring a debut brace. Interesting to note the lack of crowd in the background. Whilst it was an horrendous day weather-wise, poor crowds were common when we were both in the same league. It only really ignited again on 2nd January '89. Kick off was held back to let the near 9,000 crowd in to watch essentially a relegation battle.
  3. Anyway, to take your minds off of the pending apocalypse. It's nice to see some buildings going up in the town, rather than being pulled down!
  4. Literally just back home from mine! Get the gates open now!
  5. Was the Scott Robinson fallout at Livingston ever resolved? I think Hopkin signed him there.
  6. Scotsman obituary for John Sludden today. As I said on the Ayr thread, part of the Ayr team that made the school week bearable. I think the picture is taken at the first league game on plastic in Scotland.
  7. I was 15 in '88 and Sludden, Templeton, Walker et al were the reason for getting through the school week. So saddened by this news.
  8. Who doesn't have a picture of Tarff Rovers with Chic Charnley in it?😀
  9. CBGB's bog. My only visit,to CBGB, was short lived as my two mates were unwilling to pay $20 to hear Corey Taylor dj. With all this train and French toilet chat, anyone else here on "The Tartan Special" to Paris in 2007? Fondly remember stopping at Preston at about 2 in the morning and the guy on the tannoy saying the train was loading on water and emptying the toilets and for us to stay on the train. Quickly followed by the sound of the doors of the old rolling stock crashing open and the entire train spilling out onto the platform for a sing-song, accompanied by the pipes and drums of Clanadonia.
  10. Just when I had resigned myself to losing today and being relegated in the play offs... It's the hope that kills you.
  11. I was going to try and do some kind of Rose Reilly playing for Forfar gag when I posted the pic! 40 years since Gregory's Girl was first screened.
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