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  1. Pinched from Ayr United Stats and Queries fb page. Another picture of the old scoreboard at Somerset.
  2. Have heard that Murphy is very frustrated at not getting game time at Stranraer. Looks like he is taking that out on East Stirlingshire.
  3. Ha! Stupidly tuned in late thinking the draw would be the climax to the show! What a fool I am.
  4. I agree. Sadly the 'Limbs' experience of 30 seconds bouncing around like a whirling dervish, bouncing off all and sundry and ending up about 20 feet from where you were are consigned to history. The last one I really remember being in was, ironically, Williams equaliser in stoppage time against Killie. Maybe I'm just too old now, but it doesn't seem to happen as much.
  5. All the pubs near the station are decent imo. Only one I dont know about is Crumbs and Cocktails, not been in it for years but it was a shithole then Rabbies can be a bit sniffy about football colours. The Ghillie Dhu has just opened next to Rabbies, big screens and food served I think. Dorothy Neebors, Twa Dugs and Tam O' Shanter are all traditional drinking establishments.
  6. When my old man covered games at Palmerston in the late eighties, and I got dragged/invited along, the pie and peas in the stand were the highlight!
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