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  1. Here's another! Thought he was wearing hoops initially!
  2. Came on to say much the same. As someone in the comments states 'many other teams were drawn at home too.
  3. When John Hughes was on Tam Cowan's TV programme a Proclaimer had to tell him what our nickname was!. He was captain at the time!
  4. I think you can just about make out a car behind where the jungle was. I know it used to be a road. Is it still a public thoroughfare? I remember coming out of the Scotland v Ireland international and not feeling very safe as it was quite congested
  5. The Rangers nine in a row team were frequent visitors to Tobi Zaxx in Ayr in the mid/late nineties. I also remember seeing Kris Boyd, Allan McGregor and Alan Hutton in Chapman Billies in the town. They were quite drunk when I left so it came as no surprise when a few days later it emerged, in a paper, they ended up in The Black Bull in Tarbolton getting their heads shaved.
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