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  1. I would hope proper hygiene at the toilets would be uppermost in thoughts.
  2. My old man was a journalist and he said you always felt like you were going to tip forward onto the pitch. There is an exhibit in the Hampden museum of it. I dont know if it is a reconstruction or part of the original press box though.
  3. Get it right up ye Girvan (whatever you call your self)! Kept seeing the flag. It annoyed me.
  4. Wonder who Premier will show in the Semis?
  5. Yeah I know @Robbo63. Failed attempt at humour with a throwback to the previous match thread.
  6. Immortalised on last weeks 'A View From The Terrace'!
  7. We should have had the covers down for the past fortnight! Edit. Vertidrainer hired.
  8. Yeah I thought as much. Only been to the train station, Tutties and Gayfield. So my geography of Arbroath is limited to say the least.
  9. I noticed that Arbroath Vics played at home yesterday. I take it that its the proximity of Gayfied to the sea that was made the difference?
  10. Memories of a Rangers fan having to be dragged away by his partner/wife/whatever at Ibrox after losing the plot. Chants of 'you're under her thumb' ensued from the Ayr fans.
  11. It was mentioned on the match thread that the commentator was very good. As I said last night 'he won't last'!
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