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  1. Drew Jarvie, probably our most underrated player ever. Go knows how many assists he did for king Joey
  2. Hee haw is about twice what I get paid for teaching middle school (that’s like P7to S2)
  3. I love it, but you can a get it here!
  4. So, no Gruden and we dominated the game scoring over 30 points! I have hope.
  5. Fields looks ok, packers just scored another td. 24:14 Packers. Rodgers ran it in and had some choice words for the Bears fans [emoji1787]
  6. Rumours circulating that the NFL wand Davis out of the Raiders and the Gruden situation is part of a long term plan, hence why no one else has had to go, yet! Sounds like Raiders paranoia to me but…….
  7. I’m watching the Bears packers game, decent enough but nothing really brilliant. I’m using the NFL app
  8. I’d happily go electric but it’s just completely impractical for me. Can’t guarantee parking near my apartment (no numbered bays)can’t even get one of the garages near me and even if I could it’s a rental and they won’t let me install a charger. Similar at work, no place to charge! My best bet would be a hybrid but the extra cost to buy is prohibitive for now.
  9. No. Replacing him with the chairman’s buddy was a dumb idea.
  10. Glass is probably too scared to admit he’s oot his depth, and Davey boy willna sack his “chosen one” so I guess we’re fucccckedd!
  11. Does Glass have the strength of character to admit he can’t do the job?
  12. Surely, surely, Cormack has to see he’s got it wrong?
  13. Never said Deek was shite, but he had done as much with us as he could. Cormack fucked us up, not the lack of McInnes
  14. He needs to GTFO of my club ASAP! His ego is killing us!
  15. f**k! I’m all for giving the new set up time to gel, but???????? Cormack oot!!!
  16. Not being able to get decent highlights of the Israel game
  17. As someone currently still battling addiction feel free to pm if you like! You can do this!
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