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  1. Gads! Imagine the stench and the ear-bleeding nasally whining.
  2. Huge for the hope of any competition for the bigot brothers ever again, if that’s what you meant
  3. Definitely no. Why would I want to see an “entity” that 1. Shouldn’t still/ever been in existence 2. Promotes vile religious and racist bigotry 3. Cheated the “system” win anything? It’s not the fact that it’ll continue to f**k over the rest of Scottish football financially forever, it’s honestly pure and utter hatred of what the clumpany stands for. TBF I’d feel the same if it were celtic
  4. Seriously, no. It’s your attitude that’s the whole problem! I hope the rangers* lose.
  5. Ah, so uplifting, a competition to decide which team’s “fans” are the least scummy in Weegieland. Same arse, different cheek
  6. I just wanted to post Lewis is an utter c**t!
  7. Coincidentally I was watching an Amazon Prime series “The World’s Most Evil Killers” and last night was about Bellfield.
  8. Certainly better than Thistle did, AFAIK Dundee aren’t cuddling up with the diet **** to take legal action.
  9. For the first time in about 8 years I stepped out onto the driving range about a mile from where I live. Borrowed clubs (no idea where mine are [emoji22]) Bucket of 30 balls for $5 Maybe hit 5 decent shots [emoji15][emoji20] Also, damn stupid, went along at 2pm when it was reportedly over 90degF and damn near passed out! Will go again early in the morning
  10. No, no money will be forthcoming from me! You flatter me [emoji1787]
  11. Someone emailed me yesterday trying to blackmail me with nude pics of me! Threatening to call the FBI/cops and post a load of embarrassing shite on Facebook etc. if I don’t cough up $1500. Not going to happen!
  12. Phew! Too many memories of ‘76 and others seeing as I’m sober
  13. I think Ally Shewan had something like 200+ appearances for Aberdeen and IIRC consecutive
  14. Greyson Theodore Kallas, my newest grandchild, arrived 5:30pm local time today (May 3rd) 6lb 13oz. Mother and bairn both fine!
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