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  1. Damn, wanted Leicester to lose because I have an irrational dislike for Brenda and his unnaturally white teeth
  2. No, the median is the middle value when listed in ascending order. So in your example it's 100. Did you go to school?
  3. Try being a recovering alcoholic Raiders fan
  4. I got 100% for both maths and arithmetic prelims in 1980 Can also confirm as late as 2009 there were separate calculator and non-calculator papers in higher maths (last year I taught in Scotland)
  5. Why are all the EPL commentators (even in the US) so fucking in love with spurs? It’s sickeningly saccharine how much they suck up to them
  6. Never a fucking penalty. Fucking ridiculous!
  7. I want spurs to lose, not so much Arsenal to win, but lesser of evils. I also want Arry to score like a madman (yet lose every game) until December then, somehow be unavailable for Gareth in Qatar, so engerlund have no experienced striker to play.
  8. Had a couple of colonoscopies twice with an endoscopy thrown in for good measure. NHS Scotland had me lying on my side watching the monitor, US hospitals knock you out! ETA currently suffering some of the worst acid reflux ever between bouts of spewing. It’s like molten lava being poured down my esophagus.
  9. Sack McDaniels now! Toughest division in the NFL and shite-est coach do not make a match. Oh, and Mark Davies can GTF too. Fucking amateur would be crediting the organization too highly. Most high school teams would pump this embarrassing evocation of the silver and black! I’m, for the first time ever, ashamed to be a Raider.
  10. Josh McDaniels a cert to be first coach fired this season. I had high hopes, but he’s a clueless charlatan
  11. There’s a huge lack of decent crisps in the US, but then again they’re heathen colonist scum. I used to love whoever it was that made Bovril crisps, another manufacturer made marmite crisps, miss a good Smokey back or beef and onion. An you promoting Brannigans beef and mustard is in my camp as well. The OFTW favourite of mine, beef favour Monster Munch
  12. Wid And I don’t care if I have been beaten to this
  13. Potatoes, then asparagus, then carrots, then peas (but only if straight from the pod), then baked beans.
  14. I’m speaking, telling my story, at an AA meeting tonight. It’s also the third anniversary of my brother’s death (100% alcoholism related) I don’t think this is a coincidence
  15. If I have to support the team from where I live then USA!USA! But seriously, I would like an all European semi final round(hopefully no wales or englaaaahahahaha, relegated[emoji1787][emoji1787]) to, again highlight the ridiculous imbalance in how FIFA confederations are awarded places.
  16. A f**k load of holding by AZ that doesn’t get called. Surprise surprise. Oh, the weighted coin does it again. I fucking hate the NFL
  17. Cheating! Game should finish in offensive foul running out the clock, and also a f**k-ton of holding. Zebras hate the Raiders
  18. I'll be in the colonies, and I doubt anyone at my work gives a f**k
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