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  1. Thanks for the support, no it wasn’t the fat wimmin [emoji23] Got hauled up for not following a procedure introduced when I was off (after my brother died) that no-one bothered to tell me about🤬
  2. Younger’s No3 in the Station bar in Thurso, Tartan Special or Guinness elsewhere in Thurso, bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale in Aberdeen University Union. Ranging from 50p to 65p per pint if memory serves
  3. Derek really needs to take a good long look in the mirror before he makes his excuses for that abject capitulation
  4. Shat on big time at work today (figuratively obvs). No a happy bunny
  5. 5 (at least) “ averagey-looking cock teases” that have said “naw, am dancin’ wi ma pal”
  6. 1. Job creation 2. It’s as much as some of them can do (no offense intended)
  7. Writer of the “Banana Boat Song” Irving Burgie dead-o!
  8. Time for Derek to replace Cosgrove with Cerny to see out the game [emoji849]
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