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  1. Well that’s my weekend sorted [emoji23]
  2. Fucking boooooo! Not in my dead pool Fucking yesssss! I’m not in the UK
  3. Don’t forget referees. The EPL doesn’t have the “issues” we have up here!
  4. This is going to sound sexist but bear with it. If one of only 2 male teachers at the school (total staff is about 12), the other is part time music. Somehow, because of this and because I have an engineering degree. I was tasked with setting up the thermostat at the start of the year (new building). Since then, at least 2 or 3 times a week one of the other teachers will come in in the morning and ask/complain “is it hot/cold in here?”, “is your room hot/cold?”. NAW, it’s the same fucking setting it’s been at all fucking year!
  5. Supposed to be “. 50 minutes to an hour” turned into nearly 2 hours. On the basis of today I’ve been prescribed mirtazapine, sent for blood work so they can put me on naltrexone or give the vivitrol shot and a possible completely new diagnosis of bi-polar instead of clinical depression and anxiety disorder. Still got the PTSD diagnosis. Could possibly mean I’ve been misdiagnosed for years (possibly down to the alcohol/me not being completely honest about myself) Time will tell
  6. My phone stays in the kitchen overnight, which is close enough that should I ever need to hear the alarm I will. (In nearly 5 years I think it’s gone off once before I got up, the rest of the time I’m up before it’s due and turn it off) My bedroom is purely for sleep, no reading, no electronics, no clock. (Aye, no shagging either [emoji22]) Even if I had several alerts set on it my phone wouldn’t disturb me because I may only get around 4hours sleep at night but there damn near nothing going to wake me once I’m down!
  7. I hate to engage with weary willie but no you fucking won’t. You’ll still hoover up young talent to keep it from playing against you (and so will sevco) and those players will end up in colt teams if they qualify. It just gives you more spaces to give players a game, it’s not going to develop any great new talent at the old firm*
  8. I have a psych evaluation tomorrow morning. Hopefully they can do something to help with my recent issues and current recovery.
  9. Do you need deliverance from this noise? Buy a banjo?
  10. I haven’t had a rowie in 11 years now [emoji22]
  11. I was sitting in my living room last night and 6 ants walked over the floor, then 4 more. I needed a pet so I made them a home from a cardboard box. Now I charge them rent, they’re my tenants!
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