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  1. Horrific club photos

    I have been in these dark dangerous places, please call someone, or go to your doctor and talk about this I’m too far away to physically help, tell someone, anyone, we are awful at those 3 words, “ I need help” Please try
  2. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    I’m not sure “thinks” is a word we should associate with him
  3. Is Civil War a Possibility?

    Aye, there’ll be champions league fitba on tv
  4. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    Just to stir the pot, I find it reprehensible that we’re all labeled as bestialists, and b*****ds! That never gets reported
  5. Calling Cards of Morons

    I have never, ever either been to school or worked on my birthday [emoji106]
  6. Three Word Story...

    With cheese slices
  7. Three Word Story...

    Shite on Sportsound
  8. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    To answer an earlier post loans were around in the early 70’s at least. A certain Willie Miller was on loan at Peterhead as a center forward (!)for a while IIRC
  9. Devlin and Cerny at cb Shinnie, Fergie and Gleason as midfielders GMS, Stewart, Cosgrove, May, McGinn up front
  10. I suspect Dell to go full on crazy and go 2-3-5
  11. Your teams's funniest XI

    No mention of Darren Mackie the literary genius?
  12. Depression

    Guess what? Last weekend I relapsed big time. I have spend a few days in hospital, a lot of times feeling worthless but I am making positive moves. Spoke to my therapist and was honest. On release from hospital (aye that severe)!was given a list of IOP, PHP, or inpatient options. Today I stared PHP(partial hospitalization plan) which basically means I attend groups all day but get to home at night. So far(day one) but so good. I like the facility, I like the people, my daughters support me doing this, work is trying to find a way to push me out on non-medical issues but they are fishing. I am hopeful this will work
  13. Worst Town In Scotland

    Now, maybe, pre 1980’s no
  14. Do you like the Scottish?

    Being a teen-a-bowlie from a family of Aberdonians or Doric fowk I used to love visiting the Silver City. Mind you this was in the heyday oh George Street, St Nicholas Street, Union Street, before even the Coopy building maybe colours my memories. Last time I was there, 2011, the “city center” was soulless, the Prince of Wales was a fucking disgrace, at least the Kirkgate, Ma’s, the Grill, the Broadsword (I, I ken), the Machar, the Torry we’re still ok. The rest of the city is a ruin of faux pubs, shite shops and soulless retail parks
  15. NY Times Dialect Quiz

    I got Week, which is pretty close to the glorious town of Thurso tbf