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  1. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    I’m going for a 12-0 victory for the Dons! Damn! These new meds are goooooooooood 🤪
  2. Telephone Culture (or lack of)

    Would it not have been the GPO before BT?
  3. Depression

    Well I was discharged from residential treatment today and now I’m in a sober living house
  4. Depression

    Out and about on a pass today to visit a couple of sober living places to move into once I get discharged
  5. Depression

    Struggling to cope so I’m off into residential care for c30 days
  6. Rock Chicks

    ^^^^you like ‘em looking like skanky rough bitches? Ok.
  7. Depression

    Nae my best day. Really pissed off by one guy who seems to think he’s running groups. However I will survive and move forward. And the c**t on Saturday will not get to me
  8. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    “a orange” Mods, please
  9. One problem trying to sign players for AFC is still the cretinous idea that Aberdeen is impossible to get to/ from
  10. Depression

    Well, Last night I was sitting with my youngest granddaughter who was sleeping with her head in my lap, I was gently stroking her head. The girls’ uncle (a fucking angry drunk and a waste of skin) accused me of inappropriate behaviour and basically a child molester. As you guys know im not a violent person but had she not been there I would have battered him. As it was, I got the wee one to go downstairs with my youngest daughter, I walked out without my keys (I knew what would happen if I had them) called the wee one’s mum and a lot of people to keep me on the straight and level. What makes people behave like shitebags?
  11. Depression

    Wow! Thanks guys. I’m actually off to have sober fun bowling with some of my fellow recoverees
  12. Depression

    This is hard I don’t think I really appreciated how hard it is to beat an addiction. I’m doing ok but I’m not going to lie this is possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do. I’m not a saint, I’m not perfect, I am weak, but I will try. Thank you.
  13. Three Word Story...

    Eggy dip dip
  14. I think the most I ever managed as a student was the 18 bottles of Newcastle Brown after my last ever exam in 1986. Most on a night out, probably that or a random night out in Caithness where I possibly exceeded that? [emoji52] I doubt I ever hit the depths of last December’s melt-down where the hospital recorded my BAL as “over .600” compared to the driving limit of .08.* Hence why I’m now in out patient treatment. No drugs, ever, just a jakey twat with a stupid tolerance[emoji37] *seriously not boasting
  15. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Fuuuuuk! I keep telling fowk here how cheap petroleum is here compared to Scotland. What is it now? 2 quid a liter?