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  1. I’m no doubt well down the list but, being a teacher that much prefers face to face teaching I’m quite keen to get it. Had to get tested last week due to a positive for one of my senior students, thankfully I don’t have the plague
  2. Just found out I can catch up on the last series and the Christmas special but I have to pay. I have seen up to (I think) ep8 of the last series, is it 1) worth paying for the rest? 2) necessary to watch before the “special”? Thanking you all in advance RN
  3. Having been, in the past, a mentally unstable jakey he has some sympathy from me. He’s still a c unt though
  4. Here’s one for you tattoo aficionados (ink not twee tartanism) A friend looking for a tattoo (probably a sleeve) has been recommended some lassie in Dunfermline by name of Luce Grey. Anyone got any feedback? Good? Bad? Overpriced? Etc Serious inquiry, I know nothing about ink
  5. Have not read every post so sorry if this has been addressed Yes, dreadful result and that requires questions being asked. However, we don’t even know if this season will be finished, let alone next season started on time (or ever) so how the f**k you can advertise a job and appoint someone on the basin of “ weel there micht be a job or no” and “weel we micht be able to ge ye a few pennies to spend or no” is beyond me. I’m no a McInnes fanboy, I’m no a “sackhimnooooo” guy either, but I suspect there are bigger issues in life at the moment
  6. One of my free channels is old Dr. Who I just want to say no one can ever, ever replace Roger Delgado as The Master. EVER! Oh the effect were of their day, the acting was sometimes scenery chewing at its worst, but Delgado was the best. Oh and you can never beat “.... Jenkins, chap with wings there, five rounds rapid!”
  7. Aye, but for us auld yins it wouldna be “300g” stewing beef. It wid be 1lb beef, 2 medium onions and 1/3rd pint of stock, 1/2lb lard, 6 chopped carrots and a cup of corn flour for thickening (I know those aren’t direct size replacements but we were also guilty of using mixed measures)
  8. There are so many of them that do that driving at night when a car comes the other way. There must be a test for night blindness that can keep these folks off the road
  9. 1. Improve my fitness. There a free gym in the apartment complex where I live so I plan to use it. Nothing to ridiculous just use the treadmill and bike for 20miles a week and aim to bench 100lbs 2. Continue to read. Averaging about 4 books a week at the moment, keeps me off the internet and TV 3. Try not to “fall in love” (or become over attached) to anyone. There are more important things for me to do this year 4. Learn at least one new song every week on guitar 5. Adding to 4. Learn how to play some lead guitar. I’ve always only played rhythm/chords and I’d like to be able to play at least some kinds of solo 6. Very Covid related, but I’d love to come back and visit the UK 7. Generally improve my health. Eat better, more exercise, yoga, meditation and don’t let myself get in a rut 8. Be a better teacher. There’s always room for improvement 9. Get to more AA meetings (again Covid affected but they do help me) 10. Play golf at least once. Been to driving ranges, top golf and the like but I haven’t played a full round in the (over) 10 years I’ve been over here
  10. At 5 seconds a go that’s less than 3 hours min, be a bit more ambitious FFS
  11. One that seems to be happening more often (or I’m noticing it more) People at traffic lights that start to “creep” as they see the light change in another direction, presumably anticipating green and looking to get a quick getaway. Then they just stop and sit there for several seconds when it does turn green before they actually go anywhere.
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