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  1. Tom fucking Brady claiming the game has gone soft! FFS they invented the “tuck rule” MID GAME to save your pathetic arse! Just shut the f**k up, you’re the most protected and precious quarterback ever.
  2. In all 3 marriages (so far) I’ve always been the cook. Of course, now I’m single I have to be!
  3. Thanks to my wholly illegal termination from my last teaching post (lawsuit pending) I had to do a fair few interviews this summer. I decided to completely avoid the standard “this is what they want to hear” answers and was 100% honest about how I genuinely feel and believe. Out of 9 interviews I was offered 8 jobs! I guess they liked what they heard.
  4. @Meldrew You are a moron, sir! I have lived here, been married to an American, have American stepdaughters and granddaughters and not one of them, or the significant other American females has a voice that grates anything like as much as a whiny weegie, a posh embra bint or a Fife mink. Just to add I’ve met lovely people from all 3 parts of Scotland listed above who are delightful to converse with. Fuckoff back under your insular rock you slug!
  5. Not just me surely, but are there a lot of unnecessary calls this season?
  6. TBF I used to “enjoy” when an opponent scored and a player tried winding up the support. It’s what made Scottish football particularly Scottish.
  7. Mercedes drivers here now! Moved on from other German cars
  8. American legal system takes forever. I have a cast iron case against my previous employer, going to take at least a year to get it into court. Likely they will wait til the day before the hearing, make a desultory offer and drag it out further.
  9. The line in a fraction between the numerator and denominator is called the vinculum.
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