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  1. Would lots of other teams won lots of other games if rangers RIP hadn’t cheated financially?
  2. 1 step short of “full-on” “....it’s only 3points....” Mark McGhee [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  3. Lhenny has had a heads gone in the article I just read on the BBC app. Talking about “media.....hysteria” and all sorts about suggesting his coat is on a shoo fly peg [emoji23] He’s just one step short of prime-time “...it’s on Wikipedia y’know....” McGhee
  4. I’d love to have a go on Jeopardy! over here, my big weakness is when they have a very “Americana” type topics
  5. That Peppa Pig’s a nightmare right enough
  6. I went down the promotion road teaching in Scotland. Had 2 different PT jobs, loved one, hated the last one (and TBH due to circumstances really didn’t give a f**k by the end) Am I glad I did it? Yes. Would I do it again? No. Happy just teaching theses days
  7. Thanks to it’s proximity to Dounreay every kid in Thurso looked like they’d eaten Ready Brek!
  8. Me too. No dual carriageway either and only one set of lights!
  9. I think the point everyone is missing is that neither “organisation” actually WANT to win 10IAR. Yeah, the fans, players, managers do, but if it happens it fucks up the current “status quo” between the ugly sisters. Bragging rights for individual games are HUGE, no doubt about it, but really they just want to maintain their position as the ugly (twin) sisters with no chance of a “Cinderella story” ever happening again. 10IAR upsets the apple cart way too much so there was never any chance it would happen. WUASTC celtgers fans, it’s already decided!
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