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  1. I have yet to meet anyone over here, and specifically “soccer” fans who know anything about either Celtic or Rangers* English sides, obviously, Barca, Real, Italian sides, German, Mexican, are known about, but the cheeks? [emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23]
  2. I’ve decided to start annoying folk that post stupid “defund the polis” or “ my flag was banned from Facebook” shrieking fuckwits because 1. I’m bored of the shite 2. Hopefully these people will unfriend me.
  3. Over 6 months now, and I’m pretty sure most of you know it’s a necessity in my case. Not only have I been going to AA and actually “working” the steps I’m now sponsoring people. Really does make a difference
  4. More “defund the police” = communism and lawlessness shite. I am rapidly removing “friends” who are suddenly ultra-right
  5. “nuclear” and “guesswork” are not two words I want to see together
  6. “Darren44”, hmmmmm 4+4=8....... It’s 8aliasestogo [emoji23]
  7. I deleted everything and cleaned out all the dead stuff I have so I'm going to try again tonight.
  8. Ran for a couple of hours then it says can't run because there's not enough disc space?
  9. Aye the Grill was one of my very favourite bars in Aberdeen. Stop in there on my way home after a hard day’s teaching for a couple of pints and nips then home for dinner. Often followed by several more beers, a bottle or 2 of wine and maybe a few more nips!
  10. Spending $,000’s you don’t have on various muscle supplements and associated shite.
  11. If you have the link that would be great
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