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  1. Good lord you lot drink some shitty lager/beer. And yer a lot of lightweights too. Which is a good thing if you don’t want to end up a jakey like me
  2. If only we’d built a moon base in 1999! Anyway UFO Space 1999 Thunderbirds Captain Scarlet Stingray Terrahawks Joe 90 Supercar
  3. This is shite. f**k all to do at work but I have to show up, struggling to get enough AA time, Zoom meetings are all good and well but not particularly helpful and my middle stepdaughter is only working weekends thanks to this and I’m not in a position to be much help. She’s getting a lot of shite from her c**t of an ex ( if it wasn’t for their kid... ah you get the idea) and I can’t do anything and it’s killing me. At least I haven’t gone back on the booze but I’m having almost nightly drinking dreams. I hate this shit and on top of that I’m playing phone tag with the doc about my recent blood test results. Normally they wait until my next appointment so why are they calling me now?
  4. Did another AA meeting via Zoom last night. We got hacked and someone started posting up porn pages [emoji23]
  5. Lust Sloth Envy Gluttony Pride Anger Greed
  6. Will you cnuts stop talking about alcohol please [emoji35] (Or at least use spoilers)
  7. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Isolation would kill me if I looked like that! [emoji15]
  8. Also means when you have a TB skin test it always shows positive. ( You get tested for TB for teaching jobs here)
  9. Po Lala Dipsy TinkyWinky Oh, and just announced, Illinois on “Stay at Home” order until April 30th
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