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  1. Bo'ness United 2017/18

  2. Scottish Cup Weekend

    not been to bad in the cowden/crossgates area would expect the games to be on unless extreme frost tonight
  3. Scottish Cup Weekend

    £6 mate
  4. Scottish Cup Weekend

    could also be dodgy mate heavy rain here last 3 days but think its a bit better than HOBs park
  5. Scottish Cup Weekend

    could be dodgy mate park always heavy on one touch line not looking good
  6. War of the Roses

    Kettle tea pot comes to mind watched lithgae play HOB recently and all they done was bombard the ref in to booking HOB players as usual maroon tinted specks
  7. Scottish Cup Weekend

    Looking forward to the visit from Talbot to see how our young team fair although game could be in doubt if rain keeps up
  8. Scottish Cup Weekend

    A lot of East v West ties who will come out on top
  9. The 'Sauchie Juniors' Thread

    just aswell bud nae chance of a game down here
  10. The 'Sauchie Juniors' Thread

    Tam, am no rocket scientist but been p-ssing down in Dunblane all morning and pretty sure all last night, don't think we will be playing at Sauchie tomorrow :thumbsdown just need to have a at the black watch bud
  11. Ballingry carpetbaggers

    A heard the Welfare were odds on to beat them in the league cup Tam, if this happens I guess we will need an interpreter for you as I think you'll be pashed Mon the welfare
  12. Ballingry carpetbaggers

    Jimmy I don't believe you, counting was never one of your strong points