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  1. Haw! Are you impersonating me?
  2. McB

    Hip Hop Thread

    A question that I think (hope) might be relevant to this thread - I've got a mp3 of 'Running' by The Pharcyde from feck knows where, but I think it's ace. Is this representative of their stuff generally (i.e. if I like this track, might I like other stuff they've done?) and if so, where do I start? Suggestions welcome.
  3. Leaving aside the fact that there is no way that this - even if voted in favour of by the BMA - will become government policy (see the dragging of feet re. plain cigarette packing etc.) it's a blatantly stupid idea. Prohibition of something doesn't stop people wanting it, or stop people finding out ways to get their hands on it, or stop people fucking themselves up with it. Whilst as a non-smoker I supported the ban on smoking in enclosed public places I can't get my head around this. Inform people that cigarettes can f**k you up, give them resources to stop smoking if they want to, and then leave them to it. Prohibition is not the answer.
  4. If my training doesn't go that well I'll keep that strategy in mind as a plan B, cheers!
  5. I've got a place in the Great North Run as well. More than a little apprenhensive as I've never done anything more than a 10K previously, I think I might have been pished when I applied. Ooops. On the bright side I suppose there's plenty of time to get my arse in gear before September - if this doesn't motivate me nothing will!
  6. Edinburgh's very pretty, and I've had some cracking nights out there. It's just a shame that the place is hoaching with Edinburgers.
  7. Failing an exam, which it will cost me £1400 to re-sit, by two marks. Two fucking marks! It's like losing to a disputed or own goal in the last minute of injury time, I'd rather have failed properly
  8. People who expect me to find their house for a home visit who have no number on the door, no name, nothing. I'm not fucking psychic, how am I supposed to find your hoose? Honestly, this job has given me a new respect for posties, I'm astonished anybody gets any mail at all.
  9. My doctors bag and I have just been copiously vomited on by an unwell child
  10. This sounds immense. I was going to have a haggis pizza for tea ce soir but I might have to pop into Lidl on the way home and get one of these instead. If I do try it I shall report back with my findings.
  11. Re. deferring entry to school, I think it's the case that you have to have started school before you turn six, therfore anyone born in September or later can defer. Generally those whose parents decide to defer primary school entry are January or February birthdays though.
  12. I'm not much of a cineaste so I've never actually seen Goodfellas
  13. I saw this last night. Thought it was great, very atmospheric, and the directing and acting were, as you say, fantastic (although with such a stellar cast that was to be expected)... but am I educationally sub-normal or was it really really quite confusing? I'm still a bit with regards to certain bits of the plot. Maybe I ought to read the book (though I don't know how faithful an adaptaion it was, that might just muddy the waters). Anyway, 8.5/10, losing 0.5 for excessive gore (thankfully I hadn't had my tea beforehand) and 1 for being too clever for simpletons like myself.
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