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  1. Robinson crumbled under the pressure of the league cup group stages. He then claimed playing lower league teams is somehow unfair on a premiership team. Levels..
  2. Feck me lads, these hibees love a "it was banter u-turn" when they cant respond to a dig on relegation!
  3. Not really. Hibs clearly weren't very good at doing that considering relegation is a semi regular occurence down Leith way
  4. Hes a very boring man this craigkillie Says everything with total conviction his word is the gospel A dull p***k
  5. Good win with some great goals. Decent all round and some promising signs. Jim Goodwin reminding St Mirren what theyve lost with his team tearing Robinsons lot apart
  6. Weird isnt it. Surely not because the previous 4 we finished 2nd. They have had 2 championship seasons in the last 8. Selective Jambos eh
  7. The negative bit stuck in your head? No way! You know in scottish football no one will sign for anyone who doesnt have weaknesses that can be identified?
  8. You are right. Done with him now. Even if we drew/lost in Armenia this clown would be telling us people are only annoyed because we lost to Armenia and how Clarke couldnt have done anymore
  9. “A couple of changes today that obviously didn't work but I don't think it was about changes and personnel today,” he added. “It was more about, I don't know, more about something else". Are you Steve Clarke? The quote ive posted above is him yesterday. Not particularly reassuring that hes clueless to what this "something else" was is it? Not personnel and not changes.. what does that leave?
  10. Motivation of players , correctly setting them up based on who you are playing (rather than persisting with the same system regardless) and the ability to make subs or tactical changes to positively affect the game for your team are all in large parts down to a manager.
  11. Jesus You have to be a member of his family or work for the SFA PR department Playing your game, why are you so sure Clarke got it right? Also well avoided again regarding the point ALL players "take responsibility" after a shit result. Means nothing Tactically - for a start leaving Hendry on Duffy all game despite him being dominated from the first cross in / playing 3 at the back who kept getting stretched and caught out with balls behind and not changing it. That sort of thing. But i know your response, you are one of those who believes 11 players working hard is all its about (he couldn't even get that out of them?
  12. Players saying after a humiliation they should have played better/protecting the manager? Thats 99% of interviews in those circumstances. Also you say nobody knows whats going on so we cant attribute blame? Yet you attribute blame to players and none to Clarke. Also you dont have to be an expert to see the 1st half was awful and the system wasnt working. He didnt change it.
  13. Yet you are 100% certain Clarke is the only one whose untouchable Fair enough. You are fixed on that and ignore any attempt to justify YOUR opinion its anybody except Clarkes fault
  14. Definitely a troll You are the 1 poster unequivocally sure that tactically, selection wise or in any other way Clarke is untouchable and uncriticisable. Id love to know what great knowledge you have to back that up? So far it seems to be that the players didn't do what he said!
  15. Even if he meant it then it doesn't absolve the managerial failures at all. That is the point. But again you post as if Clarke had the training spot on , his selection spot on and his tactics spot on. Those pesky players just messed it up right? Agree to disagree.
  16. You put that up as some catch all defence of Clarke though .. which it isnt Whether Robertson meant it or not he was just saying what 99% of players do when asked to front up after an embrassing performance
  17. You have to be a troll? When do players not give out the usual platitudes about "its not good enough" when they know fans are raging. Your desire to absolve Clarke of any blame is really odd. Again he got his system wrong , played the wrong team and had no clue how to change it tactically or personnel wise to get a grip of the game. Are you his relative?
  18. So the manager is irrelevant? Or can he choose the wrong players in his chosen 11? It seems you are putting up any argument you can to absolve a manager of any responsibility
  19. Spot on This poster (craigkillie) posts with undeserved and unwarranted authority constantly. His profile picture may suggest a glimmer of self awareness as to how he comes across.
  20. Also im taking it his teams obsession and hatred of for example Dundee is ok with RG?
  21. Tell me more about your cycling... that was fascinating. Did anyone say well done for you cycling that much? Very impressive.
  22. Not for me. Find Chick Young one of the worst. Constantly cutting in on open all mics to give an unimportant update which takes him about a minute to do. Often seems genuinely confused as well. Agree on Rory Loy.
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