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  1. He is right on them A huge chunk of both the Edinburgh teams supports wanted the manager out a year ago
  2. You've had less of us than us in the past decade too. Guessing your 2 cup pumpings from St Johnstone last season met with the "big club" pish you spout
  3. Yup. Hibs are such a massive club in this clowns eyes that he uses a semi final to justify that claim.
  4. Correct A PE teacher in Perth according to Craigie Broon
  5. Odd comment Dundee have been committing consistent niggly fouls. Both bookings are correct too
  6. Sending off or not its funny to see Hibs fans screaming cheat. All the dodgy penalties that have helped them along this season conveniently forgotten in the outrage of being "cheated"
  7. A suggestion that Michael Stewart may have any favourable feelings towards Aberdeen is paranoia Nothing else
  8. Its a conspiracy ... or maybe its paranoia on your part?
  9. Agree with pretty much all of that. Definitely worth noting pretty much every half chance or move forward seemed to start from Brown winning the ball or passing forwards. He seems to have more energy than the likes of Ferguson just now. Cant be right
  10. The aforementioned St Johnstone players taking a tumble from any minor touch and the ref falling for it. Also as i mentioned constant leaving the boot in that you got away with. Either way its glass's job to break down agricultural teams like St Johnstone
  11. No tears here. It just is a fact St Johnstones style is utterly brutal and has been for years. Its worked recently for you so understandably you wont care. As i say you have had many a rant on here at your own clubs tactics and style of play so i think you know!
  12. Its true thats why. Aberdeens deficiencies at the moment are obvious and your style has worked for you in the past couple of seasons and fair enough worked yesterday ultimately. But f**k me it is undoubtedly brutal. Leave the boot in on every tackle (whilst going down like you've been shot from any slight touch) / every man behind the ball for 90 per cent of the game / waste time from minute 1 / hoof it up the pitch and hope for a flick on. It is fucking awful to watch and you seem to have been doing it as long as i can remember. In fact if i could be bothered you yourself have flooded threads before complaining how poor you are in attack and don't look like your going to score at home etc etc Not sour grapes. 2 shit teams yesterday with a sclaff from a shite striker the difference.
  13. Those 90 minutes against Dunfermline in the cup you mean?
  14. Good result considering all the advantages Hearts had going in to this (including the usual dodgy Tynecastle penalty). We should have won based on 2nd half. Brown dominated Hearts !
  15. Is the fact Aberdeen have owned Kilmarnock for many years part of your inferiority complex?
  16. I believe the Jambos last played in europe over half a decade ago and went out to some Maltese shite.
  17. Good performance overall with quality football at various times. Glass revolution continues!
  18. Fantastic performance all round. Every player played well , the style weve adopted and the intent throughout were superb too. Very early days but what a start. COYR
  19. Not annoyed, just find your defence of Leitch funny against actual evidence of how shite hes been. As for the intelligence and better informed line, utterly pointless, (suggesting that as if no one can therefore criticise politicians or members of government haha) Unless you wish to admit that for example Tory health ministers are much more intelligent and better informed than you? Happy to admit that? I presume you are talking about the dentist above ? Haha hes out his depth dealing with a crisis in which an epidemiology background may have been more appropriate no? Leitch , a man who recently claimed Scotland was the covid capital of Europe because he handled it so well earlier on The fury with which you defend him is very funny. Its almost like you are one of those idiots who sees no fault in anything the Scottish Government does , now that is laughable in the extreme
  20. Careful. Supporters of the SNP believe exactly this. Dangerously stupid people.
  21. Haha The dentist Leitch is a fucking idiot. If you fail to see this then so are you. I can't believe "people like you exist" either who have a blood pressure spike at any perceived criticism of anything linked to the Scottish Government. Sad b*****d
  22. Douglas Ross is undoubtedly an arsehole. However the amount of times the shite speaking SNP dentist has been on more than balance this appearance out. Off the Ball being utter shite in general these days is more of a problem for me than the guests.
  23. Just poor wee CraigKillie. Hes a sensitive soul it seems.
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