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  1. Of course he wont He has a huge chip on his shoulder about Aberdeen it seems. He doesnt respond to the fact its not debt as its covered by Cormack etc. He also doesnt see any difference between a couple of very wealthy Aberdeen fans from Aberdeen (Cormack/Milne) and Vladimir Romanov. Strange man
  2. Spot on Hearts "benefactors" cash is doing a lot of heavy lifting in the Hearts accounts too.
  3. I would argue an Aberdeen born multimillionaire and fan (Cormack) backed by another (Milne) and many of Cormacks rich mates is a bit different to your lot wearing t shirts saying "believe" and genuinely thinking a Lithuanian conman was going to do what he said and genuinely supported Hearts It seems like you still have a lot of pain about your team nearly going bust. Dont worry yourself. Thatll never happen to Aberdeen
  4. He is Also he seems to forget that part of the reason he thinks his team is rolling in cash (they arent! Plus a "benefactor" is doing a lot of heavy lifting to keep the numbers looking good) is because (again like the Sevco cousins they love so much) they fucked over creditors for many millions of pounds. Scum move really. Also the Heart of Midlothian Council Stand both looks shit and cost double the original price due to incompetency in the Hearts boardroom He seems proud of it though so thats good
  5. As a Hearts fan in terms of singing do you enjoy the "going to Europe" one (i imagine yes as its about once a decade you actually play in Europe so its a novelty!), or the "Glorious Hearts" one? I think that sums up the Hearts fan songbook . Well apart from the Sevco song you sing in solidarity with your Govan brethren.
  6. The council office stand isnt it? Sure that's the name. Built originally with no seats ordered. Overspend huge with the contract given to someone Budge knew? Didnt build many more corporate facilities either. Plenty to learn for Aberdeen here ..
  7. Yeah its a shit result. 75 minutes of complete domination by Aberdeen by 15 minutes of utter pish by Aberdeen. Doesnt mean we cant all laugh at Hibs David Brent esque manager
  8. Johnson invented statistics and apps I believe. He certainly seems to think so.
  9. Absolutely. A 2-0 head start was too much. But i've not seen many defeats in which we've battered the other team more. Bar 20 minutes we dominated.
  10. Leith Green wins the award for the biggest meltdown seen on P&B this year! He will be rocking in a chair repeating the name Jim Goodwin
  11. He is an oddball Very very angry man. I think he might have completed his breakdown tonight. Jim Goodwin lives rent free in his head with his 12 brain cells
  12. Are you not that arsehole triggered by Goodwin calling our your new favourite ned. Leith Green is RAGING
  13. Careful Leith Green is on the verge of a breakdown
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