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  1. I suppose Hibs fans havent been looking at third place on the final day since the late 2000s.
  2. I agree. Hes young and may well develop in to 1 of these things. But at the moment i fully agree ive no idea what he is
  3. I can understand why your subconscious brought these things together in the same paragraph.
  4. Lennon could lend him an excuse or 2. Lennons most recent is around vague unsaid mystery "issues" around the club through the season?
  5. Hes been a superb player for us over the years. Oddly a section of the support always seemed to dislike him , weirdly as he "looked miserable" and "lazy". Possibly our most consistently good player over the time he has been with us, even last season he was our main attacking threat. Sadly he does look finished now (go on Niall .. get a double today!)
  6. A Hibs fan is the indication, just maybe not one who has a season ticket. I predict "HibsFan" from this site.
  7. How can you class that as 'hands by his side' if the ball managed to go between his hip and his hand. It's an abysmal call from the ref. Celtic fans can only see conspiracies against Celtic. Every advantage they get in the way of dodgy decisions in their favour (like our pen tonight) they conveniently ignore.
  8. I see hes meant to have had a shocker for Hearts tonight. 6 appearances in the championship with no goals or assists for GMS so far. Dodged a past it version of him IMO
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