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  1. We beat you with 2 days prep whilst you had a week. 7 games without a win for your shite at Pittodrie now. 6th place for hearts incoming... again. COYR
  2. Almost is good enough for them mate. They also almost completed a flowing attacking move once. Think it was in 1991 or something , I believe it's on the club honours list
  3. Obsessed with Aberdeen 😂 How's Vela done in Europe so far mate? Sorry .. I forgot .. how is the diddy cup, you just enjoy hoofball to Doidge against Stirling . Hibs heading towards a glorious 6th place finish 😅
  4. A glorious win over Alloa . Get it on your honours list along with your 1 Scottish Cup a century. Have a good weekend losers
  5. A decent half time score for Hibs. New signings tearing it up 🤣
  6. If you would all stop trying to talk to me that might help. Good luck with your huge and important home game today against a lower league side. Fingers crossed for taking them to penalties 😄
  7. Good luck . You have to be able to beat the likes of Stirling Albion first
  8. If in doubt use a GIF Just responding to all you HIV fans trying to talk to me. Good luck trying to get closer to Hearts this season. Cant imagine what it's like to be Leveins bitch ! Also.. I take it that's the look you get when you turn up looking for more drugs for free because youve spent the giro already?
  9. Hehe not at all. Your manager seems very upset about it. You are "on record" as saying that . The fact that goes against what your manager previously said not trigger a thought in your empty head? Your manager was "on record" saying you would finish third back in April 🤣 you will finish above us again one day. Keep dreaming
  10. That local rivalry that is important to you as you have nothing else to cling on to? Do you really enjoy getting pumped regularly (particularly in the biggest final your tiny club have ever played) by your "local rivals" ? Each to their own. You must be in to BDSM .. probably while smacked off your tits
  11. No obsession . Just fun to jump in on your mass delusions. Your manager going on about Funso AGAIN today .. is he feeling the pain? Obsessed with Aberdeen I'd say. We are a bigger and better club and he knows it. OBSESSED
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