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  1. Naismith is and always has been a disgusting little shit. Vile human being.
  2. All quality Plus nice to see Main IS as shite as we all know and remember
  3. 9 years in 10 with Hearts behind Aberdeen Natural order im afraid Come on you reds!
  4. A massive 1 goal in 12 since this game That's more like the Curtis Main Aberdeen fans know and love
  5. He is the angriest man in football. McGregor clearly has some serious psychological problems. Nice that he made a twat of himself on his last appearance at Pittodrie
  6. Fantastic and deserved win for Aberdeen. Get in!
  7. They also suggested they were miles ahead of Aberdeen and heading for third when they beat a 10 man (for 85 mins) Aberdeen
  8. Well done Hibees Showing the Jambos who the big team in Edinburgh really is
  9. This Plus the 2 defeats are Celtic away and playing St Mirren with 10 men for virtually the whole game
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