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  1. The Championship 😆 Trying to prove you are NOT an irrelevance by winning a league you were only in as you are a yo-yo club? Embarrassment. Also , you won the Scottish Cup after over a century, that is true. We've still won a trophy more recently whilst finishing ahead of you for around a decade. You also can't even beat your lower league neighbours 🙄
  2. Also if you see us as irrelevant how much does it hurt season after season to be owned by us (as well as your championship neighbours!) Hibs fans insistence every season that they are amazing and are playing breathtaking football when they win 2 or 3 games makes you very easy to mock 😝
  3. Bet you cant find an argument against anything i posted . As its true. If we are irrelevant you are much more irrelevant. Happier with that? Hibs 😆
  4. Easy win again. Hibs 🤣 8 years without a win at Pittodrie. You would think they would learn that they are an irrelevance wouldn't you. Good solid performance from us , never felt threatened by Hibs dull possession. Great finish Cosgrove too.
  5. Very odd to pick on Miller for this. Preston / Chick Young / Bonner are all much worse for this. Alan Preston spends 10 minutes on some pointless trivia question before saying anything about the game he is at. Thank f**k Hearts are down as he was insufferable "commentating" on Hearts games. Chick Young is and always has been a simpleton. Usually he will spend a few minutes saying nothing much at all (whilst making out something amazing has happened) only to say "the shot went about 10 feet wide". Bonner doesn't know any player names out with Celtic so he truly can't accurately comment on any incident.
  6. Well no worries as thats the trajectory for Hibs .. again.
  7. Yup the rivalry chat is desperate. An admission that both the teams in Edinburgh are so shit and irrelevant that a few games a season against each other is as good as it gets. Thats supposed to be a good thing? Pathetic specimens.
  8. Haha what a fucking loser 😆 i dont care .. followed by an emotional break down. Hibs are an irrelevance to anyone outside Leith. Love your seeth. You hate that we put you in your place every season dont you. Calm down and focus on that big battle for a 6th place finish.
  9. Especially as you played the same game for a shit player in Murphy!
  10. Come on you reds! Dominating Hibs ... again. Long throws and long balls were all Hibs offered. We attacked with purpose, speed and aggression (plus some great skill at times). Fully deserved. Hibs fans thinking they will be/are great this season 😄
  11. Ive never described the game as even decent. It was brutal.
  12. A meme? How original and clever 😄 . Theyve hit Perthshire now have they. Arent you part of the modern world now ...
  13. I was reacting to a childish comment simply pointing out how laughable it was. Ill explain more slowly if you want
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