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  1. An ex tory spin doctor Karen in the case of Partick Thistle. Despicable woman all round.
  2. Scott Brown with at least 1 abysmal pass that put his team in trouble earlier (bailed out by his own teammates) and a few fouls. Hes so average it hurts.
  3. If its not hard you should have made a better job than "mince". Poor
  4. Fascinating. Your post analysis entertains everyone. Mince? Devastating wit.
  5. Not an attempt at humour. Just a fact Hibs often struggle for the top 6. They will again.
  6. Clutching at straws for a 6th place. Asterisk ? Sound like a Jambo
  7. We beat Rangers twice in 1 season just 2 years ago. Plus in the cup semi. Not like a Dundee fan to be thick as well as supporting a lower league team
  8. League doesnt matter ? Might as well stop playing then, much like you did second half on Saturday. The seeth from you is hilarious. It will be ten years behind us in the league soon enough, but you can cling on to your scottish cup win for the next 90 plus years until you win it again. As for us "rolling over" to Celtic I would be more worried if I were a Hibs fan about rolling over to a shite hearts team .. again. Hibs 😆😆
  9. True though isnt it. That's the bit that hurts you most. You played some cracking football at times though In the 1950s
  10. Still upset about Ojo? Josh Vela looked different class today to be fair ...
  11. If you thought we were shit today and we still beat you that easily I fucking pity you ...
  12. Hibs 😆😆😆😆😆 Utter shite and forever in our shadow. Battle on to stay in the top 6 for Hibs. Standard
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