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  1. We just signed one Offloaded an old legs gone winger to replace him
  2. Good question. Also if it was that way round of course it would have been a penalty and sending off .. no doubt about it.
  3. Yeah Hes still upset that a man he previously expressed hatred for now manages his wee club . He has to pretend otherwise. Sad really
  4. Craigkillie is such an arrogant/boring p***k that he has a thread on here updating everyone on his football manager progress. A w**k to be avoided.
  5. Fair enough. Time will tell on both of them. I think some people have a bit of hysteria early on with Maloney just because hes won 2 from 2. Glass started with 5 wins from 6!
  6. Did i say that meant he was great? My point was the hardest thing to do on Sportsound is find a good pundit and that Miller is far from worst. You in a bad mood because you are having to adjust to the fact that you have to pretend that you and almost the whole Killie support didnt hate Mcinnes and call him shite for years?
  7. Bonner , Chick Young , Alan Preston etc .. a bunch of morons repeating the same shite weekly. Chick Young who constantly talks over any other pundit describing an incident instantly with a 5 minute description of f**k all is still the worst. Willie Miller is superior to the morons above and more. Who is a good pundit on sportsound? ...
  8. Griffiths will now revert in to overweight irrelevance until they play us again. He will be playing in the lower leagues in the next 18 months
  9. I was going to say awful trolling. But the sad thing is i think you actually believe the conspiracy pish you are posting
  10. Fair enough It must be frustrating beyond belief. We got a glimpse of that sort of football in Mcinnes later days (although for me 2014-2019 the football was good) and its painful. Seems like Davidson has kept the Tommy Wright style with very little tweaking.
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