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    Will be strange seeing Frankie Wilde in Game of Thrones!
  2. Love The National especially Mistaken for strangers. Not really along the same lines as the bands in the title but this is a pretty good uplifting song.
  3. Pretty much what mhak says, although I think he can put it in a more eloquent way!
  4. This pretty much depends on your metabolism, do you find it easy to put on weight or can you pretty much eat all the time and not put much on? I find it really hard to put on muscle because of my fast metabolism so I have a diet high in carbs and calories. My eating plan pretty much consists of this: Morning (8am or so): Protein shake mixed in with instant oats Mid morning: banana Lunch: Tin of low salt/sugar beans and a bagel Mid afternoon: banana or fruit salad. Pre gym: high calorie/carb protein shake (works out around 500 calories and 40g of protein. Post gym: same shake as pre gym. Dinner (about an hour after gym): grilled steak/chicken/turkey with wholemeal rice or pasta(just a small hand full) An hour before bed: Protein shake that blends casein protein and whey. You need casein protein before bed as it is a slow release so as you sleep your body gets the full benefit of it. Like I said though it all depends on your metabolism and this is suited to me. If yours is slow then I would suggest getting a protein shake that is really low in carbs. As a general rule of thumb I would cut out as much saturated fat as you can from your diet and limit your carb intake to before 7-8pm at night.
  5. Depends if you mean using a machine or someone to help push you up? The way we do it in the gym is when someone is reaching failure we assist by pushing their feet up so they can get an extra 1-2 reps from the set. With regards to your back you could always keep the same exercises but change how you do the sets. For example instead of three sets of say 6 reps change it to 3 sets of 12 reps. Keeps your muscles from getting used to the exercise and stimulates the maximum gains you can get. We change it around every three or four weeks. Hope that helps
  6. Glad a few others remember him. Makes you wonder what motivates someone to do that! Can only assume he is in an institution now or like you say woodside something worse!
  7. Just looking through this thread and spotted the bit about the Ladybug guy. Reminded of when I used to go into Glasgow to the Shack on a Tuesday night and would always see this guy wearing a pink tutu with earphones in dancing up and down the line to get in, remember it being pretty surreal at the time! Does anyone else remember this guy or was it just my imagination?
  8. Watched Drive for the second time the other night. Ryan Gosling is good as the brooding hero but I think Bryan Cranston steals the show, one of my favorite actors just now pretty much based on Breaking Bad. The soundtrack is fantastic in this too. Solid 8/10.
  9. If you are struggling with chins I think you are limiting yourself a bit but the only other thing i can think of is doing upright barbell rows (some people do it as part of their shoulder routine) as it works the traps. Seated rows on the cable machine are good too, or using the lat machine for lat pull-downs. Other than that I cant think of much else.
  10. What is it you currently do for your back? I would always recommend squats and deadlifts (not on the same day). I know you specifically mentioned barbell and dumbbells but I would also do as many wide grip chin ups as you can.
  11. Hi guys, first time poster here! I can only echo what has been said about the diet, you really need to pretty much cut out saturated fat from your diet altogether or you have no chance. fraser_smfc if you are going to look into protein shakes, there are a number of different kinds to look at . It really depends what you want to do, if you are looking to stay lean or get a "cut" physique then look for one that has a low amount of carbs or if your looking for one to help you bulk up go for high carbs and calories. Like I said all depends on what you are looking to achieve.
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