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  1. This was the weirdest thing I've seen. Port Glasgow make 10 changes at half time, only the keeper stayed on. Also completely different strip! Mental. Any way 0-0 in first game, 1-0 in 2nd
  2. 8 people allowed from up to 3 different households. That is what's allowed
  3. Why say that Bonnyton are a made up team? They have a long tradition of successful boys club teams which lead on to their amateur team. This then leads them to losing their players to junior or even senior teams. Why not, when given the chance, push yourself to see if they can keep hold of their players in a place where the players are comfortable. To see if your team can take the next step & create a senior team? By the way, I am not a fan if Bonnyton as I'm a coach at Crosshouse!
  4. We at Crosshouse have portable goals without this support. For the ones at dalry, there doesn't look any need for it. The rest of the frame provides the support. These can be easily unbolted
  5. Best dressing rooms in Scotland? Maybe home one, away? Better changing facilities at Crosshouse. Never saw 200 last night, but all the best for the season
  6. We have used them for past 6 months with no problems at all. Quality feels as good as any of the main branded kit.
  7. I coach grassroots football. We use Pendle. Excellent quality & quick turnaround from order to delivery. 20 full strips & rainjackets with embroidered badge, full colour sponsor & numbers delivered within 1 week
  8. Great save from Talbot keeper that has probably put them in the final
  9. Seriously?! Im here as a neutral & thought it's a pretty even game. Talbot had a couple of good chances to rose's 1
  10. Right that's IT! Heffer we mooove on or im offal. This thread has become a pile of tripe
  11. Where have I said I'm defending idiots? If I was, I would be sticking by you every week
  12. It was not him celebrating, it was the the fact he turned to face the Kilbirnie fans & goaded them. Anyway, onwards & upwards. All the best for the rest of your season
  13. At pollok last season in the Scottish, people are forgetting that the trouble was caused by the pollok manager's reaction towards the crowd after the penalty was scored. Anyway, that was last season. Let's get back to the football. The referee was one of the worst I've seen in a long time. Would have taken the draw before going today, but felt we more than shaded the game today. Good turn around from last week
  14. We'd need to win 2-0 to get a draw
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