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  1. Their official Twitter account has said that they won’t comment further until the conclusion of the SFA’s investigation into the rammy at St. Roch’s.
  2. He has since become a top umpire. Martin Bodenham was an ex EPL referee and is now a county championship umpire. Steve Bucknor was a former ICC umpire and FIFA referee.
  3. Sir Garfield Sobers represented Barbados at cricket, football, golf, youth basketball and dominoes!
  4. Babcock’s would have essentially lost their ground as the company looked to reign in their commitment to Renfrew. They had their own bowling club, social club and sports grounds, but all of these have since been transferred to Renfrewshire council. Moorcroft was the traditional local name of the ground, and Moorcroft played on for a number of years into the 21st century, at times fielding two teams in the Greater Glasgow and Scottish Amateur Leagues. Interestingly, and getting back on topic they retained membership of the Renfrewshire FA, so had semi-regular Renfrewshire cup semi-final appearances against St. Mirren and Morton. Presumably this membership was carried on from Babcock’s? I’m not sure if Moorcroft are still on the go. Renfrew FC’s youth teams are among those who use the brand new 4G facility which sits where the grass football parks and cricket square lay. Ironically, Renfrew looked into moving to Moorcroft themselves before the establishment of New Western Park.
  5. This might have been a schoolboy international. If it was, try the Scottish Schools’ FA’s website - there’s a link to a stats archive in their news items.
  6. Is there a link to the full final standings in the west leagues? I thought I’d read them in here last week, but I couldn’t find them.
  7. Cameron Clark would’ve been 17 when he started for Rob Roy in last season’s West cup final. (They lost on penalties, before I am accused of misunderstanding the topic!!!)
  8. I thought Neilston deserved it today. They were the better side in the first half, and defended well after taking the lead. Renfrew hit the crossbar twice, but it had the look of ‘one of those days’ as soon as Neilston scored.
  9. I was about to leave to go to the game, and received a message via twitter to tell me that the game was off. (I had tweeted Port Glasgow to ask if the game was on as the pitch looked pretty white when I passed on the train after work.) The guy who sent me it was walking back to Woodhall station having been at Parklea apparently. I took this in good faith, and thought I was passing on information, saving others a wasted journey. This frustrates me now, as I would rather be at the game, rather than sitting in the house.
  10. Pitch markings being incorrect. A game several years ago at the very start of the season saw the penalty area being lined 12 yards, rather than 18 yards out. Referee spotted it, although both teams were just beginning to warm up.
  11. Maryhill were due to play St. Roch’s during the week in a friendly. This game was postponed after a fault was found with the floodlights when they were used earlier in the week for a schools’ game. (It might be that they are keen to use them more this year, but perhaps not for competitive matches. I have been at a number of Friday night floodlit games, and they have all attracted decent crowds.)
  12. I watched this game tonight as a neutral. I felt that Port Glasgow deserved it: hungrier, sharper and made more chances. Completely different from the game at Ravenscraig a few weeks back. A good crowd tonight too.
  13. I haven’t been since the improvements were made earlier in the year. Is there any cover now at Holm Park?
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