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  1. Doesn’t matter if the two ever win it again, they lifted the title (and in Leicester’s case was one of the most incredible sporting achievements ever). Meanwhile Celtic had probably bored their way to a sixth or seventh title in a row that season.
  2. League A - generally a different winner every season, full stadiums, excellent standard of football, most watched league on the planet, one of the best in the world along with Bundesliga and La Liga. League B - winner known before a ball is kicked, shite standard, plastic pitches, empty stadiums, likes of Hamilton v St. Johnstone and St. Mirren v Motherwell four times a season. Treble trebles.
  3. Those salty, salty anniversary tears. Pleasing.
  4. The National [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Independence is coming because there are thousands of people waving flags, wearing kilts and painting their faces and marching down high streets? The sensible majority don’t bother with marches, as Scotland has voted to remain in Britain so what would they be marching for? At least you’re being positive and haven’t been living under a depressing dark cloud for the last five years like many of the others that hold your minority view.
  6. Polls are generally to be ignored. Remember the one on the eve of IndyRef that had Yes leading [emoji23][emoji23]
  7. Happy 5th anniversary of the day the silent, sensible majority gave the SNP and co a massive telt and sent them away tae think again. Hopefully the last five years haven’t been too depressing. Enjoy the journey
  8. Fantastic post. It makes the Nats feel better though when they think No voters are all Rangers supporting, Union-Jack wearing bigots rather than simply a sensible majority.
  9. Arsenal’s implosion today was hilarious to watch. Another good game.
  10. What a result that was at Norwich last night, never saw Guardiola dropping points at Carrow Road coming in a million years. A great game.
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