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  1. We would have been poor if the swivel-eyed Anglophobes had got their way, yes. Luckily the sensible majority used their heads and we are in a far better place with the financial security that comes with being in a large Union. Imagine being in the early stages of setting up the entire infrastructure for a new country based purely on ‘we’ve got oil’ then those oil prices hit their lowest rates in 18 years and having to deal with Covid-19 simultaneously. It doesn’t bear thinking about.
  2. I didn’t vote to leave the EU, but out of interest can you confirm which foreign country rules England? Completely skipping over the oil prices as well despite that being the entire foundation of the SNP’s argument. And it’s the majority of Scottish voters that are apparently the fools! Delish.
  3. Oil at it’s lowest price in EIGHTEEN years. Thank goodness for the Union at this moment in time. Imagine the SNP trying to repatriate all the Scots abroad from a global network of wee portacabin Scottish embassies, and Kate Forbes trying to save businesses with a couple of barrels of oil and Derek Mackays financial legacy. Thank goodness for the sensible majority.
  4. As should wee Nippy to the Scottish NHS workers, rather than clapping for the cameras.
  5. Six years on and still frothing at the mouth. Delicious.
  6. Having a meltdown and blaming the press and BBC. That one sounds very familiar.
  7. Mike Russell is a great example of trying to use this to halt Brexit.
  8. It will be one of the easiest jobs in the world now to persuade more than 50% of Scots to vote No again. That is of course if there is ever another vote - what’s the plan for that btw? Rishi’s announcements over the last few days show just how better a position we are as part of the UK. The SNP’s plan in an independent Scotland would probably be to have us all in rowing boats looking in the North Sea looking for oil as the money simply wouldn’t be there.
  9. You can it to the YesLosers hoping for ‘old people’ to die quickly to achieve their swivel-eyed dream. And also frothing at the mouth that the nasty Westminster Govt deported killers and rapists recently. Minter.
  10. This. Covid-19 will be an absolute stinker for the Nats, they must be seething. Pleasing.
  11. It’s embarrassing that us Scots are responsible for creating this cretin.
  12. If you were capable of actually reading the thread, you’d see this was a tongue in cheek remark as it was perma-raging Antlion who used this term. The YesLosers really aren’t a very clever bunch.
  13. I’m not quite sure who you are but you should maybe learn to read. Tonight’s result was fantastic and it is hilarious laughing at those trying to give it the big un earlier in the match. Unless of course you’re such a raging mess that you don’t actually class tonight as a Scottish success.
  14. Blootoon desperately trying to salvage something from the turnaround. Delicious.
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