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  1. Great result for Chelsea tonight. Can anyone confirm if English football has imploded yet? Be very specific. We independent yet by the way? Remember the seething cybernats years and years ago saying it was a done deal. Cheers all
  2. Cheltenham isn’t really an excuse for the Scottish Govt not locking down Scotland though.
  3. Still seething I see - Boris not dead yet m8?
  4. Not much in terms of new information but Boris was looking and speaking well considering he’d been in intensive care. A bitter moment for Melanius and his fellow extreme Nats who were hoping they’d be watching his funeral. Chin up.
  5. Ah, Scotland prospering as part of the UK. No wonder the sensible majority don’t want to throw it away.
  6. It’s something that the Nats have never been able to answer. Exactly what are Nicola and wee Jeane doing just now that is so much better than Westminster?
  7. Because Scotland’s testing regime is nothing to do with England’s presumably. Unfortunately it’s up to wee Jeane to sort out our testing, and she doesn’t seem to do much.
  8. Why don’t you ask wee Jeane? Her responsibility not mine. Anyway, we independent yet m8?
  9. Another day, another rage from Meltdown Mullarkey. Is there anyone more perma-raging?
  10. Brutal. Makes Mhari Black look eloquent.
  11. Is wee Jeane actually doing anything about testing or is she clueless and just leaving up to big nasty Westminster? Could have been the perfect time to show some leadership and take control of something that is actually her responsibility.
  12. People getting their seething knickers in a twist about a 99 year old man raising money for NHS charities. What a time to be alive.
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