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  1. All the ones mentioned were great and a few others that come to mind Bonanza The Twilight Zone The Champions Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In Ready, Steady, Go! (with the lovely Cathy McGowan presenting)
  2. The Happiest Days Of Your Life (1950) Something of a precursor to the St Trinians films it's total mayhem as an all girls school is amalgamated with an all boys school due to a Ministry of Education blunder. Margaret Rutherford and Alastair Sim in the only film they appeared in together are both great as the respective heads trying to keep the boys and girls apart while some Governors are visiting for an inspection in what they think is an exclusive all boys school and at the same same time some parents of the girls are also on a visit so all signs of the boys have to be hidden. Great fun 7.5/10
  3. American Murder: The Family Next Door Well constructed documentary about the shocking murder of Shanann Watts and her two young daughters. Most of what you see is actual police cam footage and interviews, phone texts and a lot of Facebook stuff as she liked to let everyone know her life story. It's very immersive and not an easy watch especially as the horrible truth unfolds.
  4. I see Our Ben who left the Corrie writing team a while back is now writing for Emmerdale.
  5. Twin Peaks curse strikes again, Clark Middleton who played Charlie in The Return dead at 63 https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/clark-middleton-dead-the-blacklist-twin-peaks-kill-bill-2-1234793399/
  6. Criminal UK - watched the 4 episodes of Season 2, all very good with a really claustrophobic feel. Plenty of twists and turns in each case, well worth a watch.
  7. For sinkhole read plot hole, it was quite funny but totally ludicrous. Talk about recycling stories yet another secret child coming out of the woodwork!!
  8. Yes definitely been good, those scenes with Tim and his effing Dad must have produced a collective cheer across the country. David is also upping his game as his frustration with Shona continues and Dev's story is great as he tries to be a good parent while struggling himself.
  9. Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water
  10. Bee Gees - Bury Me Down By The River
  11. Started watching the sci-fi series Away about a mission to Mars with a multi-national crew of 5 led by Hilary Swank. Three episodes in and it's playing out more like a soap opera with very little space stuff and it's all too convenient that they can just phone anyone on Earth at anytime with no hitches whatsoever. Will probably continue but hoping for more space action.
  12. Jimmy And The Boys - Get Off My Cloud
  13. Kevin Dobson dies aged 77. Best known as Crocker in Kojak
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