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  1. Joan Armatrading - Drop The Pilot
  2. 'Cause I''m fairly new to this just noticed Covid jags are being highlighted for everyone. Well I'm an old duffer and got Jag1 on 7th Feb and 2nd jag on 5th April so tick me off for both please @SlipperyP
  3. Yeah he was low hanging fruit but I was certain I would bag 19 points although I was hoping for Deadly Duo bonus. I picked Run Run Shaw in 2014 and he died aged 106 too but bagged me 50 bounus points for a Solo hit so I won't be dismissing any male celeb over the age of 100
  4. Don't know if I got all the references but did get the Line of Duty one. Thought it was ok but hoping for better to come.
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