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  1. Elgin also best team I've seen at station park this season
  2. Had a quick look at the league 1 forum. It's fucking dire . Hope we don't go up based on that
  3. f**k sake . Tob and Travis should have been playing together at the back all season. Changed back line again
  4. Angus is the hub of lower league fitba. Apart fae Brechin, Brechin is a dump
  5. A lot of people's player of the season. Every week gives 150% real fans favourite . We all dream of a team of David cox [emoji7]
  6. Impressed with the stone island mob Clyde fans . Must have been 50 year old at least giving the come ahead Square go to forfar fans behind the goal . Absolutely nothing stopping him from walking round and confronting them . Hard c**t [emoji23]
  7. Now would be the time to say I've always loved Cowdenbeath regardless of what lies I've posted in the past. Great wee club and a credit to Scottish football. Really hope they can get the 3 points this week in the battle for survival. You scratch our backs we will try and scratch yours . For this week anyway .
  8. Aye at the start of the season. Now he has no match sharpness and it has shown In the little game time he has had recently . I get why folk want him in the team but I don't think it's the answer
  9. Foxy has looked off the pace any game he has played . No match sharpness
  10. Foxy Bain trav tob mcglaughlin Denholm Milne malone swankie Cox lister We had the wind on Saturday at montrose and didn't test the keeper from range . Have a fuckin pop at goal eh Edited to replace Adam in goal with foxy
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