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  1. The LL have pissed off all clubs in the leagues above them and the clubs in the leagues below them to suit their own agenda. Its very much a brass neck to suggest these clubs should now support the LL. There's a simple way to sort that. Something that should have already been in the works long before now... The new LL board commit to an extra relegation spot from next season onwards. We can but hope.
  2. I've been consistently for further relegation from the Lowland (3 spots ideally). Unsure why that gives me a "brass neck". The reason those clubs are in the league just now is that SJFA sides didn't take the opportunity at the time. It isn't their fault.
  3. I believe that I can, yeah (bare in mind that until it’s rubber stamped, no-one can be more than 99% but the SFA have made the promise). That’s not the thing that is causing problems.
  4. I very rarely post on here these days, but just want to clarify this point. What I’m referring to is the Daily Mail story that referenced Old Firm B sides getting withdrawn. That isn’t happening. The boundary is involved, however.
  5. No stream allowed sadly. I’ll record and upload highlights next week though.
  6. Should hopefully all be resolved (name wise) this week - needed approval. Friendlies are unrelated…more a case of getting a squad in place first after so many moved on unexpectedly w/ Swifty. Otherwise it’s business as usual. Still in Alloa, still aiming to move back to Glasgow.
  7. Are you referring to the Colts proposal being introduced, or something else? There haven’t been any examples of “awful” behaviour from any individuals as far as I’m aware. Look - I get it. People hold the OF Colts introduction against the club now. What I said previously still stands however in that we are where we are on merit, regardless of any location or fanbase considerations.
  8. There’s a lot of snobbery about us given the lack of history. Doesn’t really bother myself or anyone at the club tbh. We are where we are in the pyramid on merit and ultimately all teams will find their level as things balance out.
  9. Sorry to disappoint, but the new moniker will be nice & simple. Nothing outlandish!
  10. Theoretical question - should this last for one season only, as agreed, will people still hold the same level of anger about it? Wishing death on clubs because of one decision you disagree with is rancid patter.
  11. It was genuine. It isn’t happening.
  12. Correct. If it were merely opinions & debate, I wouldn’t have called it abuse. Certain people have crossed the line however.
  13. I was, ironically. Suspect others will be in the same boat as I am & visiting here less after the whole OF Colts reveal and the abuse linked with it. 451/433, relies on attacking full backs and wingers that can contribute on the goal scoring front as well. Generally good quality/entertaining watch!
  14. Hearing that Rangers B could be sharing with Dumbarton. Puzzled as to why Auchenhowie isn’t being used, must be related to the women’s side using it & Covid protocols?
  15. I’m unsure as to exactly what will happen in all honesty. I get why the youth setup have made the move given their statement. They’re using the full “Broomhill Sports Club” name as of now. As far as we (BSC) go? One of the two will need a rebrand, more likely to be ourselves I’d imagine. Ultimately, the aim has always been to get a home ground in Glasgow and grow from there. I don’t see that changing tbh.
  16. Nothing concrete on this front as yet, but internal discussions have been had on it. We’ll see if they lead to anything. Regardless, we need more relegation from the Lowland League.
  17. How laughable that someone who got involved with a club and genuinely wanted to help got a wee bit of responsibility, eh? I have a voice in the same way that any football fan has one. Not sure quite why that offends you.
  18. Seeing a lot of concern with Swifty’s additions here. Hey, it could be worse guys. You could have had your squad torn apart after losing the best gaffer in the league...
  19. Should point out that this hasn’t been confirmed by the Lowland as yet. Still need to keep the pressure on if we want further relegation to come into being.
  20. He’s a centre half (can cover at full back), though he might not be headed your way. Nothing confirmed.
  21. We came 4th on PPG, second straight year. Generally it’s been ourselves, Kelty, EK & Bonnyrigg a step ahead of the rest - having said that, we might well take a step back next season after this. Christie was a revelation for us. Shame that this hasn’t happened for him at an earlier point in his career.
  22. Of the boys you’ve picked up from us, I’d say Dec is the pick of the bunch. Sits in centre midfield doing the simple things really well, takes a good set piece. He’s a huge loss for us. Wee Mikey is more of an attacking mid, gives you all the effort & endeavour in the world. Probably needs to kick on a wee bit but has every chance to do so. Lyon & Mills are very much attacking full backs that rely on recovery pace when getting back. Best going forward - Lyon scored a fair few goals early on last season when used as an inside forward before we brought in Jamie Glasgow & Daz Christie.
  23. We’ve just recorded another podcast (likely releasing tomorrow), but I’ll share my LL2 thoughts for now. The time for LL2 has been and gone in my opinion. Like the WoS is using its new development division as a go-between, LL2 would have been perfect as a place for clubs working towards their club license & aiming to move up the levels. Now, almost all the EoS top flight is licensed, while the WoS isn’t too far behind. I don’t think there’s any place for LL2 now. i know the SFA/SPFL are currently against it, but the conversation in future should be around a LL West & LL East to balance out geographical differences at Tier 5.
  24. He agreed that it needed looking at without confirming any exact timescale. Long term, LL2 was mentioned as well.
  25. Of course they will. Just because they disagree with a proposal doesn’t mean they should refuse any resulting funds out of spite.
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